Satisfactory/No Credit Grading FAQ

For Undergraduate Students and Advisors

Graduate students wanting to choose Satisfactory/No Credit grading should communicate with their graduate programs since some graduate programs do not permit S/NC grading.

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If I select S/NC grading, do I have to keep participating in classes?

  • YES. Regardless of grading option, students are expected to continue participating in class activities, submitting assignments and completing quizzes and exams.  Keep in mind that students may withdraw through the last day of instruction - April 24, 2020.


How will selecting S/NC grading affect my GPA?

  • Courses graded S/NC will have NO impact on students' GPA.  Students' current GPA will remain in place for those who select S/NC grading for all current courses.


What if I have a grade in a part of term 1 course - will that change to S/NC grading?

  • The option for S/NC grading is available for courses currently in progress.  All grades earned prior to part of term 2 will remain.


How does S/NC grading affect Dean's list eligibility?

  • Students must complete at least 6 credit hours of courses graded on a standard letter grade scale (A – F) and earn a semester GPA of 3.2 or higher to be recognized on the Dean’s List.  
  • Students selecting S/NC grading for all courses will be ineligible for the Dean’s List for Spring 2020. 
  • Students who earn a GPA of 3.2 or above but have less than 6 credit hours of standard letter grades, will be ineligible for the Dean’s List.


How does S/NC grading affect students on probation?

  • Students currently on probation who complete the Spring 2020 semester with the GPA required to be removed from probation will be removed from probation and restored to ‘Good Standing.’  
  • Students currently on probation who select S/NC grading for some or all of their Spring 2020 courses and would not improve their standing will have their current standing extended through their next term of enrollment. 
  • In other words, selecting S/NC grading will not harm a student’s academic standing.


If I select S/NC grading, will I be eligible for Latin honors when I graduate?

  • Latin honors are awarded to students who earn at least 60 credit hours at UTC with a cumulative UTC GPA of at least 3.50 at the end of the final semester. 
  • Current graduation candidates with a UTC GPA 3.50 or above who select to complete all courses S/NC would retain their current UTC GPA and therefore be eligible. 
  • Current graduation candidates who aspire for Latin honors but do not currently qualify would need to complete coursework for a letter grade and perform well enough to improve their UTC GPA. 
  • Students graduating in a future semester will be evaluated according to the regular Latin honors requirements in the Academic Regulations section of the catalog.


How does S/NC grading affect repeated courses and grade replacement?

  • Students currently enrolled in a course previously completed with a letter grade will have that letter grade and gpa points replaced by an S or NC according to the regular grade replacement policies.


Will an S grade satisfy prerequisite requirements for courses in future semesters?

  • Banner considers a grade of S as equivalent to a grade of C.  If a course prerequisite requires a 'C or higher' then an S grade will satisfy that requirement.  An S grade will not satisfy prerequisite requirements of 'B or higher'


What will happen to my financial aid if I select S/NC grading?

  • Answers regarding financial aid implications are evolving as this pandemic unfolds. 
  • For students who become ineligible for HOPE Scholarship due to GPA at the end of Spring 2020, UTC’s Office of Financial Aid has been given approval to review case-by-case.

  • To date there have been no changes to Federal Financial Aid. 
  • This answer will be updated as new information becomes available.  Students may also speak with an Enrollment Counselor in the Mocs One Center for more specific answers.


Will S/NC grading affect my admissibility for graduate and professional programs?

  • Maybe.  Many graduate and professional programs, especially those involving licensure, would evaluate applicants differently if the transcript carried many S/NC grades. 
  • Due to the current global pandemic, many institutions of higher education are reviewing their admission criteria with regard to S/NC grades.
  • Students should contact prospective graduate programs they are considering for further guidance before making a decision.
  • The Pre-Health Professions Advising office has collected helpful information about testing and admission services.


Do I submit a form for each course?

  • NO. While it may be possible to submit more than one form, there is no need to rush to a decision about this option.  Students have until April 24 at 11:59 P.M. EDT (Chattanooga time) to make a final selection for one or more courses.  More information becomes available daily if not hourly.  Waiting a few days to collect more information before making a selection is the recommended approach.


Will I receive confirmation that my form has been accepted?

  • Students who submit the Satisfactory/No Credit grade request form will receive the following email notification from  "You have submitted the satisfactory/no credit grade request form.  Your request cannot be reversed.  If you withdraw from a course you requested for S/NC grading that course will be graded with a 'W'."
  • The Registrar will only follow up with individual students if there are questions or clarifications about the courses submitted on the form.  Forms where the courses match the registration or where all courses are selected will only receive the above form notification.

I have questions that are not answered here.  What do I do?

  • If you have additional questions, please contact an Enrollment Counselor in the Mocs One Center.