IACUC Committee Members

The IACUC must be qualified through the experience, expertise, and diversity  of its members to maintain oversight of the use of animals, animal facilities,  and to provide review of basic science and biomedical research and teaching  animal use conducted within the University.

All members are appointed by the Provost of the university. The Committee  will be composed of at least 5 members including a Veterinarian, at least one  faculty member actively involved in research with PHS funding, one individual having no official affiliation with the University and no family member affiliated  with the University, and one individual whose primary vocation is nonscientific  in nature. No more than three members shall be  from the same department. If necessary the Committee may call on consultants  with a special expertise in areas of interest to the Committee.


Dr. Ethan Carver,  Chair

Biology, Geology and Environmental Sciences

Ms. Charlotte Freeman

Community Committee Member

Dr. C. J. Keller


Dr. Cheryl Murphy

Biology, Geology and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Dennis Plaisted

Philosophy and Religion

Dr. Thomas Wilson

Biology, Geology and Environmental Sciences