General Registration Information

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Academic Advisement

All undergraduate students, except transients and auditors, must see an advisor before registering.

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Online Registration

Students must login to their MyMocsNet account to register.

Access registration via the Student Information link in your MyMocsNet account.

Advisors clear the "Advising Required" hold for students to allow them to register online.

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Students may have holds that will prevent them from registering.

Holds may include parking tickets, accounts receivable balances and immunization documentation. All holds must be cleared before a student can register.

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Closed Classes

If a class is closed, the student should request an alternate class or section. If an alternate class or section is not available or practical, the student should go to the department offering the closed class to request an override.

If permission is granted, the student must register through his/her MyMocsNet account. Remember, all holds must be cleared before the registration can be processed.

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Maximum Hours

Undergraduate students are classified full-time with an enrollment of 12 hours.

The maximum number of hours an undergraduate student may register for is 20 hours.

A schedule of over 20 hours is not permitted unless the student has obtained advance approval of the Faculty Petitions Committee. Students requesting to exceed the registration limit must submit petitions to the Office of the University Registrar, 125 University Center, no later than the first day of classes for the semester.

Graduate students are classified full-time with nine hours of graduate courses.

Graduate students may register for a maximum of 15 hours.

The Tennessee Department of Education will not accept over six hours of graduate credit in a given term from an individual who is working full-time as a teacher.

Graduate students who want to register for more than 15 hours must obtain prior approval from the Dean of the Graduate School.

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Freshman Registration for 3000-4000 Level Classes

Freshmen (0-29 earned hours) who need to take 3000 or 4000 level courses must contact the academic department head of the course and request a Classification override.

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Prerequisite Standards

Students may be dropped involuntarily from courses if they do not have the required prerequisites.

Class standing (senior, junior, etc.) is also considered a prerequisite.

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Cancelled Classes

The University reserves the right to cancel, postpone, change time or combine classes when necessary.

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