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SubjectCourseTitleUTC SubjectUTC CourseUTC TitleAttribute Comments
ACC1104Principles of Accounting IACC2010Principles of Accounting I
ACC2000Prin Accounting I ACC2010Principles of Accounting I
ACC2030Prin Accounting II ACC2020Principles of Accounting II
ACC2110Prin Accounting I ACC2010Principles of Accounting I
ACC2120Prin Accounting II ACC2020Principles of Accounting II
ACC2215Intermed Acct I ACC2XXXIntermed Acct I
ACC2220Intermed Acct II ACC2XXXIntermed Acct II
ACC2360Cost Accounting ACC2XXXCost Accounting
ACC2410Income Taxation ACC2XXXIncome Taxation
ACC2500Special Topics Acct ACC2XXXSpecial Topics Acct
ACC2530Accounting Systems ACC2XXXAccounting Systems
ACC2571Internship ACC2XXXInternship
ACCT1010Principles of Accounting IACC2010Principles of Accounting I
ACCT1020Principles of Accounting IIACC2020Principles of Accounting II
ACCT2331Tax AccountingACC2XXXTax AccountingLDV
ACCT2360Cost AccountingACC2XXXCost Accounting
ADMN1100Keyboard & Basic Cptr SkillsELEC1XXXKeyboard & Basic Cpter Skills
ADMN2306Legal Term & TranscriptionELEC2XXXLegal Term & TranscriptionLDV
ADMN2450Communication MediaELEC2XXXCommunication MediaLDV
ADMN2700Legal Term & TranscriptionELEC2XXXLegal Term & Transcription
ADMN2910Medical Terminology IELEC2XXXMedical Terminology I
ADV2500Advertising ELEC2XXXAdvertising
AGR1010Intro AgricultureELEC1XXXIntro Agriculture
AGRI1020Intro to Animal ScienceELEC1XXXIntro to Animal Science
ALH1000Careers in HealthcareELEC1XXXCareers in Healthcare
ANT1100Physical Anthropology ANTH1000Mysteries of the Hum JourneyLDV, SSCI
ANT1200Prehistoric Anthropology ANTH1400ArchaeologyLDV, SSCI
ANT1300Cultural Anthropology ANTH1200Cultural AnthropologyLDV, NWCC, NWCL, SSCI, TBR
ANT2100Biological Anthropology ANTH1100Biological AnthropologyLDV, LEC
ANT2590Intro to Forensic AnthropologyANTH2XXXIntro to Forensic Anthropology
ANTH1230Intro to Cultural AnthropologyANTH1200Cultural AnthropologyLDV, NWCC
APE1015Sound ProductionELEC1XXXSouond ProductionLDV
ART1010Art History Survey IART2140Hist West Art Prehist to MedARTS, HIST, TBR, VPAR
ART1011Drawing I ART1050Drawing I
ART1030Art AppreciationART1110Introduction to ArtARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
ART1031Three Dimensional Media ART1020Visual Stud II: Form in 3D
ART1045Drawing IART1050Observational DrawingLDV
ART11102-D DesignART1010Visual Stud I: Form in 2D
ART1340Foundations Studio IART1010Studio ProcessesLDV
ART1610Basic Printmaking ART1XXXBasic Printmaking
ART1720Western Art I ART2140Hist West Art Prehist to MedARTS, HIST, TBR, VPAR
ART1730Western Art II ART2150Hist of West Art Ren to PresARTS, HIST, TBR, VPAR
ART2000Art History Survey IART2140Hist West Art Prehist to MedARTS, HIST, LDV, VPAR
ART2000Spec Topics Studio ArtART2XXXSpec Topics Studio Art
ART2010Art History Survey IART2140Hist West Art Prehist to MedHIST, LDV, VPAR
ART2110Intermed Drawing ART1060Drawing II
ART2120Life DrawingART2XXXLife Drawing
ART2130Painting ART2XXXPaintingLDV
ART2140Painting II ART2XXXPainting IILDV
ART2150Art History Survey IIART2150Hist of West Art Ren to PresARTS, HIST, LDV, VPAR
ART2210Ceramics I ART2440Ceramics I
ART2220Ceramics II ART2XXXCeramics II
ART2410Sculpture ART2XXXSculpture
ART2420Life Sculpture ART2XXXLife Sculpture
ART2620Intaglio Printmaking ART2XXXIntaglio Printmaking
ART2950Intermed Des And Color ART2XXXIntermed Des and Color
ARTH2010Survey of Art History IART2140Hist West Art Prehist to MedARTS, HIST, TBR, VPAR
ARTH2020Survey of Art History IiART2150Hist of West Art Ren to PresARTS, HIST, TBR, VPAR
ARTP1010Drawing IART1XXXDrawing I
ARTP1020Drawing IIART1060Drawing IILDV
ARTP1110Two Dimensional DesignART1010Visual Stud I: Form in 2DLDV
ARTP1120Three Dimensional DesignART1020Visual Stud II:Form in 3DLDV
ARTP1610Basic PrintmakingART2530Intro to Printmaking
ARTP2000Special TopicsART2XXXSpecial Topics
ARTP2120Life DrawingART2050Figure DrawingLDV
ARTP2130Painting IART2XXXPainting ILDV
ARTP2210Ceramics IART2440Ceramics I
ARTP2220Ceramics IIART2XXXCeramics II
ARTP2950Intermed Design and ColorIARC1150Color Systems
ASL1010Beg Am Sign Lang IELEC1XXXBeg Am Sign Lang I
ASL1020Beg Am Sign Lang II ELEC1XXXBeg Am Sign Lang II
ASL2010Intermed Am Sign Lang I ELEC2XXXIntermed Am Sign Lang I
ASL2020Intermed Am Sign Lang II ELEC2XXXIntermed Am Sign Lang II
AST1510Elements of Astronomy IASTR1010Intro to Astr-Solar SystemLDV, LEC
AST1510Elements of Astronomy IASTR1010LAstr Lab-the Solar SystemLAB, LDV
ASTR1030Astronomy and LabASTR1010Intro to Astr-Solar SystemLDV, LEC, NLAB
ASTR1030Astronomy and LabASTR1010LAstr Lab-the Solar SystemLAB, LDV
BIO2220Microbiology W/LabBIOL2100Microbiology and HealthLBSC, LDV
BIO2310Human Anatomy & Physiology IBIOL2060Functional Human Anatomy
