Presentations scheduled on Tuesday April 14, 2020 will feature undergraduate student and faculty projectsFaculty and graduate student projects are featured on Wednesday April 15, 2020. 


Event  Time  University Center Room
Registration & Information 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Tennessee Room Hallway
Undergraduate Student & Faculty Poster and Display Presentations 9:00 am - 11:00 am Tennessee Room
Podium & Panel Presentations 9:00 am – 11:00 am Breakout Rooms
Undergraduate Student & Faculty Performance Presentations 9:00 am – 11:00 am Auditorium 
Luncheon  11:00 am - 12:30 pm  Chattanooga Room
Podium & Panel Presentations 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Breakout Rooms
Undergraduate Student & Faculty Performance Presentations 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Auditorium 
Undergraduate Student & Faculty Poster and Display Presentations 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Tennessee Room 
Undergraduate Student Lightning  Pitch Competition  3:00 pm - 4:30 pm Auditorium
Event  Time  University Center Room
Registration & Information 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Tennessee Room Hallway
Graduate Student & Faculty Poster and Display Presentations 9:00 am - 11:00 am Tennessee Room
Podium & Panel Presentations 9:00 am – 11:00 am Breakout Rooms
3-Minute Thesis (3MT©) Graduate Student Pitch Competition 9:15 am – 10:45 am Auditorium 
Luncheon 11:00 am - 12:30 pm  Chattanooga Room
Graduate Student & Faculty Performance Presentations  12:00pm-2:00pm  Auditorium
Graduate Student & Faculty Poster and Display Presentations 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Tennessee Room
Podium & Panel Presentations 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Breakout Rooms
Faculty Elevator Pitch Competition 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm  Auditorium

2019 Presenters

Presenter(s) Dept./College Title
Areeg Ahmed Electrical Engineering Wide-Area Voltage Monitoring and Optimization  
Korede Ajumobi  Mathematics On Estimating the Reliability in a Multi-component System based on Progressively-Censored Data from Chen Distribution
Jerin Alexander, Philip Sanders School of Nursing Hypertension Needs Assessment
Amani Altarawneh Computer Science & Engineering Car Jamming detection 
Jennifer Archer, Perry Barnhill, Hayley Lumpkin, Ansley Stringfield Occupational Therapy Relationship of Dynamic Grip Strength and Hand Function
Babatunde Atolagbe Engineering Three-dimensional mesh representation of urban environment based on OpenStreetMap data
Courtney Baier Chemistry & Physics Active colloid clustering: Relationship between internal and external forces 
Hadyn Bailey Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies Has the #MeToo movement affected the punishments of NFL players who commit domestic violence or sexual assault? 
Micaela Bailey, Olivia Batchelor, Kaylee Gardner, Shannon Hendrix Occupational Therapy Examination of the Revised Occupational Therapy Global Life Skills Assessment
Peyton Ball, Dylan Brownell Computer Science & Engineering Realtime Threat Hunting Using Software Define Networking
Raiza Barahona, Braden Sanford Health & Human Performance Bridging the Gap Between Minorities and the Outdoors
Lauren Barber, Leandro Pena Health & Human Performance Community Based Nutrition Education and Cooking Skills Program
Mallory Barbier Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Edge Effects and Diversity of Understory and Canopy Cloud Forest Beetles
Jordan Barnes Accounting Where are we with financial literacy?
Kyle Barton, Konner Glass Engineering Effects of Environmental Conditions on Vibrio cholerae Virulence Factors in Static and Continuous Culture
Brooke Bates School Psychology NASP Digest Theme Analysis
Adria Bautista School of Nursing Increasing Utilization and Access to Hospice and Palliative care services by the Hispanic Community - A Pilot Program
Rebecca Beebe, Ana Rodas, Brianna Goss, Mary Kayln Possy, Kaitlyn Manton, Marie Lavri School of Nursing Way Too White
Sara Bey Chemistry & Physics Effect of the Substrate Material on the Transport Properties of Amorphous Fe-Dy-O Thin Films
Allen Bible, DPT, FACHE, Adria Sherrill, Jennifer Stephens Erlanger Health System  Geriatric Hip Fracture Lean Project
Mary Jo Blanton, MSN, FNP-BC, Pamela Camp, MSN, FNP-C, Farron Kilburn, MA, Joanie Jackson, DNP, FNP-BC, Jenny Holcombe, PhD, Amber Roache, DNP, FNP-BC School of Nursing From Rural to Urban: A Multifaceted Approach for Preparing Culturally Competent FNP Students and Addressing the Diverse Needs of Underserved Populations
Katie Bogard, Kristen Steele, Kelsey Layton, Brittany Norris, Karen Campbell Social Work ACEs: Resilience Factors Among College Students  
Ryan Boggs Engineering A Methodology for Simulating Radiation Effects in Photonic Devices
Hannah Boulware, Braden Sanford Psychology Superman Isn't So Super
Ethan Boyd Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science The Effect a Neighborhood's Socio-economic has on the quality and accessibility of the local Urban Green Space 
Roman Boylen Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies How does Institutional Configuration Influence group cohesion?
Lauren Brakebill, Lacie Black School of Nursing An Assessment of Hypertension Health Literacy in Patients Without Hypertension
Celeste Bremmer, Kristen Black, Erin Melhorn, Alexandra Zelin Psychology College Students' Perceptions of Anticipated Burnout 
William Brewer Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Culvert Remediation for Improved Salamander Passage on Sina Branch, Ocoee District of the Cherokee National Forest
Bethany Bray, Katelyn Hancock Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies

Intimate Parter Violence in Modern Music

Cortrez Brewster Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies To what extent does educational background contribute to different qualities of life outcomes? 
Mason Briles, Alyssa Johnson Health & Human Performance Reliability and Concurrent Validation of TRAZER to 3D Motion Capture
Mark Britt Health & Human Performance Possible Relationships Between Lower Extremity Structure Alignment and Toe Angle During Static and Dynamic Activities
Rachel Browder Psychology The Impact of Subordinate Support (PSubS) on Supervisor Performance
Mackenzie Brown, Sandy Cole, MS, EdS  School of Education Each One Reach One 
Kristi Brown, Karys Rigtrup School of Professional Studies Challenges Faced by Teen Pregnancy or Parenting Teens
Dylan Brownell, Peyton Ball Computer Science & Engineering Dynamic network management over Software defined networking in Smart Cities setup
Ann Buggey, MFA English Higher Impact Practices: Using Experiential Learning in Women and Textiles/WTSU 4550R. 
