UTC Biomedical & Biobehavioral Research Development :

Research Interest Groups (RIGs)

The role of a Research Interest Group (RIG) is to foster on-campus research collaboration across disciplines directed towards a general research theme (e.g., gerontology, transportation). Capitalizing on the interdisciplinary composition of RIGs, more research-specific teams can form collaborative groups under the umbrella of each of the six over-arching themes.  These teams can then more efficiently and effectively engage in research proposal development, submission, and active investigation.  Generally RIGs are self-identified by faculty relative to a critical mass of interest, skill-sets, and previous research productivity, including an award history and/or publications.

As part of the UTC NIH BRAD/CREATE award, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) has identified the following Research Interest Groups:  

Biomolecular and Biobehavioral

 Physical Activity & Health 

Sports-Related Injury

Cardiovascular Health 

Transportation & Health 


Aging & Health