2017 RESEARCH Dialogues

In 2017, the RESEARCH Dialogues was a two day event featuring over 300 presenters and 3 fast-paced pitch competitions for faculty, grad students, and undergrads. Take a look at the schedule, program and competition guidelines. 

2017 Schedule of Events     2017 RESEARCH Dialogues Program w/ Abstracts     2017 Competition Guidelines 

Undergraduate Lightning Round Pitch Competition 

In 2017 UTC hosted its first annual undergraduate lightning round pitch competition. Eleven talented and bright undergraduate students pitched their research and ideas. Below are the 2017 winners of the first annual lightning round pitch competition. 

  • 1st - Reed Boeger, Studying Vibio cholera Adaptations to Improve Cholera Prevention 
  • 2nd - William Harden, Reducing Post Operation Rates of Infection During Surgical Irrigation in the Plastic Surgery Operating Room for Breast Augmentation / Reconstruction
  • 3rd - Cullen Harris, The status and Conservation of the EAstern Hellbender (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis): Is it Functionally Extinct? 

Want to see the winners' pitches and the other scholarly and creative presentations? Click here for the videos of the 2017 Undergraduate Lightning Round Pitch Competition.  

Graduate 3MT© Competition

In 2017 UTC hosted its second annual graduate 3MT© competition at RESEARCH Dialogues. This competition welcomed 15 master's and doctoral candidates from diverse disciplines to present their thesis in a creative and compelling way. Below are the 2017 winners. 

  • 1st - Drake Terry, A Noble Task: Work Stress, Sense of Coherence, and Work-Nonwork Conflict in Christian Ministers 
  • 2nd - Damon Sowers, Influence of Concussion History on Reactive Agility Performance among Elite Boxers and Wrestlers 
  • 3rd - Cynthia Shaffer, Increasing Access to Fresh Produce in Food Deserts in Chattanooga

Please click here to watch the graduate student pitches from the 2017 RESEARCH Dialogues. 

Faculty Elevator Pitch Competition 

UTC hosted its second annual faculty elevator pitch competition at RESEARCH Dialogues. This competition showcased 19 faculty. Faculty were asked to pitch their scholarly, research, or creative activities to non-disciplinary experts. The competition was broken into four categories (Arts and Humanities, Cognitivie & Social Sciences, STEM, and Health). Below are the 2017 winners. 

  • Category Winners: 
    • Arts & Humanities:  Professor Laurie Melnik, The Art of Balance:  Caring for Patient and Physician
    • Cognitive & Social Sciences:  Dr. Morgan Cooley, Foster Parent Resilience:  Relevant Factors, Importance, and Family Impact
    • STEM:  Dr. DeAnna Beasley, Invisible Life:  Exploring Pathogen Diversity in an Urban Environment
    • Health:  Dr. Cecelia Wigal, Communicating for Independence
  • Grand Prize Winner:  Dr. Cecelia Wigal

Please click here to watch the faculty pitches from the 2017 RESEARCH Dialogues. 

RESEARCH Dialogues Event Photos