Rob Byerley, Weigang Ning, Lixin Chen, Natalie Wallin, Malik Samaniego Engineering Using Drone AI to Improve Infrastructure
Haiven Camenisch Engineering Endotoxin Bioseparation Technologies for PlasmidDNA Vaccine Manufacturing
Joseph Cancelleri Engineering Support Vector Machine Aided Authorized and Rogue Device RF-DNA Fingerprint Discrimination
Jacquelyn Carter Political Science & Public Service  
Jenna Cecil, Ashley Ferguson, Drew Getner Health & Human Performance Association of Repetitive Head Impacts with Neuromechanical Test Metrics of College Football Linemen
Madelyn Chadwell, Lauren Easter Health & Human Performance Dual-Task Training for Visual-Motor Performance Improvement in ROTC Cadets
Stelios Chatzimanolis, PhD Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science A comprehensive phylogeny of Xanthopygina and the origin of myrmecophily 
Tes Cherian Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Soil Lead Contamination and Public Health Ethics in South Chattanooga, Tennessee
Ashli Chew, Hannah Holmberg, Cora Miller The Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Memory Retention and Focus  
Samuel Clark, Evan Brock Computer Science & Engineering Augmented Reality for Visualizing Civil Infrastructure
Justin Clark Computer Science & Engineering A Deep Learning Approach to Detecting Budding Yeast Cell RLS
Aleise Cline, Whitney Hardin, Lee Anne LaPlue, Tabitha Williams Occupational Therapy Exploring the Utilization of the Virtual Environment in Occupational Therapy Practice 
Deandre Cole Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies Religion and Homophobia
Nathan Collyer, Shannon McCarragher, PhD, Amy Brock-Hon, PhD  Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies Geography of Chattanooga: Engaging Community with Place Using Story Maps
Michael Corley Mathematics Zero-Free Regions for Partial Sums of Dirichlet Series
Megean Cowsky, Lanaya Larson, Denesha Jones, Alison Hedges, Alison Morris School of Professional Studies Social Media and Self Esteem 
Kathleen Craig, Hensley Barnes, Anna Cornett, Sally Langager, Lauren Yeager Occupational Therapy Effectiveness of Adaptive Silverware on Active Range of Motion in Individuals with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Elicia Cruz, PhD, OT/L Occupational Therapy The Orange Grove Center and UTC OT Community Health Collaborative: A Service Learning Experience
Michael Danquah, PhD, Haobo Guo, PhD, Mikayla Hawkins Engineering Molecular and kinetic characterization of aptameric binding 
Christopher Davis, Isabel Gray, Tesros Cherian Computer Science & Engineering A gene network analysis of cancer cell specific drug targets of a CRISPR screen
Allison Dearing Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies How do Support Systems Influence the Illness Narratives’ Sequences of the Chronically Sick?
Trent Deason  Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Conservation and collection of American chestnut (Castanea dentata) germplasm in the South
Olivia DePhillips Psychology Differences in Depression and Resilience in Males and Females
Luccas Do Carmo Chemistry & Physics Preparation of Organometallic Cobalt (III) Complexes Containing Bidentate Chiral Amine Ligands as Potential Transfer Hydrogenation Catalysts
Stefan Dohse Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Geological Mapping of Woodall Shoals, Ga-Sc Using Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing techniques
Amber Doolittle, Amanda Clark, PhD Psychology Relationships Among Resilience, Stress, and Attention-Related Errors in UTC College Students
Amanda  Durall, MPH Health & Human Performance Effects of an Experiential Adapted Fitness Course on UTC Students and Local Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
Elizabeth Dyer School of Nursing Implementing an EBP Preventive Screening Tool
Susan Eckelmann, PhD History Dying Young: Famed Youth Deaths and Public Policy in Modern America
Susan Eckelmann, PhD History Research Visit to Birmingham’s Civil Rights Museum & Students’ Historical Exhibits on Chattanooga’s Civil Rights Past 
Amelia Edwards, Claudia Craig, Ashley May Psychology The Effects of Motivation and Metacognition on Prospective Memory
Jennifer Ellis, PhD, Kendra Dunan, DeAnna Beasley, PhD School of Education Chattanooga STEM Education Noyce Scholarship Program
Jessica Elsea, Morgan Simpson, McKenna Dean, Alexis Godsey, Kara Williams, John Ayoub School of Nursing Attitude Problems: Exploratory Analysis of Emergency Department Clinicians' Approach Toward Children's Behavioral Health Issues
Ahmed Eltayeb Computer Science & Engineering Optimal distributed control of converters in DC microgrids
Brooke  Epperson  School of Nursing STIGMA: Stopping traumatic incidence through governed mental health awareness 
Jacob Ewald Chemistry & Physics Fluorescence and UV-Vis Spectroscopy Studies of Quinone Induced Protein Modifications
Cassidy Flowers, Andrew Bailey, PhD, Mary Jackson, David Levine, PhD, Susan McDonald, PhD, Kaitlyn McLaughlin, Meghan Robinson Occupational Therapy Analysis of the Effects of Animal Assisted Intervention through the Use of Electroencephalography
Lydia Fogo Johnson Psychology A Mixed Methods Study on the Impact of the Perceived Aesthetics of a Workplace 
Tyler Forrest Learning & Leadership UTC Parking: A Research-Driven Transformational Improvement
Sandra French School of Nursing Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women Caused by Pelvic Venous Disease: Recognizing When There is Another Treatment Option
Jenna Fuqua, Jesseca Bunch, Hannah Gentry, Railey Holt, Grace Dessinger, Karlee Reed School of Nursing Jaded Towards Juveniles: Case-Study Analysis of Clinicians' Approaches to Adolescent Obstetrical Care 
Lani Gao, PhD, Lisa Nanni Mathematics Association of Serum Chloride with Hospital Mortality in Critically Ill Patients 
Shauntia Garner, Marina Evers  School of Professional Studies The Correlation Between Suicide and Unemployment 
Hannah Gateley, Katelyn Hancock Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies Methodology and Breaking Bad: A General Strain Theory Analysis
Arash Ghasemi, PhD, Babatunde Atolagbe, Ignatius Fomunung, PhD, Joseph Owino, PhD, Mbakisa Onyango, PhD Engineering 3D Drone Delivery Transportation Problem
Evan Gildernew Engineering Water Harvesting Using Solar Energy
David Giles, PhD Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science The presence of Clostridium difficile spores in the environment of rooms in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Whitney Glaze Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science How Environmental Knowledge Influences Pro-Environmental Behavior in Young Adults
Alice Gleadhill,  Shannon Tattitch Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Institutions Addressing Local Hunger and Food Insecurity
Roksolana Gnyda, Joan Bang School of Nursing Are nurse practitioner students prepared in skills and procedures?