BIO2320Human Anatomy & Physiology IIBIOL2080Human Physiology
BIO2400Principles of NutritionNUTR1350Nutrition
BIOL1000Sp Topics in BiologyBIOL1999Special ProjectsLDV, LDV, LDV, LDV, REP, REP, REP, REP
BIOL1000Sp Topics in BiologyBIOL1999Special ProjectsLDV, LDV, LDV, LDV, REP, REP, REP, REP
BIOL1000Sp Topics in BiologyBIOL1999Special ProjectsLDV, LDV, LDV, LDV, REP, REP, REP, REP
BIOL1000Sp Topics in BiologyBIOL1999Special ProjectsLDV, LDV, LDV, LDV, REP, REP, REP, REP
BIOL1010Intro to Biology I w/LabBIOL1XXXIntro to Biology I w/LabLBSC, LDV
BIOL1020Biology II w/LabBIOL1XXXBiology II w/LabLBSC, LDV
BIOL1110General Biology I BIOL1110Principles of Biology ILBSC, LDV
BIOL1120General Biology IIBIOL1120Principles of Biology IILBSC, LDV
BIOL1310Concepts Of Biology BIOL1XXXComcepts of BiologyLBSC, LDV
BIOL2000Independent Sci Investig BIOL1999Special ProjectsREP
BIOL2010Human Anatomy & Physiology IBIOL2060Functional Human AnatomyLBSC, LDV
BIOL2020Human Anatomy & Physiology IIBIOL2080Human PhysiologyLBSC, LDV
BIOL2021Careers In Biology BIOL2XXXCareers In Biology
BIOL2040Gen Ecology BIOL2XXXGen Ecology
BIOL2050Human PhysiologyBIOL2080Human Physiology
BIOL2110Cell Biology BIOL2XXXCell Biology
BIOL2120General Genetics BIOL2XXXGeneral Genetics
BIOL2130Microbiology BIOL2100Microbiology and HealthLBSC, LDV
BIOL2210Pathophysiology BIOL2XXXPathophysiology
BIOL2230Intro to Microbiology w/LabBIOL2100Microbiology and HealthLBSC, LDV
BIOL2310General Botany IBIOL1XXXGeneral Botany ILBSC, LDV
BIOL2320General Botany IIBIOL1XXXGeneral Botany IILBSC, LDV
BIOL2400Prin of NutritionNUTR1350Nutrition
BIOL2410Anat for Radiolog TechBIOL2XXXAnat for Radiolog Tech
BIOL2700Special Topics BIOL2XXXSpecial Topics
BIOL2700Special Topics BIOL2XXXSpecial Topics
BIOL2700Special Topics BIOL2XXXSpecial Topics
BIOL2700Special Topics BIOL2XXXSpecial Topics
BOT1010Fund Of Botany BIOL1XXXFundamentals of BotanyLBSC, LDV
BOT1020Fund Of Botany II BIOL1XXXFund of Botany IILBSC, LDV
BOT2010Business FunctionsMGT1030Intro to Business&Entr
BUS1010Basic business ApplicationsCPSC2800Intro to Operating SysLDV
BUS1300Personal Money ManagementBUS1XXXPersonal Money Management
BUS2010Business FunctionsMGT1030Intro to Business & Entrepre
BUSN1211Intro to Software ApplicationsMGT1000Computers in BusinessCSLI
BUSN1305Introduction to BusinessMGT1030Intro to Business&EntrLDV
BUSN1310Business CommunicationsELEC1XXXBusiness CommunicationsLDV
BUSN1340Small Business ManagementMGT1XXXSmall Business Management
BUSN2010Business FunctionsBUS2XXXBusiness Functions
BUSN2330Principles of ManagementMGT2XXXPrinciples of Management
BUSN2370Legal Environment of BusinessBUS2XXXLegal Environment of Business
BUSN2380Principles of MarketingMKT2XXXPrinciples of Marketing
BUSN2420Customer ServiceBUS2XXXCustomer ServiceLDV
BUSN2500Emerging Trends in TechnologyELEC2XXXEmerging Trends in Technology
CBAS1Cbase ExamELEC1XXXCbase ExamLDV
CET1010Construction MethodsETCM1XXXConstruction Methods
CET1022Construct Materials w/ LabELEC1XXXConstruct Materials W/ Lab
CET1100AutoCAD FundamentalsENCE1XXXAutoCAD FundamentalLDV
CET1210Surveying Principles w/LabETCM1XXXSurveying Principles w/Lab
CET1212Surveying Principles w/LabENGR1XXXSurveying Principles w/Lab
CET1250Fund Bldg Systems & MaterialsENCE1XXXFund Bldg Systems & MaterialsLDV
CET1310Arch Drawing w/AutoCAD w/LabIARC1XXXArch Drawing w/AutoCAD w/LabLDV
CET2010Cost EstimatingETCM2XXXCost Estimating
CET2012Cost Estimating w/labELEC2XXXCost Estimating w/lab
CET2020Const, Mgmt, Sched & CodesETCM2XXXConst, Mgmt, Sched & Codes
CET2021Project Scheduling w/LabENGR2XXXProject Scheduling w/Lab
CET2080Fund of Building Info ModelingENCE2XXXFund of Building Info ModelingLDV
CET2081Adv Building Info ModelingENCE2XXXAdv Building Info ModelingLDV
CET2112Soil Mechanics w/LabETCM2XXXSoil Mechanics w/ Lab
CET2212Advanced Survey Prin w/LabETCM2XXXAdvanced Survey Prin w/Lab
CET2220Site Planning and DevelopmentETCM2XXXSite Planning and Development
CET2310Mechanical Systems IELEC2XXXMechanical Systems I
CET2501Intro to SustainabilityENCE2XXXIntro to SustainabilityLDV
CET2505Sustainability in ApplicationENCE2XXXSustainability in ApplicationLDV
CFS1100Intro Early Child EducECHD1XXXIntro Early Child Educ
CFS2110Development of InfancyECHD2XXXDevelopment of Infancy
CFS2200Marr And Family Roles ECHD2XXXMarr And Family Roles
CGT1030Intro Mac Graphic Des ELEC1XXXIntro Mac Graphic Des
CGT1040Digital Photography ELEC1XXXDigital Photography
CGT1105Digital Graph Dsgn IELEC1XXXDigital Graph Dsgn I
CGT1110Typography ART2710Typography I
CGT1510Hist Graphic Design Ill ELEC1XXXHist Graphic Design Ill
CGT1911Portfolio ELEC1XXXPortfolio
CGT1950Design FundamentalsART1XXXDesign Fundamentals
CGT2005Digital Graph Dsgn IIELEC2XXXDigital Graph Dsgn II
