May 2013 Grant Announcements:


National Endowment for the Humanities (5/31/13)

  • Enduring Questions
  • The NEH Enduring Questions grant program supports faculty members in the teaching and development of a new course that will foster intellectual community through the study of an enduring question. This question-driven course will encourage undergraduates and teachers to grapple with a fundamental concern of human life addressed by the humanities, and to join together in a deep and sustained program of reading in order to encounter influential thinkers over the centuries and into the present day.What is an enduring question? The following list is neither prescriptive nor exhaustive but serves to illustrate: What is good government? Can war be just? What is friendship? What is evil? Are there universals in human nature? What are the origins of the universe?

  • Deadline: September 12, 2013

U.S. Department of Agriculture (5/30/13)

  • Rural Business Opportunity Grants (RBOG)
  • The primary objective of the program is to improve the economic conditions of rural areas. Assistance provided to rural areas under this program include the following: Rural business incubators; technology-based economic development; feasibility studies and business plans; long-term business strategic planning; leadership and entrepreneur training.
  • Deadline: June 30, 2013


U.S. Department of Education (5/29/13)

  • Child Care Access Means Parents in School Program (CCAMPIS)
  • The CCAMPIS Program supports the participation of low-income parents in postsecondary education through provision of campus-based child care services. Competitive Preference Priorities: (1) Projects that support military families and (2) Projects that are designed to significantly increase efficiency in the use of time, staff, money, or other resources while improving student learning or other educational outcomes.
  • Deadline: Full Proposal due June 24, 2013

National Science Foundation (5/13/2013)

  • Social Psychology
  • The Social Psychology Program supports basic research on human social behavior, including cultural differences and development over the life span. Among the many research topics supported are: attitude formation and change, social cognition, personality processes, interpersonal relations and group processes, the self, emotion, social comparison and social influence, and the psychophysiological and neurophysiological bases of social behavior. The scientific merit of a proposal depends on four important factors: (1) The problems investigated must be theoretically grounded. (2) The research should be based on empirical observation or be subject to empirical validation. (3) The research design must be appropriate to the questions asked. (4) The proposed research must advance basic understanding of social behavior.

  • Deadline: Full Proposals due July 15, 2013


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Administration for Children & Families; Administration on Children, Youth, and Families (5/1/2013)

  • Street Outreach Program
  • This program seeks applications to conduct outreach services designed to build relationships between grantee staff and runaway, homeless, and street youth with the ultimate goal being to keep youth safe and help them leave the streets. Grantees are required to provide services to runaway, homeless, and street youth designed to increase their safety, well-being, and self-sufficiency, and help them build permanent connections with caring adults.
  • Deadline: Full Proposals due June 28, 2013
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