Lily Grace Gordon Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies Transfer Student Integration
Kathryn Graeff, Amanda Warner Psychology The association between political orientation and first impressions of personality
Isabel Gray Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science (Bio)Film Screening: The search for Vibrio cholerae genes involved in fatty acid-mediated biofilm formation
Kenneth Grubbs School of Nursing Evidence-based work re-design intervention: Improving employee engagement
Sumith Gunasekera, PhD, Lakmali Weerasena, PhD, Aruna Saram, MBA, MS, Oluwakorede Ajumobi Mathematics Statistical Exploration of Stochastic Differential Equation Models used in the Stochastic Dynamics of Biological Systems
Haobo Guo, PhD Computer Science & Engineering Intrinsic Structural Entropy of Proteins: A Conceptual Framework for Molecular Biology
Francisco Guzman Psychology The Organizational Development of Iran's Revolutionary Guards 
Itzel Guzman Hernandez Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Oil Preference in Ants & Arthropod Diversity in Urban Environments 
Heidi Hall Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies The Study of Mental Health and Student-Athletes 
Kara Hamilton, PhD, Kori J. Hahn, Shewanee Howard-Baptiste, PhD, Melissa C. Powell, Mia Faragalli Health & Human Performance GENERATING AND APPLYING A PHYSICAL ACTIVITY MODEL FOR AN UNDERSERVED COMMUNITY: A MIXED METHODS APPROACH  
Susan Hammond School of Nursing Pressure Injury Prevention in the Surgical ICU
Katelyn Hancock Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies Perceptions of Male Rape Victims: Examining Rape Myth Acceptance and Victim Blaming Attitudes Among a Sample of College Students
Nisarg Hansaliya Mechanical Engineering Using Optically Transparent Thermally Insulated Silica Based Aerogel to harvest unconcentrated sunlight in a solar thermal receiver.
Alexandra Hansen, Gracie Harvey, Taylor Hayden, Kristin Long, Cheryl Self Physical Therapy The Impact of Physical Therapy Clinical Education Experience Placement on Recruitment for an Outpatient Physical Therapy Organization
Katie Hargrave Art  Observational Drawing in the City
Tyler Harp Engineering Using Algae to Treat Waste Water
Cullen Harris Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Prevalence of Ophidiomyces ophiodiicola in Tennessee snake populations: Is it a cause for concern? 
Lisa Harrison School of Professional Studies Clinical Practice Guidelines - Adherence by Orthopedic Physical Therapists'
Nicole Harty Psychology Gender in Occupational Therapy Careers
Brittany Haskell School of Nursing Bridging the Gap: Standardized Patient Facilitated  Simulation for Behavioral Health Nurse Residents
Sarah Hathcock School of Professional Studies Translating Historical Documents into a Virtual Reality Representation of Longwood's Rotunda
Mikayla Hawkins, Michael Danquah, PhD Engineering Thrombin Aptamer
Loren Hayes, PhD, Jessica Bertrand, Ashley Carpenter, Blake Lemay, Breanna Long, Lauren Lyons, Wilbourne Markham, Erin McCoy, Jonathan Melton, Saada Musa, Camille Oglesby, Thad Smith Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Intraspecific variation in the social organization of the mammal order Lagomorpha
James Hays Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science The Peculiar Microseisms of Hurricanes Matthew and Florence in Onslow Bay, North Carolina
Opeletia Helton School of Professional Studies The Experiences of Adult Children with Incarcerated Parents 
Dalyn Hodge, Hannah Gateley Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies Exploring Social Constructs in Criminological Research 
Derek Holman Chemistry & Physics Characterization of Nab Detector Timing Systematics Using Monte Carlos Simulations
Hunter Holzhauer, PhD, Stephen Zurlo, Casey Szatkowski, Maddie Wade, McKenna Blevins, Connor Barnett, Ben Trussel, Kyle Smith Finance & Economics SMILE Fund: Real World Research
Azad Hossain, PhD, Richard Blanton, William Adair  Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Application of Remote Sensing Technology for Surface Water Quality Studies in Southeast Tennessee
Brennan Huber, Sai Medury, Amani Altarawneh Computer Science & Engineering BLAST: Blockchain Based Trust Management
Lauren Hughes History Wafuku or YÅ fuku:  Feminism and Rank through in Japan. 
Lynsey Hughston School of Nursing Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infection: Prevention & Management in the Intensive Care Unit
Alexandra Hunt School of Professional Studies Reclaiming Vacant Housing in Avondale; a Non-gentrifying Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy
Nyssa Hunt, MS, Kelly Daniels Interdisciplinary Geospatial Technologies Lab Using Citizen Science to Monitor the Non-Native Mediterranean House Gecko In Chattanooga, TN
Adlai Hurt School of Professional Studies The human capital campaign:  Retaining fundraising staff in higher education
Taylor Hutson, Kaila Rogers, Christopher Branson Psychology Faking It: Identification of Poor Effort on Questionnaires and Performance-Based Assessments of Traumatic Brain Injury
Taylor Hutson, Chelsea Wymer Psychology Capturing a Recruiter's Eye: Sexism in Selection
Ahmed Ibrahim, Bharat Patel, Daniel Loveless, PhD, Donald Reising, PhD Engineering Unlocking the Secrets of RF-DNA Fingerprints
Adeola Ijiyode, Delaney Perry, Morgan Andrews, Leanza Greenlee, Amye Warren, PhD Psychology Reasons to believe or doubt juvenile confessions: A qualitative analysis
Debbie Ingram, PT, EdD, FAPTA, Maegan Keller, Elizabeth Masengil, Kurtisha Norris, Grace O’Day, Faith Rose, Linsey Sutton Physical Therapy Assigned Reading and Reading Rates for Doctoral Physical Therapy Students 
Garrett Jackson School of Professional Studies Transformation and Migration of Adult Tobacco Consumers
Rolla Jibrin, Brianna Ewin School of Nursing A Glimpse Into the African American Woman's Health Profile: A Typhon Analysis
Carmen Jimenez, PhD Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures Self-representation in two English-speaking Caribbean slave narratives: Mary Prince and Ashton Warner
Quentin Johnson, Katey Rodgers, Ronnie Bridges, Tyler Albright Health & Human Performance The Effects Cognitive and Reaction Training on Concussions and Musculoskeletal Injuries in a Division I Football Team
Jacquelyn Johnson School of Professional Studies Investigating the relevance of alumni chapters in the age of technology