CGT2040Computer Illustration ELEC2XXXComputer Illustration
CGT2045Adv PhotoshopELEC2XXXAdv Photoshop
CGT2050Special Projects ELEC2XXXSpecial Projects
CGT2050Special Projects ELEC2XXXSpecial Projects
CGT2050Special Projects ELEC2XXXSpecial Projects
CGT2105Dig Graph Dsgn IIIELEC2XXXDig Graph Dsgn III
CGT2140Desktop Publishing ELEC2XXXDesktop Publishing
CGT21603 D Modeling ELEC2XXX3 D Modeling
CGT2240Adv Comp IllustrationELEC2XXXAdv Comp Illustration
CHEM1010Prin Of Chemistry CHEM1XXXPrin of ChemistryLBSC, LDV
CHEM1020Appl Chemistry I W Lab CHEM1XXXAppl Chemistry I w/LabLBSC, LDV
CHEM1050Concepts of ChemistryCHEM1XXXConcepts of ChemistryLBSC, LDV
CHEM1110General Chemistry I CHEM1110General Chemistry ILDV, LEC
CHEM1110General Chemistry I CHEM1110LGeneral Chemistry I LaboratoryLAB, LDV
CHEM1120General Chemistry II CHEM1120General Chemistry IILDV, LEC
CHEM1120General Chemistry II CHEM1120LGen Chemistry II LabLAB, LDV
CHEM1310Concepts of ChemistryCHEM1XXXConcepts of ChemistryLBSC, LDV
CHEM2010Organic Chemistry ICHEM3010Organic Chemistry I
CHEM2010Organic Chemistry ICHEM3010LOrganic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM2020Organic Chemistry IICHEM3020LOrganic Chemistry II Lab
CHEM2020Organic Chemistry IICHEM3020Organic Chemistry II
CHEM2310Analytical ChemistryCHEM2XXXAnalytical Chemistry
CHIN2010Intermediate Chinese IFLNG2110Intermed Lang Conver ILDV, REP
CHIN2020Intermediate Chinese IIFLNG2120Intermed Lang Conver IILDV, REP
CHM1000Prin Chem W/LabCHEM1110General Chemistry ILDV, LEC
CHM1000Prin Chem W/LabCHEM1110LGeneral Chemistry I LaboratoryLAB, LDV
CHM1010General Chemistry I w/labCHEM1110General Chemistry ILDV, LEC
CHM1010General Chemistry I w/labCHEM1110LGeneral Chemistry I LaboratoryLAB, LDV
CHM1020General Chemistry II w/ LabCHEM1120LGen Chemistry II LabLAB, LDV
CHM1020General Chemistry II w/ LabCHEM1120General Chemistry IILDV, LEC
CHM2010Organic Chem I w/LabCHEM3010Organic Chemistry IUDV
CHM2010Organic Chem I w/LabCHEM3010LOrganic Chemistry I LaboratoryUDV
CHM20202-Organic Chemistry II w/LabCHEM3020Organic Chemistry IIUDV
CHM20202-Organic Chemistry II w/LabCHEM3020LOrganic Chemistry II LabUDV
CID1100Fund Tech Draw W Lab ELEC1XXXFund Tech Draw W Lab
CID1104Fund of Tech Drawing w/labELEC1XXXFund of Tech Drawing w/lab
CID1105Engr Drawing W LabELEC1XXXEngr Drawing W Lab
CID1110Tech Illustration W Lab ELEC1XXXTech Illustration W Lab
CID1210Arch Drawing I W Lab ELEC1XXXArch Drawing I W Lab
CID1220Adv Mech Draw W Lab ELEC1XXXAdv Mech Draw W Lab
CID2001Animation ELEC2XXXAnimation
CID2004Animation W LabELEC2XXXAnimation W Lab
CID2112Architec 3D Mod W LabELEC2XXXArchitec 3D Mod W Lab
CID2115Architc Dsktp W LabELEC2XXXArchitc Dsktp W Lab
CID2150Adv Autocad W Lab ELEC2XXXAdv Autocad W Lab
CID2155Adv AutoCAD I W LabELEC2XXXAdv AutoCAD I W Lab
CID2175Archit Detailing W LabELEC2XXXArchit Detailing W Lab
CID2195Civil Drawing W LabELEC2XXXCivil Drawing W Lab
CID2235Parametric Mod W LabELEC2XXXParametric Mod W Lab
CID2240Parametric Mod W LabELEC2XXXParametric Mod W Lab
CID2290Civil Engr Drawing W LabELEC2XXXCivil Engr Drawing W Lab
CID2300Cidd Project Intern ELEC2XXXCidd Project Intern
CID2301Cidd Project Internship ELEC2XXXCidd Project Internship
CID2900Special Topics ELEC2XXXSpecial Topics
CISP1010Computer Science ICPSC1XXXComputer Science I
CISP1020Computer Science IICPSC1XXXComputer Science II
CISP2410Assembly & Computer OrgCPSC2XXXAssembly & Computer Org
CITC1301Intro Programming & LogicCPSC1XXXIntro Programming & LogicLDV
CITC1303Database ConceptsCPSC1XXXDatabase ConceptsLDV
CITC2320Windows Server AdministrationCPSC2XXXWindows Server Administration
CITC2329Routing and Switching ICPSC2XXXRouting and Switching I
CITC2373Wireless NetworksCPSC2XXXWireless NetworksLDV
CMN1020Intro Mass Communication COMM1010Intro to Mass Communication
CMN1500Communic in Info AgeCOMM1XXXCommunic in Info Age
COLL1000First Year SeminarUSTU1XXXFirst year SeminarLDV
COLL1500College SuccessUSTU1XXXCollege SuccessLDV
COMM1010Intro to Mass CommunicationCOMM1010Intro to Mass Communication
COMM1020Media WritingCOMM2300Media Writing I
COMM2025Fundamentals of CommunicationTHSP1090Public SpeakingLDV, ORAL
COMM2045Public SpeakingTHSP1090Public SpeakingLDV, ORAL
CRMJ1010Intr to Criminal Justice AdminCRMJ1100Intro to Criminal Justice SysLDV, SSCI
CRMJ1020Intro to Legal ProcessCRMJ1XXXIntro to Legal Process
CRMJ1030Understanding TerrorismCRMJ1XXXUnderstanding Terrorism
CRMJ2010Intro to Law EnforcementCRMJ2XXXIntro to Law EnforcementLDVFor CRMJ majors: CRMJ 2010 will satisfy CRMJ 3100 requirement, but will not count for upper level credit.
CRMJ2020Intro to CorrectionsCRMJ2XXXIntro to CorrectionsLDVFor CRMJ majors: CRMJ 2020 will satisfy CRMJ 3120 requirement, but will not count for upper level credit.
