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Receiving Your Diploma

Diplomas will be delivered to graduates at the address listed on their graduation application a few weeks after graduation. If this address changes after the application is submitted, please notify the Office of the University Registrar at utcgraduation@utc.edu. Diplomas for students with holds on their account will be stored in the Office of the University Registrar until the hold is cleared (see below for more information on holds). 

For previous UTC graduates whose diplomas have not yet been picked up or mailed, please submit the Diploma Mailing Request.  If you recently graduated and resolved all your holds, submit the mailing request form to update us so we can release your diploma.


Ordering a CeDiploma

Information on how to order a Certified Electronic Diploma is available here. Included on these pages are additional details about the security features and validating the diploma.


Ordering a Replacement Diploma

Replacement diploma orders are processed through our partner Paradigm. 

  • Orders are typically processed within 4 weeks, not including printing and delivery time. 
  • Orders for international delivery will first be delivered to the Office of the University Registrar at UTC and then shipped to the international destination.
  • Orders from students with a hold will not be processed.  Once the hold is resolved, a new order is required.
  • Diplomas held in the Office of the University Registrar are retained for 10 years.  After 10 years, an order for a replacement diploma will be required.
  • Replacement diplomas will reflect the signatures of current administrators.
  • To submit a replacement order, Click here.


Information that is included on a Diploma

The graduate's name and degree awarded will be included on the diploma. Students who complete more than one program/major within a single degree (Bachelor of Science) will receive one diploma.  In addition, if you are an undergraduate student with honors, then that honors designation is included on the diploma. For more information about honors, please see After You've Applied

Majors, concentrations, and minors are not listed on diplomas. For more information on degree titles, please see Undergraduate Degree and Graduation Requirements in the Undergraduate catalog

The UTC diploma measures 17” wide x 14” tall.



Financial Aid Exit Interview:

Students who have had financial aid loans must complete an exit interview. If you have not already done so, please contact the Financial Aid Office prior to Commencement. Failure to do so means a hold will be placed on your academic record preventing us from fulfilling any transcript requests you submit after commencement. 

Financial Obligations:

In compliance with Tennessee law, all financial obligations to the University such as fees, tuition, parking fines, library fines, transcript fees, or return of any rented or borrowed equipment must be cleared before your diploma can be released or any transcript request can be fulfilled.

Senior Exit Exam:

Graduation requirements for all undergraduate students include completion of the Senior Exit Exam. If you have not completed this requirement, please contact the UTC Testing Center at 423-425-5305. Diplomas will not be released to students who have not completed the Senior Exit Exam.