Clayton Jones, MFA English Writing and the Watershed: Motivating Students to Stewardship
Hana Karrar Engineering Management & Technology Bricolage Studio
Audrey Keith, Elijah Berry, Katherine Needham , Jessica Meadows, Ashley Valencia School of Professional Studies Bridging the Gap: Bridging the Gap: Sex Education and its Effectiveness Toward Safe Sex Habits in the United States
Sakineh Khalili Management Growth Model of Electric Vehicle Charging Demand in Chattanooga
Saroj Khanal Engineering Grid Integration of Solar Photovoltaic Systems through Modular Multilevel Converters
Saroj Khanal, Shailesh Wasti Engineering Reliability-Aware Switching Algorithms for Model Predictive Control of Modular Multilevel Converters
Will Khomtchenko Engineering Using Elementary Mode Analysis to Design a Minimal Strain of E. coli for the Overproduction of Hydrogen Peroxide
Marissa Knopp, Martha Law, Anna Chill, Jenny Goins, Rachel Brann School of Professional Studies College Students' Perception of Depression / Utilization of Mental-Health Services
Lingju Kong, PhD, John Graef, PhD, Andrew Ledoan, PhD Mathematics Modeling online social network dynamics using fractional order epidemiological models
Daniel Landgraf 
Engineering Ultrasonic Radar in an Automotive Application
Gracelyn Lane, Jaylee Oliver, Molly Hudson, Natalie Parks, Emily Halvorson, Alexandra Martin, Christian Saenz Psychology I'm so overwhelmed! College Students: Coping and Perceptions of Stress
Dakila Ledesma, Yu Liang, PhD, William Baker Computer Science & Engineering VIGOR, A Virtual, Individualized and Generative Orchestrator for Rehabilitation
Kevin Lee Chemistry & Physics Theoretical study of reactivity of naphthoquinones towards amino group
Sloane Logan Marketing and Entrepreneurship Creating a Social Media Campaign for an Academic Research Conference 
Jennifer Lubke, PhD, Virginia Cairns, MLIS School of Education Effects of the Changing Media Landscape on University Library Textbook Collections and Curriculum Labs
Emma Lynch, Haylee Ingle, Adrianna Jiosa Anna Martino Social Work Interracial Relationships
Mallory Maddox, Bailey Sykes, Abby Morehead  School of Professional Studies How do multiple readmissions into residential treatment facilities affect a patient's overall treatment from the perspective of a social worker?
Artem Malashiy Computer Science & Engineering Localization of robots in an indoor environment
Artem Malashiy Computer Science & Engineering Small satellite platform for research and education
Justin Marek Engineering ARTS - Approaching Rear Traffic Sensor
Hannah Margavio  Engineering Modeling the Optical Properties of Silica Aerogel
Hannah Matthews Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Notes from Nature
Rick Mattson School of Professional Studies Leader-member exchange and trust: A literature review and organizational diagnosis
Allen Mayo Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies To what extent does military service influence academic performance?
Deborah McAllister, EdD School of Education Evaluating Teacher Professional Development in Robotics
Shannon McCarragher, PhD, Amy Brock-Hon, PhD, Kevin Hon Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies Preliminary Characterization of Unique Large Closed Depressions Located Throughout the Insoluble Clastic Caprock of the Cumberland Plateau Using Remote Sensing and Geophysical Surveys
Matthew McCarver Mathematics Algorithm for Airline Crew Assignment Problem
Zach McCoy Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Correlations between life-history traits across taxonomic groups
Emily McLemore, Amanda Benjamin, Shelly Heemstra, Valerie Jensen Occupational Therapy Exploring The Perceptions of Occupational Therapy Among Pre-Healthcare Students at UTC
Joyce McPherson School of Professional Studies Embodying Text: Performance as a Constructivist Learning Environment 
Sai Medury, Connor Woods, Mitch Prewitt Computer Science & Engineering Secure Certificate Revocation as a Peer Service
Nicole Messer Political Science & Public Service How the Supreme Court Distributed Power in the 20th Century
Autumn Miller, Francesca Leasi, PhD  Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Thalassic rotifers from the United States
Meg Miller, Hill Craddock, PhD Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Small Stem Assay for Chestnut Blight Resistance in Segregating Ful-Sib Families of F2 Hybrid Chestnut Trees
Charlie Mix, Nyssa Hunt, MS, Holland Youngman Interdisciplinary Geospatial Technology Lab Mapping Conservation Priorities of Western North Carolina 
Charlie Mix Interdisciplinary Geospatial Technology Lab Prioritizing Land to Protect and Enhance Water Quality Using Spatial Analysis for the Greater Chattanooga, TN Region
Farog Mohamed Electrical Engineering Optimal Battery Sharing in Smart Grid
Jesse Moore, Stephanie Swart, Elise Steel, Mark Drinkard, Colton Smith Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Impacts of outdoors on anxiety and focus.
Lauren Moore, Muhammad Sheikh, Glynne Ford, Hannah Tallent, Sara Newberry, Destiny Tyehemba School of Nursing Male vs. Female Physician Perception of Nurse Competence
Alison Morris, Alison Hedges, Lanaya Larson, Megean Cowsky, Denesha Jones Social work Social Media and the Effect on Self-Esteem
Colleen Moss School of Nursing Mentoring New Graduate Nurse Practitioners
Candace Murphy, Zachary Rush Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies Black and Blue: Depictions of Law Enforcement in Gotham Crime-FIghter Comic Books
Shelby Musselman, Erik Loredo Engineering Remote Access to an Absorption Column and a Pump Flow Station Using Internet of Things
Sophia Neglia, Abbie Faxon, Kyle Baker, Olivia Haslett Chemistry & Physics A Shot of Meditation
Kayla Norman School of Nursing Alcohol Abuse Among College Students: Application of an Evidence Based Screening Program
Jordan Norris, Mary Crutchfield, Nicholas Boér, PhD Health & Human Performance Physical Aspects of Fatigue Throughout a Season
Brian O’Leary, PhD, Thuy Truong, Alex Britt, James Fulks, Collin Wilbanks Psychology Equity Sensitivity - Disentangling It's True Meaning
Adam Olson, Jackson Lappin Psychology Content Analysis of Superbowl Commercials
Modupe Omotajo Psychology Is it because I'm different? The moderating roles of core self-evaluations and trust on the relationship between relational demography in supervisor/subordinate dyads and justice perceptions.
