DSST/DANTES Test Credits Awarded at UTC

DSST/DANTES Test CUT Score UTC Equivalent Credit Hours
Technical Writing 400 plus ENGL ELEC 3
Principles of Supervision 400 plus ELEC ELEC 3
Intro to Computing 400 plus CSPC ELEC 3
Ethics in America 400 plus PHIL ELEC 3
Criminal Justice 400 plus CRMJ 1100 3
Drug and Alcohol Abuse 400 plus HHP 4530 3
Principles of Statistics 400 plus MATH 2100 3
Introduction to Business 400 plus MGT 1XXX 3
Principles of Advanced English Composition 400 plus ENGL ELEC 3


 DSST/DANTES are evaluated based on the test description being evaluated by the Registrar and appropriate department at UTC for approval and equivalency. If you have a test you are looking at taking that is not listed, please email records@utc.edu for information on equivalency.