How do you apply for approval?

Please note:  This is a new process as of July 19, 2018.  Please read the information below for more information.

All human subjects research proposals require review by the IRB. See below for information about each type of application. All applications contain submission directions on the form and should be submitted to All students must have their application approved and signed by their faculty sponsor before submission to the IRB Committee.

Note: Prior to applying, please complete the required CITI training for Human Subjects Research. See our Training page for more details.


New Applications

Step #1:  Determine the appropriate level of review. Investigators should read the Exemption Category Definition Sheet and utilize the Exemption Category Determination Flow Chart to determine if their research project can be designated as Exempt under Federal Regulations.  

Step #2:  Complete the appropriate application form, either a  Form A: Application for Expedited/Full Board Review, or a Form D: Application for Exempt Designation.

Step #3:  Obtain all required signatures and attachments and email the documents to    For student projects, faculty advisor approval is required. Submit the application to the faculty advisor first, then he or she can submit it and all applicable attachments to the IRB.


Annual Renewals and Changes

Protocols approved under Expedited or Exempt review after July 19, 2018 do not require Annual Renewal, unless otherwise noted on the approval letter. Protocols approved under Full Board review procedures are required to undergo review annually.  A Form B needs to be submitted at least 30 days before the anniversary of approval.

If changes are made to any research project at any time, a Form B is required. A Form B is also submitted when the researcher completes the research project.


Faculty Exemptions for Classroom Assignments

Faculty members who wish to use this procedure must submit a Form C, Student Class Project Application, indicating the course, the assignment, and a  copy of their certificate of completion of training. This Form must be approved by the IRB Chair prior to any projects proceeding; faculty also must require that students submit the appropriate application form for approval by the instructor (instead of submitting it to the IRB).