Maxwell Omwenga Computer Science & Engineering Edge Computing Enabled Cognitive Portable Ground Penetrating Radar
Spencer Overbay Communication Queer Representation in Mainstream Western Video Games: A Pilot Study
Emma Pace, Sandy Cole, MS, EdS  School of Education PAWS- Post-secondary Awareness With Success
Trevor Paratore Chemistry & Physics Photoacoustic Harmony: Using Musical Concepts to Study Mixed Gases through PA Spectroscopy
Natalie Parks, Emily Halvorson, Alexandra Martin, Gracelyn Lane, Jaylee Oliver, Molly Hudson, Christian Saenz, Kristen Jennings Black, PhD Psychology Feeling Like a Fraud: Imposter Syndrome's Relationship with Internalized Shame, Anxiety, and Perceptions of Stress in College Students
Abby Parmley Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies The Roles and Formations of Families of Choice in Southern LGBT Communities
Bharat Patel Engineering Single Event Transient Analysis with Ionizing Radiation Effects Spectroscopy (IRES)
Evan Patrick Engineering Aerogel Synthesis and Study
Amy Jo Perry School of Nursing The Role of Safety Coaches in a Culture of Safety
Ethan Perry, Ryan Crane, Garrett Lesher Health & Human Performance Whole-Body Reactive Agility Asymmetries among Athletes with Concussion History
Rosebelle Peters School of Nursing Opioid Epidemic: A Hard Pill to Swallow
Karissa Peyer, PhD, Caroline Alexander, Haley Gilbert, Clarke Hyde, Megan Lewis Health & Human Performance The UTC Peer Health Coaching Program
Jared Pienkos, PhD Chemistry & Physics Transition metal hinged trans-bidentate ligands for cross-coupling reactions
Kateland Porter Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies How are People Altering the Process of Mourning Within Their Usage of Online Social Networks?
Ashley Prak Art Rethinking Graphic Design: A Creative Endeavor to Examine Referential Practices in Graphic Design
Hong Qin, PhD, Haobo Guo, PhD Computer Science & Engineering Gene networks and longevity
Savannah Quilty, Sadie Arbuthnot, Ali Livesay, Erin White, Cole Davis, Ryan Sanders School of Nursing Digital Age and Dementia: Comparative Analysis of Quality of Life in Residences using Electronic Tablets
Grace Rains, Cameron Clark, Kelsey Ward, Kayneice Williams School of Professional Studies Is there a geographical relationship between ACE scores and early intervention availability?
Brooklynn Ray, Krystan Mixon School of Professional Studies Effects of having Homosexual Parents for Young Adults
Madison Reese Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies Women & Social Media: How does Facebook and Instagram influence young women's body image perception?
Nicole Reeves Social Work Treatment Providers Insight on Adolescents Sobriety Greater Than 30 Days
Kimberly Reid Health & Human Performance Assessing the current and desired levels of training and applied experiences in chronic disease prevention of students during medical school.
Monique Rivers School of Nursing Handoff Communication
Kira Robison, PhD History Bodies of Knowledge: Spaces, Places, and Power in Medieval Anatomical Education
Kaila Rogers, Ashley Grillo,Tyler Perry, Abigail Rogers Psychology Paying Attention to Details: Psychological Indicators of Performance in ROTC Cadets
Katie Rouse Computer Science & Engineering Energy Anomaly Detection with Forecasting and Deep Learning
Morgan Royer Psychology The effect of therapy dogs on preoperative anxiety 
Rebecca Salstrand Physical Therapy Shoulder Rehabilitation in a Sledge Hockey Athlete with Bilateral Leg Amputation: A Case Report
Ashwyn Sam Engineering Design, Analysis and Performance of Complex Minimum Diameter Rocket
Steven Sawyer, Patrick Craig Engineering Treatment of Engineered Nanoparticles: The Way Forward
Taylor Sawyer, Eric Hungenberg, PhD  Business Administration Exploring MiLB Fan Nostalgia:  A neuroscience approach
Charlene Schmidt, PhD, RDN, Rachel Howard, Elizabeth Prather, Elizabeth Hathaway, PhD Health & Human Performance Self-Reported Dietary Habits of Exercise Science Students During Weeks 1 and 7 of Spring 2019
Jacquelyn Scott English Into the Fire: A Personal Look into the Impact of the 2016 Gatlinburg Fires
Jacquelyn Scott Writing and Communication Center A Self-Experiment with Mindfulness in the Writing Center
Ashley Simmons, McKenzie Gregg, Elizabeth Hathaway, PhD Health & Human Performance The Power of Being Connected: Correlation between Satisfaction of Life and Religious Support
Austin Sims Engineering 3D Printing of Biodegradable Bone Implants
Eric Siv Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science An Examination of Allee Effects in Vibrio cholerae
Autumn Skiles Performing Arts A History of Western Music in Japan: Why Classical Music is Thriving in the Land of the Rising Sun
Deroneasha Smartt, Patti O’Shea School of Professional Studies Factors that Attribute to Educational Success Among the Foster Care System
Benjamin Smith Chemistry & Physics Molecular Dynamic Simulation of Stabilization and Folding of Apolipoprotein A1
Catherine Smith, PT, PhD, DPT, PCS, CNT, Victoria Bailey, SPT, Christina Bozarth, SPT, Jessica McCabe, SPT, Jace Phillips, SPT, Kaitlyn Zelhart, SPT Physical Therapy Analysis of Factors Influencing Cultural Adaptability of University Students in Two Central Eastern European Countries
William Scott Smith, Hill Craddock, PhD Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Bringing Back the American Chestnut
Damian Spears Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies Community Gardens in Marginalized Communities
John Spillman, Edien Fernandini, Makayla Colbert Health & Human Performance Effects of Concussion on Neuromechanical Function in Olympic-Level Boxers
Anna Spivey, Chelsea Conner, Lauren Dodd, McKenzie Hardeman, Claire Leasure, Kaitlin Szczepanski School of Nursing Committing Clinical Communism: A comparative analysis of interdisciplinary pursuits of graduate education
Haley Stacey, Rae'Ven Offut, Kaycee Whiteside, Farley Meadows, Benjamin Schrider Social Work Poverty and Healthcare Outcomes in Southeastern States
Lisa Stearns School of Professional Studies The adoption of social media by agriculturalists for use in promoting the industry 
Megon Stepaniuk, Jade Harry Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science SAU herbarium specimen repair project
Jose Stovall, Austin Harris Computer Science & Engineering MLKs Smart Corridor: Demos and Features 
Jeremy Strickler, PhD  Political Science & Public Service Visions of National Strength: Modern Presidential Leadership and the Warfare-Welfare Nexus
William Stuart  Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Creating a Detailed Site Map of a Unique Closed Depression on the Cumberland Plateau
Christy Stubblefield School of Nursing Utilzing the IHI Framework for Improving Joy in Work and Transformational Leadership Training to Improve Job Satisfaction and Workgroup Cohesion
Andrew Stump Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science High Polarization Of S-Waves From Earthquakes Coming From Thrust Faults On Same Longitudinal Plane as Seismometer
Hector Suarez Computer Science & Engineering Using Keystroke Biometrics to Detect Fraudulent Users
Will Sutton, PhD, PE, Michael Harrington Engineering Directional Emissivity Modeling
Morgan Swafford, Sydney Joseph School of Education CK, NOW!
