Individual Studies Contracts

Students who wish to register for a contract course (4994R, 4997R, 4998R, 5997R, 5998R, 7997R) will complete an online contract. Please read the information below carefully before beginning your contract request. It details the steps the contract will follow for approval.

Contract workflow:

  1. Student starts the form and routes it to the instructor.
  2. Instructor completes the form and identifies the course objectives and timeline. The instructor also supplies the unique CRN for the course. The instructor routes the form to the department head.
  3. Department head approves or denies the course.
  4. Form is routed back to the student to review the course requirements as outlined by the faculty. If the student agrees to the requirements, they complete the form and submit.
  5. Form is routed to the Office of the University Registrar for processing. 
  6. Once the student is registered, they will receive an email from letting them know the registration is complete.

Important Notes about the form:

  • The Office of the University Registrar can only register students for contract courses within the established registration deadlines.
  • Students who have monetary holds must complete this contract but also contact the Bursar's Office about a request to register with the hold.
  • All emails sent to the student, instructor, and department head come from

Managing Co-Signers

If a student or instructor makes an error entering the next participant's email, the error can be corrected and a new email sent. 

  1. First login using the "Check My Forms" link
  2. Click "Pending/Draft Forms"
  3. The Individual Studies Contract will display. Find the correct contract and click "Manage Co-Signers" under the Action column.
  4. To edit the email, click the small pencil. Once saved, click "Re-send Email" to send the form to the correct email address.

Students with departmentally approved thesis proposals (4995R) may email to request a 4995R thesis contract.


Individual Studies Contract Form