Mocs One Appeal

The Mocs One Appeal is a single online form that will allow you to appeal up to 4 different forms at once. Two of these forms are reviewed and processed by the Financial Aid office. The other two forms are reviewed and processed by the Office of the University Registrar and more information on those two forms are listed below. The link to the online appeal form is below.

Undergraduate Exception to the Withdrawal Deadline

  • A request for any student wanting to withdraw from a term after the withdrawal deadline because of extenuating circumstances during that term. Extenuating circumstances may include: medical illness, mental health, incapacitation, mandatory changes in work schedule, death of an immediate family member, or required jury duty.
    • For students withdrawing due to Active Duty, please refer to the following page: Active Duty Policy 
  • Official Documentation is required for these requests. Suggestions for documentation:
  • A rationale, or explanation, is required with this request. This should explain why the student is requesting the exception and what circumstances impacted the requested semester.
  • These requests must be submitted within a calendar year of the semester in question.
  • A decision will be made within 45 days of submitting the request.
  • All decisions are sent to the student's UTC email account unless the student's account is no longer active.
  • These exceptions are not guaranteed and are a one time exception if approved.
  • Approved requests may not result in a refund of tuition. Any refund that may be due is based upon the date of withdrawal and the refund policy established by the Bursar's Office. The refund schedule website is here:

Need support completing this request? The Student Outreach and Support office may be able to help you. See link below:

Student Outreach and Support


Appeal from Suspension/Dismissal

  • An appeal for any student who feels that extenuating circumstances were responsible for their poor academic achievement and are seeking reentry before the suspension or dismissal period expires.
  • Official documentation is encouraged. Any faculty or advisor statements may also be uploaded to the appeal.
  • These appeals must be submitted no later than one week prior to the beginning of classes for the term that you wish to enroll in.
  • All appeals are reviewed by the Undergraduate Petitions Committee. Appeals submitted by the deadline will be decided before the term begins.


Mocs One Appeal form

Please note: This form requires a valid UTC ID login. If you no longer have an active UTC account, please email for further information.