Welcome to the Office for Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavor (URaCE)

At UTC, the undergraduate student experience centers on inquiry, discovery, and community.  Through undergraduate research experiences our students acquire the twenty-first century skills necessary to successfully navigate the global world of work or advanced study, and make significant contributions to society.

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Students who Participate in Undergraduate Research...

  • Gain hands-on research and professional development skills, which add value to the bachelor’s degree.
  • Enrich and enhance society through research discoveries.
  • Develop a diverse set of skills that are marketable and transferable to all professional careers.
  • Network with a community of scholars and build lasting relationships with mentors.
  • Become self-directed, life-long learners, skills that are necessary for success in graduate school and the world of work.
  • Learn how to work collaboratively to achieve goals.

 Undergraduate Researchers share their UR Stories. Watch the video

URaCE: Discover...Prepare...Contribute