Fall 2020 Schedule Changes

On June 8, 2020, the UTC Fall 2020 Task Force released recommendations for the Fall 2020 schedule of classes to adjust for proper social distancing in classrooms and additional online course options.  As a result academic departments have been redesigning and adjusting their courses for a variety of delivery methods during the month of June. As of July 20, 2020, all initial adjustments to the fall schedule have been completed.

Students can now see if the courses they previously registered for have changed on MyMocsNet under Academics menu and the link "View your Current or Past Schedules." While a small number of courses have remained on campus in a traditional Face to Face manner, most have transitioned to an online, hybrid, or rotation attendance format. Descriptions of each type of course, including how to identify them, can be found below.

During the coming month as we approach the start of the fall semester we anticipate limited changes to the course types of existing courses, but we will notify students if something has to unexpectedly change. Instructors and room locations may change as always before the start of the fall semester, but we will try to limit changing a course from an on-campus to online format if at all possible.

Course Types

When looking at your schedule or looking up classes, you can identify Hybrid/Rotating, Internet Synchronous, Internet Asynchronous and Face to Face courses by their location, meeting days/times and meeting type. See descriptions of each course type below, along with screenshots of how to identify them.  If you have any concerns about how a course will be offered, please contact the instructor of the course or the department offering the course.


  • In order to account for social distancing in classrooms, many sections will meet on campus with students attending on a rotating schedule. 
  • Days, times, and locations will be included on the course, although not all students will attend in the classroom for all of the meeting times. 
  • A Blended/Hybrid/Rotating class scheduled for MWF at 9 A.M. will have approximately 1/3 of the students attending on each day with the other students participating through online course content.
  • Students will be advised by their instructor closer to the start of the term how their Hybrid/Rotating course will function, including what days they'll need to plan to be on campus and when to be online.

On the Class Schedule site under you can identify Hybrid/Rotating courses by their Title and Meeting Times as seen in the red boxes below:



Internet Synchronous (happening at the same time)

  • For the purpose of this fall, these courses will meet at regular days and times but online instead of in person.   
  • Meeting days and times will be included on the course, although students will access the class through the internet rather than in person on campus.
  • Students should plan to be logged in (Zoom, Canvas/UTC Learn, etc) at the published days and times. 

On the Class Schedule site under you can identify Internet Synchronous courses by their Title and Meeting Times as seen in the red boxes below:

Internet Synchronous


Internet Asynchronous (assignment due dates and deadlines but no regular meeting times)

  • These are courses do not have regularly schedule meetings. However, proctored exams may be required.
  • Days and times are not included on the course, and the location will be listed as "Off Campus Internet." 
  • All instruction is delivered online and coursework will be completed according to deadlines established in the syllabus.

On the Class Schedule site under you can identify Internet Asynchronous courses by their Title and Meeting Times as seen in the red boxes below:

Internet Asynchronous


Face to Face Classroom Instruction

  • Only a very small number of courses this fall are able to meet in a traditional Face to Face setting with all registered students in attendance in the same room.   
  • These courses have meeting days and times as well as classroom locations assigned.
  • You can identify these sections through the schedule type Face to Face.

On the Class Schedule site under you can identify Face to Face courses by their Title and Meeting Times as seen in the red boxes below:

Face to Face Schedule