CSIT1000Intro to Computer & ComputingMGT1000Computers in BusinessLDV
CSIT1000Intro to Computer & ComputingCPSC1000Intro To ComputingLDV
CSIT1020Intro Comp Sc Transfer CPSC1XXXIntro Comp Sc Transfer
CSIT1050Prog for Engr TransferCPSC1XXXProg for Engr Transfer
CSIT1110Intro to Information TechCPSC1XXXIntro to Information Tech
CSIT1200Appl Dev Using Vis BasicCPSC1XXXAppl Dev Using Vis Basic
CSIT1300Prob Solv for Engr TransCPSC1XXXProb Solv for Engr Trans
CSIT1360Intro to Cluster ComputingCPSC1XXXIntro to Cluster Computing
CSIT1370Comp Prog for Engr TransCPSC1XXXComp Prog for Engr Trans
CSIT1400Data Structures W LabCPSC1XXXData Structures W Lab
CSIT1410Machine Organization CPSC1XXXMachine Organization
CSIT1510Intro Prog Using JavaCPSC1XXXIntro Prog Using Java
CSIT1520Adv Java ProgrammingCPSC1XXXAdv Java Programming
CSIT1540Intro Programming Using CCPSC1XXXIntro Programming Using C
CSIT1541C++ An Intro to ProgrammingCPSC1XXXC++ An Intro to Programming
CSIT1560Advanced C Program CPSC1XXXAdvanced C Program
CSIT1600Comp Organization CPSC1XXXComp Organization
CSIT1620Intro to Game & Sim Prog ICPSC1XXXIntro to Game & Sim Prog I
CSIT1670Gaming & 3D Sim Prog ICPSC1XXXGaming & 3D Sim Prog I
CSIT1710A+ Computer HardwareCPSC1XXXA+ Computer Hardware
CSIT1720A+ Computer SoftwareCPSC1XXXA+ Computer Software
CSIT1730Networking FundamentalsCPSC1XXXNetworking Fundamentals
CSIT1740Windows ProfessionalCPSC1XXXWindows Professional
CSIT1810Intro Database Design CPSC1XXXIntro Database Design
CSIT2100Information Support ServicesCPSC2XXXInformation Support Services
CSIT2280Intro to Scripting LanguagesCPSC2XXXIntro to Scripting Languages
CSIT2320Adv Cluster ComputingCPSC2XXXAdv Cluster Computing
CSIT2330Cluster Sys Mgmt & MonitoringCPSC2XXXCluster Sys Mgmt & Monitoring
CSIT2340Adv HPC Applics ArchitectureCPSC2XXXAdv HPC Applics Architecture
CSIT2410Intro to LinuxCPSC2XXXIntro to Linux
CSIT2411Linux System AdministrationCPSC2XXXLinux System Administration
CSIT2412Linux Cert Exam PreparationCPSC2XXXLinux Cert Exam Preparation
CSIT2425SQL Apps Using Oracle CPSC2XXXSQL Apps Using Oracle
CSIT2430Intro Scripting LanguagesCPSC2XXXIntro Scripting Languages
CSIT2445Oracle Appl Dev CPSC2XXXOracle Appl Dev
CSIT2460Unix Utilities Shell Pro CPSC2XXXUnix Utilities Shell Pro
CSIT2461Linux/Unix Systems & AdminCPSC2XXXLinux/Unix Systems & Admin
CSIT2465Obj Orient Data App Dev CPSC2XXXObj Orient Data App Dev
CSIT2475Linux Adv sys & Network AdminCPSC2XXXLinux Adv sys & Network Admin
CSIT2476Linux System Security AdminCPSC2XXXLinux System Security Admin
CSIT2477Adv Linux cert Exam PrepCPSC2XXXAdv Linux cert Exam Prep
CSIT2480Desktop System AdminCPSC2XXXDesktop System Admin
CSIT2490Special Topics CPSC2XXXSpecial Topics
CSIT2550Adv Database Mgmt Syst CPSC2XXXAdv Database Mgmt Syst
CSIT2610Visual Basic Program CPSC2XXXVisual Basic Program
CSIT2625Thinking Learn And Comp CPSC2XXXThinking Learn And Comp
CSIT2630C ProgrammingENEE2250Engineering ProgrammingLDV
CSIT2630C ProgrammingENGR2250Engr Prog
CSIT2635MPI ProgrammingCPSC2XXXMPI Programming
CSIT2650Java ProgrammingCPSC2XXXJava Programming
CSIT2655Advanced Java Program CPSC2XXXAdvanced Java Program
CSIT2665Perl Programming CPSC2XXXPerl Programming
CSIT2670Pgr Programming CPSC2XXXPgr Programming
CSIT2680Delphi Program Dev CPSC2XXXDelphi Program Dev
CSIT2690Object Oriented Prog Cpl CPSC2XXXObject Oriented Prog Cpl
CSIT2695Class Program Cplus CPSC2XXXClass Program Cplus
CSIT2700Windows ProfessionalCPSC2XXXWindows Professional
CSIT2710Windows ServerCPSC2XXXWindows Server
CSIT2720Network SecurityCPSC2XXXNetwork Security
CSIT2720Network SecurityCPSC2XXXNetwork Security
CSIT2750Routing/Switching ConfigCPSC2XXXRouting/Switching Config
CSIT2770Wireless TechnologyCPSC2XXXWireless Technology
CSIT2810Systems Analysis Desgn CPSC2XXXSystems Analysis Desgn
CSIT2820Machine OrganizationCPSC2XXXMachine Organization
CSIT2880Advanced Internet Dev CPSC2XXXAdvanced Internet Dev
CSIT2911Comp Sci Info Tech Inter CPSC2XXXComp Sci Info Tech Inter
CSIT2970Game & Simulation PracticumCPSC2XXXGame & Simulation Practicum
CST203Data StructuresCPSC1110Data Structures & Prog Design
CST209Java ProgrammingCPSC2XXXJava Programming
CST1010Intro Comp & Oper Sys w/LabCPSC1XXXIntro Comp & Oper Sys w/Lab
CST1110Intro to Operating Sys w/LabCPSC2800Intro to Operating SysLDV
CST1220Compu Organization & LabCPSC1XXXCompu Organization & LabLDV
CST1230Data Structures w/LabCPSC1XXXData Structures w/LabLDV
CST1330Computr Prog for Engrs w/LabCPSC1XXXComputr Prog for Engrs w/Lab
CUE1080Credit Union MarketingELEC1XXXCredit Union Marketing
CULN1000Kitchen Skills IELEC1XXXKitchen Skills ILDV
CULN1100Kitchen Skills IIELEC1XXXKitchen Skills IILDV
CULN1200Kitchen Skills IIIELEC1XXXKitchen Skills IIILDV
CULN1300Kitchen Skills IVELEC1XXXKitchen Skills IVLDV
CULN1400Grade Manager IELEC1XXXGrade Manager ILDV
CULN1500Grade Mange IIELEC1XXXGrade Mange IILDV
CULN2000International CookingELEC2XXXInternational CookingLDV
CULN2100Breakfast CookeryELEC2XXXBreakfast CookeryLDV
CULN2200Baking Skills IELEC2XXXBaking Skills IILDV
CULN2300Baking Skills IIELEC2XXXBaking Skills IILDV
CULN2500Culinary InternshipELEC2XXXCulinary InternshipLDV
