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RESEARCH Dialogues is a great opportunity for the local community to visit and support the scholarly and creative accomplishments of UTC’s undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, & staff. There are also opportunities to participate in some of the events! To learn general information about what RESEARCH Dialogues is all about, check out last year's promo video. 



RESEARCH Dialogues is Tuesday, April 3 and Wednesday, April 4 and is open to the public. Go to our Schedule's page or click here for a detailed schedule of events. Below is a brief overview of the pitch competitions that we hope you can attend in addition to the other events. Please note, if you are a primary or secondary school wanting to visit the event, it must be a chaperoned group. Email for more information! We hope to see you there! 

Lightning Round Pitch Competition

Communicating the value of scholarship, engagement, the arts, research, creative endeavors, and the humanities is an essential skill for students involved or interested in these areas. The Undergraduate Lightning round competition seeks to celebrate and promote undergraduate students who want to share their ideas for research or creative endeavor by creating an opportunity for students to make a pitch for funding and prizes. The event is held on April 3 from 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM. 

Graduate Student 3 Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition

Graduate students are invited to compete in the 3MT® competition. The event is on Wednesday, April 4 from 9:15 AM - 10:45 AM. Winners will also have the opportunity to compete at the next level of the competition.

Elevator Speech Competition

Faculty and staff will participate in the 3rd annual Elevator Speech competition.  Faculty will have 4 minutes to make a pitch for support of their research, scholarship, engagement, or creative activity.  The event is from 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM on Wednesday, April 4.  


As a community partner you have the opportunity to participate in podium, panel, poster, or performance presentations. If you are interested in participating in any of these events please register by February 2018. 

Podium & Panel Presentations 

Presenters are invited to make 15 minute oral or visual presentations related to research, scholarship, or creative activity.  Podium presentation sessions will be moderated. Groups of presenters are also invited to organize a panel discussion or group presentation.

Poster & Display Presentations 

Faculty, staff, students, and community partners are invited to present posters or tabletop displays related to research, scholarship, or creative activity.  Posters and displays can come in many shapes and sizes!  If your presentation doesn’t work with a traditional poster format, that is no problem.  Models, photos, laptop computers, interactive materials, listening stations, robots – all are welcome and can be accommodated.  Just make a note of your needs on the application or contact for special arrangements. 

Performance Presentations

Individuals or groups of faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to participate in musical or dramatic performance presentations in the UC Auditorium.

Sponsor or Volunteer 

We are looking to the local community for support through sponsorship and volunteer opportunities. For more information on sponsorship levels, check out our Sponsorship Opportunities page! In addition to sponsors, we are currently looking for judges to judge our pitch competitions (see above for a brief overview) and student helpers. For more information on these opportunities, check out our Volunteer Opportunities page. Thank you for your support and help!