Faculty/Staff FAQs

Publicly posting grades using a student's name, UTCID or social security number is a violation of FERPA.

Unique numbers or codes may be assigned to students and the list must not be alphabetical if it is necessary to post grades in a public manner.

Midterm (undergraduate courses only) and final grades must be posted through Self-Service Banner.

You can find the definition for directory information here.

The confidential flag shows in Self-Service Banner, such as in the Summary Class list, and Banner INB if you have any of these accesses. 

Look for the 'Confidential' statement before speaking to third parties about a student.

In Self-Service Banner, under Student Information Menu, you will find "FERPA Comments." This will give the pin, who it is released to and the expiration date of the pin.

Information that pertains to a student's education record as defined by FERPA, such as grade point average or other non-directory information, cannot be included without the written consent of the student.

For example, you can say "Sally is an excellent student" but you cannot say "Sally received an A+ in my class".

  • Yes, any individual employed by the university that will have access to education records will need FERPA training.
  • The student assistant or supervisor will need to email recordstraining@utc.edu with the student's UTCID requesting FERPA training.
  • If the information requested during an emergency is necessary to protect the health and safety of the student, the university will release non-directory information.
  • Student Outreach & Support should also be contacted in the case of a crisis or emergency.


Do you need FERPA training? 

Email recordstraining@utc.edu with your UTCID to receive instructions.