DSE820Developmental WritingENGL1006Developmental Writing IIDEVL
DSM830Elementary AlgebraMATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
DSM840Intermediate AlgebraMATH1006Intermediate AlgebraDEVL
DSPM700Basic MathematicsMATH1004Basic MathematicsDEVL, REP
DSPM800Elementary Algebra MATH1005Elementary Algebra DEVL
DSPM850Intermediate AlgebraMATH1006Intermediate AlgebraDEVL
DSPM890Developmental MathematicsMATH1006Developmental Mathematics
DSPM890Developmental MathematicsMATH1005Developmental Mathematics
DSPM890Developmental MathematicsMATH1004Developmental MathematicsDEVL
DSPM891Developmental Math:FractionsMATH1004Developmental Math:FractionsDEVL, REP
DSPM891Developmental MathematicsMATH1004Developmental MathematicsDEVL
DSPM892Developmental MathematicsMATH1004Developmental MathematicsDEVL
DSPM892Dev Math:Decimal/Percent/PropMATH1004Dev Math:Decimal/Percent/PropDEVL, REP
DSPM893Dev Math:Intro to AlgebraMATH1004Bev Math:Intro to AlgebraDEVL, REP
DSPM893Developmental MathematicsMATH1004Developmental MathematicsDEVL
DSPM894Dev Math: Linear Eg & IneqMATH1004Dev Math: Linear Eq & IneqDEVL, REP
DSPM894Developmental MathematicsMATH1004Developmental MathematicsDEVL, REP
DSPM895Developmental MathematicsMATH1004Developmental MathematicsDEVL, REP
DSPM895Dev Math: Linear GraphingMATH1004Dev Math: Linear GraphingDEVL, REP
DSPM896Developmental MathematicsMATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL, REP
DSPM896Dev Math: Systems of Linear EqMATH1004Dev Math: Systems of Linear EqDEVL, REP
DSPM897Dev Math: PolynomialsMATH1004Dev Math: PolynomialsDEVL, REP
DSPM897Developmental MathematicsMATH1004Developmental MathematicsDEVL, REP
DSPM897Developmental MathematicsMATH1005Elementary Algebra
DSPM898Developmental MathematicsMATH1004Developmental MathematicsDEVL, REP
DSPM898Developmental MathematicsMATH1005Elementary Algebra
DSPM898Dev Math: QuadraticsMATH1004Dev Math: QuadraticsDEVL, REP
DSPM899Dev Math: RationalsMATH1004Dev Math: RationalsDEVL, REP
DSPM899Developmental MathematicsMATH1006Intermediate AlgebraDEVL, REP
DSPM987Dev Math: PolynomialsMATH1004Dev Math: PolynomialsDEVL, REP
DSPM989Developmental MathematicsMATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
DSPM989Developmental MathematicsMATH1004Developmental MathematicsDEVL
DSPR700Basic Reading w/labEDUC1004Basic Reading w/labDEVL, REP
DSPR800Academic & Personal ReadingEDUC1050Strategies for College ReadingDEVL
DSPS800College Lifetime Learn USTU1000Principles of Effective StudyDEVL
DSPW700Basic Writing ENGL1005Developmental Writing IDEVL
DSPW725Basic Language ArtsENGL1005Developmental Writing IDEVL
DSPW800Developmental Writing ENGL1006Developmental Writing IIDEVL
DSPW801Accelerated WritingENGL1004Accelerated WritingDEVL, REP
DSPW870Intermediate WritingENGL1006Developmental Writing IIDEVL
DSPW0801BAccelerated WritingENGL1006Developmental Writing IIDEVL
DSPW0801PAccelerated WritingENGL1004Accelerated WritingDEVL
DSPW0801QAccelerated WritingENGL1004Accelerated WritingDEVL, REP
DSPW0801SAccelerated WritingENGL1006Developmental Writing IIDEVL
DSR810Developmental Reading w/LabEDUC1050Strategies for College ReadingDEVL
DSS800College & Lifetime LearningUSTU1000Principles of Effective StudyDEVL
DWP1010Design Basics for Web & PrintCPSC1XXXDesign Basics for Web & PrintLDV
DWP1020Web and Print TypographyCPSC1XXXWeb and Print TypographyLDV
DWP1030Photoshop for Web and PrintCPSC1XXXPhotoshop for Web and PrintLDV
DWP1510InDesign for Web and PrintCPSC1XXXInDesign for Web and PrintLDV
ECE2010Circuits I ELEC2XXXCircuits I
ECE2020Circuits II W LabELEC2XXXCircuits II w/ Lab
ECE2020Circuits II W LabELEC2XXXCircuits II w/ Lab
ECED1010Orien To Early Chld Educ EDUC2090Intro to Echd/Echd Spec EducLDV
ECED1310Intro to Early Childhood EdEDUC2090Intro to Echd/Echd Spec EducLDV
ECED2010Safe, Hlthy Lrng EnvironsECHD2XXXSafe, Hlthy Lrng EnvironsLDVFor Educ majors:ECED 2010 will satisfy HHP 3020 requirement but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2015Early Childhood CurriculumECHD2XXXEarly Chldhood CurriculumLDV
ECED2020Infant, Toddler/Chld Dev ECHD2430Child Dev & Observation I
ECED2021Infant, Toddler/Chld Dev LabECHD2XXXInfant, Toddler/Chld Dev Lab
ECED2030Infant and Toddler CareECHD2XXXInfant Toddler CareLDV
ECED2040Family Dynamics/CommECHD2XXXFamily Dynamics/CommLDVFor Educ majors:ECED 2040 will satisfy ECHD 4450 requirement but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2050Psychometer Development ECHD2XXXPsychomotor DevelopmentLDV
ECED2060Dev of Exceptional Children ECHD2XXXDev of Exceptional ChildrenLDVFor Educ majors: ECED 2060 will satisfy either ECHD 3090 or EDUC 4000, but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2070Devl Assessment ECHD2XXXDevl AssessmentLDVFor Educ majors: ECED 2070 will satisfy either EDUC 3300 or ECHD 4460, but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2080Lang & Lit Dev in Early ChildECHD2XXXLang & Lit Dev in Early ChildLDVFor Educ majors:ECED 2080 will satisfy ECHD 3470 requirement but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2085Math & Sci in Early ChildhoodECHD2XXXMath & Sci in Early ChildhoodLDVFor Educ majors:ECED 2085 will satisfy ECHD 3500 requirement but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2090Creative Development ECHD2XXXCreative DevelopmentLDVFor Educ majors:ECED 2090 will satisfy USTU 3300 requirement but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2095School Age CurriculumECHD2XXXSchool Age Curriculum
