Biomedical and Biobehavioral Research (BBR) 

Welcome to the home page for the CREATE project, a part of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga NIH BRAD award.

CREATE stands for Chattanooga




Training, and


This is a five year grant, and the fall of 2018 marks the beginning of year 5. Funding from the NIH BRAD award will enable UTC to further enhance its capacity to support these and similar fields of BBR among faculty as well as provide expanded research opportunities among graduate and undergraduate students who represent underserved populations.

Aims of the CREATE project

Aim 1: Improve faculty access to training opportunities in the research enterprise

Aim 2: Identify key strategies in which to enhance the BBR environment/culture on the UTC campus

Aim 3: Advocate on behalf of and with faculty for improved research policies relative to the faculty functions of teaching/advising, service, and research 

Aim 4: Expand UTC faculty research capacity through collaborative efforts and partnering with extramural partners