May 2012 Grant Announcements:


National Institutes of Health (5/25/2012)

  • NIH Summer Research Experience Programs
  • Supports research experiences (R25) for high school & college students & for science teachers during the summer in many areas. NIH expects such programs will help attract young students to careers in science & provide opportunities for college students to gain valuable research experience, as well as enhance skills of science teachers. Funds may be requested for a minimum of 8 weeks a maximum of 15 weeks during the summer. Not all NIH institutes participate. Prospective applicants must contact staff at the relevant IC. Expires 9/7/12.
  • Deadline: August 1, 2012
  • See for details and contacts.

U.S. Department of Energy (5/25/2012)


National Science Foundation (5/24/2012)

  • Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (S-STEM)
  • Provides scholarships for academically talented, financially needy students, enabling them to enter the high technology workforce following completion of an associate, bachelor, or graduate degree in computer science, technology, engineering, engineering technology, or math. Institutions support scholarship activities and select scholarship recipients. Limited submission: one application per school or college.
  • Deadline: August 14, 2012
  • See for details.


National Science Foundation (5/22/2012)

  • Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)
  • Supports active undergraduate research participation areas funded by NSF through two mechanisms. REU Sites support independent projects to initiate and conduct research projects involving a number of undergraduates. Proposals for projects requiring access to Antarctica are due first Friday in June, annually. Deadline for all other sites is fourth Wednesday in August, annually. REU Supplements support the addition of undergraduates to ongoing, new, or renewal NSF-funded projects (deadlines vary).
  • Deadline: Varies
  • See for details.


U.S. Department of Defense: Department of the Air Force: Air Force Research Laboratory: Electromagnetics Technology Division (5/18/2012)

  • Sensor Innovative Research
  • Notice seeking applications for research in the following areas: Antenna Technology, Opto-Electronic Technology, Electromagnetic Scattering, Infrared Sensor Technology.
  • Deadline: The solicitation will remain open through April 5, 2017. White papers may be submitted at any time. Full proposals will be requested upon white paper review. Approximately $24.9 million is available for awards ranging from $50,000 to $1 million. Eligibility is unrestricted.
  • notice


National Science Foundation (5/18/2012)

  • Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering (CDS&E) in Engineering (CDS&E-ENG)
  • Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering (CDS&E) is a NSF-wide cross-disciplinary activity that coordinates relevant disciplinary and interdisciplinary programs at the intersection of mathematics and statistics, computer and computational science, and the core science and engineering disciplines. It is dedicated to the development and use of advanced computational methods, information processing, data mining and analysis, and advanced cyberinfrastructure to enable and execute transformative scientific discovery and engineering innovation, and to the education of experts and non-experts in computation, including workforce development and training.

    The CDS&E in engineering (CDS&E-ENG) program recognizes the importance of engineering in CDS&E and vice-versa. Many natural and built engineering processes, devices and/or systems require high fidelity simulations over disparate scales that can be interrogated, analysed, modeled, optimized or controlled, and even integrated with experiments or physical facilities. This program accepts proposals that confront and embrace the host of research challenges presented to the science and engineering communities by the ever-expanding role of computational modeling and simulation on the one hand, and experimental and/or observational data on the other. The goal of the program is to promote the creation, development, and utilization of the next generation of theories, algorithms, methods, tools, and cyberinfrastructure in science and engineering applications.

    The CDS&E-ENG program will support fundamental research that will address the aforementioned computational and data-related challenges in science and engineering. Proposals are expected to be relevant to engineering and to have cross-cutting and integrative themes.

  • Deadline: July 3, 2012
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U.S. Department of Education: International and Foreign Language Education Office (5/16/2012)

  • Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad (DDRA) Program
  • This program provides grants to colleges and universities to fund individual doctoral students who conduct research in other countries, in modern foreign languages and area studies for periods of six to 12 months.
  • Deadline: June 14, 2012


U.S. Department of Education: International and Foreign Language Education Office (5/16/2012)

  • Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language (UISFL) Program
  • This program provides funds to plan, develop, and carry out programs to strengthen and improve undergraduate instruction in international studies and foreign languages.
  • Deadline: June 29, 2012

U.S. Department of Education: International and Foreign Language Education Office (5/16/2012)

  • American Overseas Research Centers (AORC) Program
  • This program provides grants to establish or operate overseas research centers that promote postgraduate research, exchanges, and area studies. Grants may be used to pay for all or a portion of the cost of establishing or operating a center or program. Costs may include faculty and staff stipends and salaries; faculty, staff, and student travel; operation and maintenance of overseas facilities; teaching and research materials; the acquisition, maintenance, and preservation of library collections; travel for visiting scholars and faculty members who are teaching or conducting research; preparation for and management of conferences; and the publication and dissemination of material for the scholars and general public.
  • Deadline: None given.