ECED2100Mentoring Teacher ECHD2XXXThe Mentoring TeacherLDV
ECED2110Adv Learning EnvironmentECHD2XXXAdv Learning Environment
ECED2120Admin Child Care Center ECHD2XXXAdmin Child Care CenterLDV
ECED2130Initial PracticumECHD2XXXInitial PracticumLDV, LDV
ECED2130Initial PracticumECHD2XXXInitial PracticumLDV, LDV
ECED2140Clinical Praticum IIECHD2XXXClinical Practicum IILDV, LDV
ECED2140Clinical Praticum IIECHD2XXXClinical Practicum IILDV, LDV
ECED2150Clinical Practicum IIIECHD2XXXClinical Practicum IIILDV, LDV
ECED2150Clinical Practicum IIIECHD2XXXClinical Practicum IIILDV, LDV
ECED2160Final PracticumECHD2XXXFinal PracticumLDV
ECED2230Children's LiteratureENGL2280Children's Literature
ECED2310Safe/Healthy Learning EnvirECHD2XXXSafe/Healthy Learning EnvirLDVFor Educ majors: ECED 2310 will satisfy HHP 3020 requirement but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2312Admin of Early Childhood ProgrECHD2XXXAdmin of Early Childhood ProgrLDV
ECED2315Early Childhood CurriculumECHD2XXXEarly Childhood CurriculumLDV
ECED2320Infant/Toddler DevelopmentECHD2430Child Dev & Observation ILDV
ECED2330Infant And Toddler CareECHD2XXXInfant And Toddler CareLDV
ECED2335Initial PracticumECHD2XXXInitial PracticumLDV
ECED2340Fam-Dynamics-Comm InvolveECHD2XXXFam-Dynamics-Comm InvolveLDVFor Educ majors:ECED 2340 will satisfy ECHD 4450 requirement but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2360Develop Exceptional ChildrenECHD2XXXDevelop Exceptional ChildrenLDVFor Educ majors:ECED 2360 will satisfy either ECHD 3090 or EDUC 4000, but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2365Final PracticumECHD2XXXFinal PracticumLDV
ECED2370Developmental AssessmentECHD2XXXDevelopmental AssessmentLDVFor Educ majors:ECED 2370 will satisfy either EDUC 3300 or ECHD 4460, but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2375Social-Emotional DevelopmentECHD2XXXSocial-Emotional DevelopmentLDV
ECED2380Lang-Lit Devl in Early ChildECHD2XXXLang-Lit Devl in Early ChildLDVFor Educ majors:ECED 2380 will satisfy ECHD 3470 requirement but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2385Math Science Early ChildhoodECHD2XXXMath Science Early ChildhoodLDVFor Educ majors:ECED 2385 will satisfy ECHD 3500 requirement but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2390Creative DevelopmentECHD2XXXCreative DevelopmentLDVFor Educ majors:ECED 2390 will satisfy USTU 3300 requirement but will not count for upper level credit.
ECN2010Prin Of EconomicsECON1010Princ of Econ: MacroeconLDV, SSCI
ECN2020Prin of Economics IIECON1020Principles of Econ: MicroeconLDV, SSCI
ECON2010Economics IECON1010Princ of Econ: MacroeconLDV, SSCI
ECON2020MicroeconomicsECON1020Principles of Econ: MicroeconLDV, SSCI
ECON2100Principles of MacroeconomicsECON1010Princ of Econ: MacroeconLDV, SSCI
ECON2100Principles of MacroeconomicsECON1010Princ of Econ: MacroeconBDCF, LDV, SSCI
ECON2200Principles of MicroeconomicsECON1020Principles of Econ: MicroeconLDV, SSCI
ECON2200Principles of MicroeconomicsECON1020Principles of Econ: MicroeconBDCF, LDV, SSCI
EDU201Foundations of EducationEDUC2010Educ in the United StatesLDV
EDU1020Read, Write & Math Tch MthdsEDUC2000Investigatns of Sch in Society
EDU1120Introduction to TeachingEDUC1XXXIntroduction to Teaching
EDU1200Student Leadership EDUC1XXXStudent Leadership
EDU2010Intro Tchg and TechnologyEDUC2010Educ in the United States
EDU2015Edu of Excep Children K-6EDUC2XXXEdu of Excep Children K-6
EDU2030Field Studies Edu EDUC2XXXField Studies Edu
EET1001Intro Elec Engr Tech ENGR1XXXIntro Elec Engr Tech
EET1012Electrical Circuits I W LabENGR1XXXElectrical Circuits I W Lab
EET1022Electrical Circuits II W LabENGR1XXXElectrical Circuits II W Lab
EET1210Active Devices I W Lab ENGR1XXXActive Devices I W Lab
EET1310Digital Fund W Lab ENGR1XXXDigital Fund W Lab
EET1715Microcomputer ArchitectureCPSC1XXXMicrocomputer Architecture
EET2220Active Devices II W Lab ENGR2XXXActive Devices II W Lab
EET2310Microprocessors I W LabENGR2XXXMicroprocessors I W Lab
EET2312Microprocessors I W LabENGR2XXXMicroprocessors I W Lab
EET2601Major Projects ENGR2XXXMajor Projects
EET2655Applied ElectricityELEC2XXXApplied Electricity
EET2715Microcomputer ArchitectureENGR2XXXMicrocomputer Architecture
EET2900Special Topics ENGR2XXXSpecial Topics
EET2900Special Topics ENGR2XXXSpecial Topics
EET2900Special Topics ENGR2XXXSpecial Topics
EET2900Special Topics ENGR2XXXSpecial Topics
EET2910Data Acquisition Control ENGR2XXXData Acquisition Control
EET2920Programming ControllersENGR2XXXProgramming Controllers
EET2930Applied Control SystemsENGR2XXXApplied Control Systems
ENG1010English Composition IENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition ICMP1, LDV
ENG1020English Composition IIENGL1020Rhetoric and CompositionCMP2, LDV
ENG1040Basic Pronunciation -- ESLENGL1XXXBasic Pronunciation--ESL