Syed Mohammed Tareq, Jejal Reddy Bathi, PhD, PE Engineering Detection of Nano Contamination in Surface Water: Challenges and Findings
Yankarlos Taveras, Mairin Knauss, A'Jacia Wash, Donica Hilario Psychology The Relationship Between Resilience and Self-Esteem
Erin Taylor, Hill Craddock, PhD Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Spatial Habitat Modeling of American Chestnut (Castanea dentata) and Distribution in the Southeast United States
Nikolasa Tejero, DMA, Olga Russell Performing Arts "Symphonic Tales" Music and Literacy Partnership with Chattanooga Public Library
Maggie Thomas, Ashleigh Cates School of Nursing Goal Setting 
Riley Tino, Brittany Branda Psychology After #MeToo: Perceptions of Sexual Harassment In and Out of the Workplace
Aggie Toppins, MFA Art Palimpsests: Travel as Creative Research
Shawn Trivette, PhD Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies Building Food Citizenship through Community Gardening Initiatives
Rosa Velasco Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science How have salient social movements such as the black lives matter movement influenced popular media portrayal of law enforcement officers?
Ha Vo  Engineering An Implementation of Packet-Switched Communication for Pilot Protection at Tennessee Valley Authority
Thomas Vorwerk Psychology The Utility of Auditory and Visual Cues for Facilitating Strategic Monitoring in Prospective Memory
A’Jacia Wash Psychology The Relationship of Religion/ Faith and the Refusal of Medical Treatment
Shailesh Wasti  Engineering Agent-based optimal demand response
Andrew Watson Computer Science & Engineering Segmentation of Yeast Trap Images
Peter Way, Jeremiah Roland Computer Science & Engineering Studying the Effects of Weather and Roadway Geometrics on Daily Accident Occurrence using a Multilayer Perceptron Model
Stephen Welch Health & Human Performance EEG-Based Comparisons of Cognitive Functioning During Passive and Experiential Learning Environments
Cassie Whittaker Communication Content analysis: Decoding marketing messages and product attributes on cereal packages. What do food companies want consumers to know?
Kristina Wick School of Nursing Reducing Burden for Caregivers of Persons Living with Dementia: Engaging Primary Care Providers
Lauren Williams, Bethany Bray Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies Moral Panics, Child Abduction, and Stranger Things 
David Witt, MS, MBA Management Why Don't Entrepreneurs Burn Out?
Connor Woods, Sai Medury, Charles Prewitt Computer Science & Engineering Blockchain Data Provenance
Carson Woods Computer Science & Engineering Incremental Benchmarking Fault-Tolerant MPI
Drew Woods Mathematics Algorithm for Emergency Medical Service Vehicle Problem
Weidong Wu, PhD, Ignatius Fomunung, PhD, Joseph Owino, PhD, Mbakisa Onyango, PhD  Engineering Automatically identifying, and counting camera captured transportation traffic with deep learning
Chen Xu Computer Science & Engineering Network Intrusion Detection System as a Service on OpenStack Cloud
Chantz Yanagida Engineering Managing Overheating in 3D Printers
Austen York, Jacob Burelson  Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Investigating the impact of 2016 Southeastern Drought on Vegetation in Hamilton County, TN using GIS and Remote Sensing
Morgan Young Engineering Dynamic Load Factor Analysis of a Redundant Reeving Hoist
Ruipeng Zhang Computer Science & Engineering GRRAndroid: Remote Live Forensics for Android at Scale
Elizabeth Zuy Chemistry & Physics HPLC Detection of Organic Gunshot Residues on Silicone Wristbands
Presenter(s) Dept./College Title
Chris Acuff, PhD, Michael Boehm, Hope Cody, Jim Frierson, Mallory Treece Political Science & Public Service Perspectives on Metropolitan Government in Chattanooga
Stephanie Adams Art PARK IT.
Fernando Alda, PhD Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science These fishes will shock you!
Courtney Alley Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science A Reevaluation of Tennessee Non-Native Plant Species Using Online Herbarium Specimen Data to Develop Species Distribution Models
Morgan Andrews Psychology Perceptions of Juvenile Confessions
Jessica Auchter, PhD Political Science & Public Service Peacebuilding and Memorialization in Nairobi, Kenya
Timothy Barczak Business Analytics Identifying Success Patterns within Students to Predict College and Career Readiness
Laura Bass School of Education Registration and course selection processes of entering freshmen and the effects on academic success and retention at a midsize public university
Jeannie Parker Beard, PhD English Hybrids, Multimodals, and the Space of Composition 
Ethan Boyd Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Dogma Dance Off: Charity Through the Celebration of the Local Arts
Jennifer Boyd, PhD Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Reasons for rarity? Exploring adaptive and acclimatory constraints of southeastern endemics in the face of contemporary environmental change
Nikki Brown, Nikole Green, Jaime Butler School of Professional Studies Lost in Translation: Providing Therapeutic Services to Transgendering Victims of Sexual Violence.