U.S. Department of Education: Office of Postsecondary Education (5/16/2012)


U.S. Department of Justice: Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention (5/16/2012)

  • Community-Based Violence Prevention FIRE Program Grant

  • OJJDP’s Community-Based Violence Prevention (CBVP) Field-Initiated Research and Evaluation (FIRE) Program supports methodologically rigorous research and evaluation studies that inform policy and practice consistent with the Department of Justice’s mission. OJJDP will fund field-initiated studies to inform what is understood about how communities can prevent and reduce violence involving youth.
  • Deadline: June 28, 2012


National Science Foundation (5/3/2012)

  • Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE)
  • Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE) is an NSF-wide program that supports international activities across all NSF supported disciplines. The primary goal of PIRE is to support high quality projects in which advances in research and education could not occur without international collaboration. PIRE seeks to catalyze a higher level of international engagement in the U.S. science and engineering community.

    International partnerships are essential to addressing critical science and engineering problems. In the global context, U.S. researchers and educators must be able to operate effectively in teams with partners from different nations and cultural backgrounds. PIRE promotes excellence in science and engineering through international collaboration and facilitates development of a diverse, globally-engaged, U.S. science and engineering workforce.

    This PIRE competition will focus exclusively on the NSF-wide investment area of Science, Engineering, and Education for Sustainability (SEES). The SEES effort focuses on interdisciplinary topics that will advance sustainability science, engineering and education as an integrative approach to the challenges of adapting to environmental, social and cultural changes associated with growth and development of human populations, and attaining a sustainable energy future.
  • Deadline: Full Proposal due May 15, 2012


National Science Foundation: Division of Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental and Transport Systems (5/3/2012)

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Notice seeking proposals for sustainable engineered systems that support human well-being and that are also compatible with sustaining natural (environmental) systems. This program supports engineering research that seeks to balance society's need to provide ecological protection and maintain stable economic conditions. The four general research areas are: Industrial Ecology; Green Engineering; Ecological Engineering, Earth Systems Engineering. Please see full solicitation for topics of interest.
  • Deadline: The window for proposal submission is January 15, 2013 to February 19, 2013. The average annual award size for the program is $100,000. Colleges and universities are eligible to apply. 
  • LINKS:

    Solicitation notice


National Science Foundation: Directorate for Education & Human Resources; Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings (5/3/2012)

  • Research and Evaluation on Education in Science and Engineering
  • Notice seeking applications to advance research at the frontiers of STEM learning and education, and to provide the foundational knowledge necessary to improve STEM learning and education in current and emerging learning contexts, both formal and informal, from childhood through adulthood, for all groups, and from before school through to graduate school and beyond into the workforce.
  • Deadline: Proposals are due July 17, 2012. Approximately $10 million is available to support 20 to 30 awards. Colleges and universities are eligible to apply.
  • LINKS:

    Solicitation notice


National Science Foundation: Division  of Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental and Transport Systems (5/3/2012)

  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Notice seeking proposals for fundamental research and education on mechanisms and phenomena governing fluid flow.  Proposed research should contribute to basic understanding; thus enabling the better design; predictability; efficiency; and control of systems that involve fluids.

    Encouraged are proposals that address innovative uses of fluids in materials development; manufacturing; biotechnology; nanotechnology; clinical diagnostics and drug delivery; sensor development and integration; energy and the environment.

  • Deadline: The window for proposal submission is January 15, 2013 to February 19, 2013. The average annual award size for the program is $90,000. Colleges and universities are eligible to apply.
  • LINKS:

    Solicitation notice


U.S. Department of Energy: National Nuclear Security Administration (5/3/2012)

  • Advanced Simulations and Computing Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program (PSAAP II)
  • Notice seeking applications to support fundamental science at U.S. universities in the emerging field of predictive science. Predictive science is the development and application of verified and validated computational simulations, in a high-performance computing (HPC) environment, to predict the properties and dynamics of complex systems, with quantified uncertainty.
  • Deadline: Applications are due June 4, 2012. Approximately $20 million per year is available to support multiple awards over five years. Colleges and universities are eligible to apply.
  • LINKS:

    Solicitation notice