ENG1180Honors CompositionENGL1020Rhetoric and Composition IICMP2, LDV
ENG1221Engl Rev for Non-Natv SpeakersENGL1XXXEngl Rev for Non-Natv Speakers
ENG1330Comp Prac for Non-Natv SpkrsENGL1XXXComp Prac for Non-Natv Spkrs
ENG2010British Literature IENGL2210Survey of Engl Lit to 1800HUM, LDV, LITR, TBR
ENG2020Brisith Literature IIENGL2220Survey of Engl Lit since 1800LDV
ENG2210Lit of the Western World IENGL2410Western World Literature ILDV, LITR, TBR, WHUM
ENG2220Lit Western World IIENGL2420Western World Literature IILDV, LITR, WHUM
ENG2630Intro to Creative WritingENGL2700Creative WritingLDV, LITR, VPAR
ENGL800Learning Support English AENGL1005Developmental Writing IDEVL
ENGL801Sentences and ParagraphsENGL1004Sentences and ParagraphsDEVL, REP
ENGL802ParagraphsENGL1004ParagraphsDEVL, REP
ENGL803ReportsENGL1004ReportsDEVL, REP
ENGL804Informative EssaysENGL1004Informative EssaysDEVL, REP
ENGL805Argumentative EssaysENGL1006Developmental WritingDEVL
ENGL810Learning Support English BENGL1005Developmental Wriitng IDEVL
ENGL820LS English: Research/RevisionENGL1006Developmental Wriitng IIDEVL
ENGL820LS English: Research/RevisionENGL1006Developmental Writing IIDEVL
ENGL900Composition FundamentalsENGL1005Developmental Writing IDEVL
ENGL920Composition ProcessesENGL1006Composition ProcessesDEVL
ENGL1010English Composition I ENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition ICMP1, LDV
ENGL1020English Composition IIENGL1020Rhetoric and Composition IICMP2, LDV
ENGL1030Writing Workshop ENGL1XXXWriting Workshop
ENGL1060Basic Pronunciation-ESLENGL1XXXBasic Pronunciation-ESL
ENGL1221Engl Review Non-native SpkrsENGL1610Engl as a Foreign Language I
ENGL1330Comp Pract Non-native SpkrsENGL1620Engl as a Foreign Language Ii
ENGL2030Introduction to FictionENGL2510Popular FictionLDV, LITR, TBR
ENGL2035Intro to FictionENGL1330Intro to LiteratureLDV, LITR
ENGL2055African-American LiteratureENGL2520African-American LiteratureHUM, LDV, LITR, TBR
ENGL2060Intro to ShakespeareENGL2XXXIntro to Shakespeare
ENGL2110Early American LiteratureENGL2110American Literature to 1855HUM, LDV, LITR, TBR
ENGL2120Modern American LiteratureENGL2120American Literature from 1855HUM, LITR, TBR
ENGL2210Early British LiteratureENGL2210Survey of Engl Lit to 1800HUM, LDV, TBR
ENGL2210Early British LiteratureENGL2210Survey of Engl Lit to 1800HUM, LDV, LITR, TBR
ENGL2220Modern British LiteratureENGL2220Survey of Engl Lit Since 1800LDV, TBR
ENGL2220Modern British LiteratureENGL2220Survey of Engl Lit Since 1800HUM, LDV, LITR, TBR
ENGL2300Creative WritingENGL2700Creative WritingLDV, LITR, VPAR
ENGL2310Early World LiteratureENGL2410Western World Literature ILDV, LITR, TBR, WHUM
ENGL2320Modern World LiteratureENGL2420Western World Literature IILDV, LITR, TBR, WHUM
ENGL2331African American Lit ENGL2520African-American LiteratureHUM, LDV, LITR, TBR
ENGL2410Western World Literature IENGL2410Western World Literature ILDV, LITR, TBR, WHUM
ENGL2420Western World Literature IIENGL2420Western World Literature IILDV, LITR
ENGL2510Intro To Poetry ENGL1330Introduction to LiteratureHUM, LDV, LITR, TBR
ENGL2520Intro To Drama ENGL1330Introduction to LiteratureHUM, LDV, LITR, TBR
ENGL2530Introduction to FictionENGL2510Popular FictionLDV, LITR, TBR
ENGL2620Intro to Poetry WritingENGL2XXXIntro to Poetry WritingLDV
ENGL2630Literature for ChildrenENGL2280Children's LiteratureLDV
ENGL2640Intro to Fiction WritingENGL2XXXIntro to Fiction Writing
ENGL2660Intro To Playwriting ENGL2XXXIntro To Playwriting
ENGL2670Intro To ScreenwritingENGL2XXXIntro To Screenwriting
ENGL2810Intro to Film StudiesTHSP2800Introduction to FilmARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
ENGL2860Introduction to FilmTHSP2800Introduction to FilmLDV, VPAR
ENGL2950Bus Tech Writing ENGL2880Professional WritingINTW
ENGL1010AEnglish Composition IENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition ICMP1, LDV
ENGL1010BEnglish Composition IENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition ICMP1, LDV
ENGL1010PEnglish Composition IENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition ICMP1, LDV
ENGL1010QEnglish Composition IENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition ICMP1, LDV
ENGL101SEnglish Composition IENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition ICMP1, LDV
ENGT1000Engr Tech Applics & CommsENGR1XXXEngr Tech Applics & Comms
ENGT1010Eng Tech Technical CommENGR1XXXEng Tech Technical Comm
ENGT1100Fund of Tech Drawing w/ LabELEC1XXXFund of Tech Drawing w/ Lab
ENGT2021Project SchedulingENGR2XXXProject SchedulingLDV
ENGT2995Engineering Tech CapstoneENGR2XXXEngineering Tech Capstone
ENS1050Comp Methods Eng Prob SolvENGR1XXXComp Methods Eng Prob SolvLDV
ENS1210Statics ENCE1040Vector Statics
ENS1510Physics for Engineers IENME1030Basic Engineering Science
ENS1510Physics for Engineers IENME1030LFreshman Engineering Lab
ENS1520Physics for Engineers IIENME1XXXPhysics for Engineers II
ENS2021Engineering MechanicsENCE1040Vector Statics
ENS2110StaticsENCE1040Vector Statics
ENS2310Dynamics ENME2480Dynamics
ENV1500Intro Hazardous Waste DispESC1XXXIntro Hazardous Waste Disp
ENV2000Environmental LegislationESC2XXXEnvironmental Legislation