Savannah Buffington Cleveland State Community College, English A Short Reading of “Leave Hope Here”
Ron Buffington, MFA Art Painting as Vibrant Matter
Haiven Camenisch Engineering Endotoxin Bioseparation Technologies for Plasmid DNA Vaccine Manufacturing
Samuel Clark Engineering Augmented Reality for Visualizing Civil Infrastructure
Stephen Clark Computer Science & Engineering Looking at Movies with Computers - Using Convolutional Neural Networks for Shot Change Detection in Film Footage
Tyler Clemons Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies Southern Charm: A Study of Dialect Code-Switching Among Southerners
Marisa Colston, PhD, ATC Health & Human Performance Identification of Shared Professional Values in the Profession of Athletic Training
Nathan Collyer Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies Geography of Chattanooga: Engaging Community with Place Using Story Maps
Nathan Collyer Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies The Tale of Two Mountains: Applying a Social-Ecological Systems Framework to Analyze the Conservation Outcomes for Cameron Hill and Stringer’s Ridge
Blake Corman Chemistry & Physics 21st Century Success Skills: Drive Your Career
Christopher Cunningham, PhD Psychology Finding and sustaining motivation and a sense of meaning in medicine
Christopher Cunningham, PhD, Rob Liddell, PhD, Danny Grzesik, MEd Psychology, Center for Career and Leadership Development, Office of the Dean of Students Leveraging research, creative endeavors, and experiential learning to rise above the norm: A panel discussion about developing true career readiness
Allison Cyrus Philosophy & Religion Aristotle, Aquinas, and Locke: A Synthesis of Natural Law Philosophy in American Jurisprudence
Susan Davidson, EdD, APRN, NP-C & Robyn Tobias, MSN, APRN, NP-C School of Nursing The Bloom Project
Vahid Disfani, PhD Electrical Engineering Urban Electric Vehicle Charging Markets: Computational Modeling and Optimal Design
Abigail Doyle Engineering Investigating how bacterial pathogens sense and adapt to their environment to survive and spread disease
Kevin Doyle PhD, LPC, NCC School of Professional Studies Building Motivation: The Key to Sustainable Change
Kevin Doyle, PhD, LPC, NCC School of Professional Studies Inspiring Students through Modeled Behavior
Aniekan Ebiefung, PhD Mathematics A Direct Algorithm for the Vertical Generalized Linear Complementarity Problem with P-matrix
Kyler Eskridge Engineering Machine learning to predict transformer failure
Landon Finke Philosophy & Religion “Scotty and Sadness”
Katelyn Gardner Cleveland State Community College, Management Differences in Marketing: Luxury and Drugstore Cosmetic Brands
Arielle Gearhart Cleveland State Community College, English Marxist Themes in Faulkner’s "Barn Burning"
Olivia George Engineering Synthesizing Multifunctional Iron Oxide Nanodrugs and Developing a Model for their Size Analysis using Dynamic Light Scattering
Mehran Ghafari College of Engineering and Computer Science Computational Method for Monitoring Cell Division
Kathryn Graeff Psychology Seeing you from your point of view: Perspective-taking and first impression accuracy
Brittany Green History Latina/Hispanic Women’s Perspectives in Chattanooga 
Sumith Gunasekera, PhD Mathematics Exact inference for the Youden index to discriminate individuals using two-parameter exponentially distributed pooled samples.
Sumith Gunasekera, PhD Mathematics Mathematics and Statistics - Who is the Winner?
Haobo Guo, PhD Computer Science & Engineering Network-based association study of protein sets
Jeannie Hacker-Cerulean, MA Performing Arts Arts Advocacy
Kara Hamilton, PhD, Melissa Powell, MEd, RD, Shewanee Howard-Baptiste, PhD, Melissa Graham, Carline Nord, PhD, Enjelica Reid, Ryan McCollough, & E’tienne Easley Health & Human Performance After school nutrition and physical activity program
Nisarg Hansaliya Mechanical Engineering Effects of Optically-Transparent Thermally Insulated Silica Based Aerogel in a Solar Thermal Receiver
Katie Hargrave, MFA Art Residency and Remix: Developing a new body of work
Wolfe Harris Philosophy & Religion Domestic Imperialism: the Reversal of Fanon
Liz Hathaway, PhD Health & Human Performance Chronic Disease Self-Management Program
Greg Heath, DHSc, MPH, Eric Asboe, & David Johnson Health & Human Performance If you just build it, they probably won’t come: Steps to engaging community sectors in healthy urban planning
Russell Helms, MPH/MFA English Depression Since Prozac: Finding the True Self
Azad Hossain, PhD Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Developing a Model to Map the Potential Areas for Landslide Hazards in Hamilton County, TN using GIS and Remote Sensing
Rik Hunter, PhD, Amy Burger, Shelby Yarbrough, Jenna Lacey English 3 Cases of Contemporary Digital Writing and Publishing
Anthony Iorio Political Science & Public Service The Role of Congress in Treaty Termination: Examining the Political Considerations Surrounding Goldwater v. Carter and Kucinich v. Bush
Destiny Dodson Jones, Hannah Hall, Maria Tellez Cleveland State Community College, School of Education Grilling “The Great Gatsby”
Sarah Kelehear Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science All the things we don’t know about the four-toed: modeling the distribution of a cryptic, habitat-specific, salamander
Farron Kilburn, MA School of Nursing UTC School of Nursing Community Engagement Activities
Eun Kim, PhD, LEED AP School of Professional Studies Assessing Residents’ Satisfaction with Housing and Community Environments in the Neighborhoods of Chattanooga
Divori Kimbro, PhD English Making Knowledge Accessible: Nerd Night Chattanooga
David King Philosophy & Religion The Digital Delusion: A Postphenomenological Analysis of Digital Embodiment
Sadie Lane Cleveland State Community College, Criminal Justice Human Trafficking: Tennessee
Joshua Lawson Finance & Economics Speculation and Wheat
Dakila Ledesma Computer Science & Engineering VIGOR, A Virtual, Individualized and Generative Orchestrator for Rehabilitation
Jesse Leslie  Psychology Defining Authoritarianism in America: Why Philosophy Matters
Cameron Mackey Psychology Concealment of Nonreligious Identity: Scale Construction  and Validation
Daniel Mailman

College of Engineering and Computer Science Air Piano & Stage Genies: An Engaging, Compelling Computer Science Curriculum
Katie Martin Art Mary as a Scribe in Early Modern Painting
Aaron Mays Philosophy & Religion We Live Inside a Dream: David Lynch’s Dream Factory and What it Means for Reality
Alyson McGowan Art Beyond Biography: Caravaggio’s Self Portraits as Psychological
Jonathan McNair, DMA, Alison Allerton, DMA, Susan Eckelmann Berghel, PhD, Joanie Jackson,  DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, Edwin Murillo, PhD, Aaron Shaheen, PhD, Jeremy Strickler, PhD Performing Arts, Africana Studies, History, Modern and Classical Languages, English, Nursing, Political Science & Public Service A View from the Trenches: Commemorating the Centennial of WWI
Joyce McPherson  School of Professional Studies Active Learning in the Humanities: A Study of Shakespeare Pedagogy with Secondary Students
