ReSEARCH Dialogues

The UTC ReSEARCH Dialogues conference celebrates Scholarship, Engagement, the Arts, Research, Creativity and the Humanities. 

This two-day, signature event features student and faculty pitch competitions, poster and podium presentations, and creative performances.

Held each spring, ReSEARCH Dialogues is the largest academic conference on the UTC campus. The event showcases the scholarship and creative endeavors of more than 750 UTC faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students and staff from all campus programs and disciplines. In addition, members of the local Chattanooga community are invited to participate as pitch competition judges, event volunteers, presenters and conference guests.

The event is free and open to the public.

ReSEARCH Dialogues 2020 will be held on Tuesday April 14 and Wednesday April 15 in the UTC University Center.

Ways to Participate

  • Attend the ReSEARCH Dialogues Conference
  • Present your research or creative project at ReSEARCH Dialogues.
  • Support ReSEARCH Dialogues through sponsorship. Contact the Office for URaCE for more information.
  • Judge a pitch competition. Please contact the ReSEARCH Dialogues team ( to learn more.

Would like to visit ReSEARCH Dialogues with your primary or secondary students?

Please contact the ReSEARCH Dialogues team ( to schedule a chaperoned visit.