Sai Medury Computer Science & Engineering Secure Certificate Revocation as a Peer Service
Sai Medury, Amani Altarawneh Computer Science & Engineering Scrybe: A blockchain based secure provenance system
Erin Melhorn, OTD, OTR/L Occupational Therapy Balance Matters program in the Community
Ethan Mills, PhD, Wes Smith, MA Philosophy & Religion Incorporating Student Film-Making in a Course on Horror and Philosophy
Sara Mitchell Chemistry & Physics The Benefits of Attending an Academic Conference
Dana Moody, PhD School of Professional Studies Havana: Behind the Façade
Edwin Murillo, PhD Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures Midnight Vallenato and Other Stories
Betsy Myers, PT, DHS, MHS, MPT, OCS, CWS, CLT Physical Therapy PT students volunteering with Ironman Foundation
Andrew O’Brien, MFA Art Drift Alignment: Artist Book Proposal
Eleni Panagiotou, PhD Mathematics Using topology to understand polymer mechanics and function
Kaveri Patel Cleveland State Community College, Accounting The Significance of Washington’s Farewell address and The Monroe Doctrine
Harshil Patel, Nate Harrell Cleveland State Community College, History The Significance of Washington’s Farewell Address and The Monroe Doctrine
Mary Page Pepper Art Getting Lost: Examining a Creative Practice Using Found Materials
Tyler Perry

College of Health, Education, and Professional Studies Crossed and Uncrossed Visuomotor Reaction Time Training
Karissa Peyer, PhD Health & Human Performance A community-university partnership to expand and evaluate a youth soccer program in Chattanooga
Karina Kraevsky Phillips Nursing Nice girls finish last: Acquiescent assertiveness attributed to workplace violence exposure and uncivil nursing encounters
Turner Phillips Philosophy & Religion American Evangelicals and the social and political issues that concern them
Chang Phuong, Noman Saied Computer Science & Engineering Performance Portability - A comparison between OpenMP, CUDA and Kokkos
Joshua Powell Philosophy & Religion How Idealism Resolves the Mind-Body Problem
Caleb Powell Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science “Born digital,” addressing the challenges of a field-to-database workflow for collections based research
Emily Pritchett, Bradley Hayes, Savannah Renfro Cleveland State Community College, Education, Biology Gender Roles in History 
Gerald Reidenbach Cleveland State Community College, Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Oppression of Women in “The Yellow Wall-Paper”
Shuvashish Roy  Engineering Decision Supporting Hydrodynamic Modeling of Tennessee River
Annie Tracy Samuel, PhD History Sacred Defense: The Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Iran-Iraq War
Aruna Saram, MBA, MS Mathematics Exact Inference of the Youden Index and its Corresponding Cut-Point Under the Multivariate ROC Curve
Steven Sawyer, Patrick Craig Engineering Nanomaterial Characterization and Treatment in Urban Stormwater Runoff
Allie Schrenker Communication Rising Rock documents Chattanooga
Jacqueline Scott, Elizabeth Benn, Jared Steiman, Shannon Sweeney, and Faith Roberts English The Craft of Creative Writing 
Elisabeth Sheff-Stefanik, PhD, CSE Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies The Increasing Commonality of Consensually Non-Monogamous Relationships
Elisabeth Sheff-Stefanik, PhD, CSE Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies Growing Up in a Polyamorous Family: Emerging Findings from a Longitudinal Study
David Shepherd, Josh Couch Cleveland State Community College, Pre-Health Professions  AI Predicting Alzheimer’s 
Heath Shultz, MFA Art Reading Communist Manifesto(s)
Priscilla Simms-Roberson, DNP, APRN, NP-C, SANE-A School of Nursing The Development and Implementation of a Domestic Violence Nurse Examiner Program
Blake Smith Mathematics Approximation Method to the Robust Knapsack Problem
Norah Soufraji Philosophy & Religion Mary in the Quran: A Case for Prophethood and an Analysis of Fluidity and Transcendence of Traditional Gender Roles
Henry  “Rardy” Spratt, PhD & David Levine, PT, PhD, DPT, OCS, CCRP, Cert. DN, FAPTA Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science, Physical Therapy Assessing Bacterial Colonization
Kidambi Sreenivas, PhD Mechanical Engineering Simulation of airflow through dense urban neighborhoods
Jonathan Stegmann Economics F.O.M.C. Communications: A Sentiment Analysis
William Stuart Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Creating a Detailed Site Map of a Unique Closed Depression on the Cumberland Plateau
Craig Tanis, PhD Computer Science & Engineering Simulating intelligent mob behavior using a shared potential field or: How I learned to stop computing and admire the ducks
Elise Taylor Communication The Making of Lavish in Pink
Erin Taylor Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science Spatial Habitat Modeling of American Chestnut (Castanea dentata) and Distribution in the Southeast United States
Niky Tejero, DMA Performing Arts Scrappy’s Keyboards@The Library
Susan Thul, DNP, APRN, CNM, Joanie Jackson, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, Bernadette DePrez, DNP, MBA, RN School of Nursing Improvement Science applied to Doctor of Nursing Practice Education- the role of FOCUS-PDCA in continuous program improvement
James Trimble Computer Science & Engineering Algebraic Connectivity Tracking for a Network of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
David Tullock Cleveland State Community College, Accounting War Prayer from an Outcast’s Lens
Shane Ward, MFA Art High Impact Practice Grant: Collaborative Translation: The Poem as Spatial Rendering
Chandra Ward, PhD Social, Cultural, & Justice Studies Testing the citizen-centric model: What multi-stakeholder engagement can illuminate about developing smart(er) city initiatives
Don Warrington, PhD, PE Engineering Effective Hyperbolic Strain-Softened Shear Modulus for Driven Piles in Clay
Lakmali Weerasena, PhD Mathematics Mathematical Modeling and Conservation Biology 
Gary Wilkerson, EdD, ATC Health & Human Performance Identification of Elite Athletes with Perception-Action Coupling Impairment
Aaron Wilson

College of Engineering and Computer Science Automatic Classification of Electrical Disturbances
Olivia Wolf, PhD Art Memorializing Migration: Immigrant Patronage, Public Memory and the Syrian Monument to Argentina (1910)
Olivia Wolf, PhD Art South-South Dialogues in the Arts
Savanna Wooten Biology, Geology, & Environmental Science In situ conservation physiology of the rare white fringeless orchid
Chayu Yang Mathematics A cholera transmission model incorporating the impact of medical resource
Sungwoo Yang, PhD Civil & Chemical Engineering Air Glass for Solar Energy Harvesting and Smart Building
Dell Zimmerman Engineering Characterization and Biological Response of Legumes Fertilized with Engineered Nanoparticles
Presenter(s) Dept./College Title
Sami Burns Performing Arts UTC Theatre Company Presents
Lynn Worcester Jones, DMA , Nikolasa Tejero, DMA Performing Arts New Music for Clarinet and Piano
Nikolasa Tejero, DMA, Wanda Dugger, Kyle Patton, Diego de Cordova   Reception