ENV2010Hazardous Waste SafetyESC2XXXHazardous Waste Safety
ENV2030Industrial Hygiene W LabESC2XXXIndustrial Hygiene W Lab
ESC1110Intro to Enviromental StdesESC1500Intro to Environ Science ILBSC, LDV
ESLR700Basic Reading Speak Oth LangENGL1004Basic Reading Speak Oth LangDEVL
ESLR800Dev Reading Speak Oth LangENGL1004Dev Reading Speak Oth LangDEVL, REP
ESLW700Eng Grammar Speak Oth LangENGL1004Eng Grammar Speak Oth LangDEVL, REP
ESLW800Dev Writing Spkrs Other LangsENGL1004Dev Writing Spkrs Other LangsDEVL, REP
ESOL921Reading IENGL1004Reading IDEVL
ESOL922Reading IIENGL1004Reading IIDEVL
ESOL931Writing IENGL1004Writing IDEVL
ESOL932Writing IIENGL1004Writing IIDEVL
ESOL941Grammar IENGL1004Grammar IDEVL
ESOL942Grammar IIENGL1004Grammar IIDEVL
FIN2000Financial Management FIN2XXXFinancial Management
FRE1010Beginning French IFREN1010Elementary French ILDV
FRE1020Beginning French IIFREN1020Elementary French IILDV
FREN1010Beginning French I FREN1010Elementary French I
FREN1020Beginning French II FREN1020Elementary French II
FREN2010Intermed French I FREN2110Interm French for Convers I
FREN2020Intermed French II FREN2120Interm French for Convers II
FYE1000First Year ExperienceELEC1XXXFirst Year Experience
GEOG105World Regional GeographyGEOG1030World GeographyLDV, NWCC, NWCL, SSCI, TBR
GEOG1000Intro To Geography GEOG1030World GeographyLDV, NWCC, NWCL, SSCI, TBR
GEOG2010World Regional GeographyGEOG1030World GeographyLDV, NWCC, NWCL
GEOL1040Physical Geology IGEOL1110Physical GeologyLDV, LEC
GEOL1040Physical Geology IGEOL1110LPhysical Geology LaboratoryLAB, LDV
GEOL1050Historical Geology GEOL1120Historical GeologyLDV, LEC
GEOL1050Historical Geology GEOL1120LHistorical Geology LaboratoryLAB, LDV
GEOL1300The Environment W Lab GEOL1XXXThe Environment w/LabLBSC, LDV
GEOL1310Concepts Of Earth Sci GEOL1XXXConcepts of Earth ScienceLBSC, LDV
GERM1010Beginning German I GER1010Elementary German I
GERM1020Beginning German II GER1020Elementary German II
GERM2010Intermed German I GER2110Interm Ger for Conv I
GERM2020Intermed German II GER2120Interm Ger for Conv II
GIS1010Fundamentals of GISELEC1XXXFundamentals of GIS
GIS1020Digital Images & Base MapsELEC1XXXDigital Images & Base Maps
GIS1030GIS Data Sources & QualityELEC1XXXGIS Data Sources & Quality
GIS1110Intro to GIS Database MgmtELEC1XXXIntro to GIS Database Mgmt
GIS1120Desktop GIS Software ToolsELEC1XXXDesktop GIS Software Tools
GIS1200Global Positioning TechnologyELEC1XXXGlobal Positioning Technology
GIS1600Business GeographicsELEC1XXXBusiness Geographics
GIS2030Planning & Executing ProjectsELEC2XXXPlanning & Executing Projects
GIS2050Independent GIS ProjectsELEC2XXXIndependent GIS Projects
GIS2120Image & Raster GIS AnalysisELEC2XXXImage & Raster GIS Analysis
GIS2410GIS Web ApplicationsELEC2XXXGIS Web Applications
GIS2510GIS Software SystemsELEC2XXXGIS Software Systems
GIS2600Location Based ServicesELEC2XXXLocation Based Services
GIS2710GIS CartographyELEC2XXXGIS Cartography
GIS2810Spec Topics in GISELEC2XXXSpec Topics in GIS
GIS2810Spec Topics in GISELEC2XXXSpec Topics in GIS
GIS2810Spec Topics in GISELEC2XXXSpec Topics in GIS
GIS2810Spec Topics in GISELEC2XXXSpec Topics in GIS
HIS1020Western Civilization IIHIST1XXXWestern Civilization II
HIS2210U S History IHIST2010U S History to 1865HIST, HUM, TBR
HIS2220U.S. History IIHIST2020United States History Since 18HIST, HUM, LDV, TBR
HIS2410Western Civilization IHIST2XXXWestern Civilization I
HIS2420Western Civilization IIHIST2XXXWestern Civilization IITBR, WCIV
HIST1010Western Civ I HISTELECWestern Civ IHIST, TBR, WHUM
HIST1020Western Civ II HIST1XXXWestern Civ IIHIST, TBR, WHUM
HIST1110World Civ I HIST1110World History Origins to 1400HIST, NWCL, TBR, THVB, WCIV
HIST1120World Civ II HIST1120World History 1400-PresentHIST, NWCL, TBR, WCIV
HIST2010Early United States HistoryHIST2010U S History to 1865HIST, HUM, TBR
HIST2020Modern United States HistoryHIST2020U S History Since 1865HIST, HUM, LDV, TBR
HIST2030Tennessee HistoryHIST2XXXTennessee HistoryHUM, TBR
HIST2040African American StudiesHIST2XXXAfrican American StudiesSSCI
HIST2050Appalachian HistoryHIST2XXXAppalachian History
HIST2060African American StudiesHIST2XXXAfrican American StudiesLDV, SSCI
HIST2210Early Western CivilizationHIST2XXXEarly Western CivilizationHIST, LDV, TBR, WHUM
HIST2220Modern Western CivilizationHIST2XXXModern Western CivilizationHIST, LDV, TBR
HIST2310Early World HistoryHIST1110World History Origins to 1400HIST, LDV, NWCL, THVB, WCIV
HIST2320Modern World HistoryHIST1120World History 1400-PresentHIST, LDV, NWCL, WCIV
HIT1010Medical TerminologyELEC1XXXMedical Terminology
HIT1120Fund of Disease ProcessesELEC1XXXFund of Disease Processes
HLTH2010Mgt & Leadership Health CareHHP2XXXMgt & Leadership Health CareLDV
HPC1010HPC Networking SecurityCPSC1XXXHPC Networking Security
HPC1020HPC Internetwkg & Grid TechCPSC1XXXHPC Internetwkg & Grid Tech
HPC2000HPC Security ManagementCPSC2XXXHPC Security Management
HPC2007HPC Intrusion Detect & CtrmeasCPSC2XXXHPC Intrusion Detect & Ctrmeas
HPC2010HPC Security Applics & TechCPSC2XXXHPC Security Applics & Tech
HPC2020Adv Internetwkg & Grid TechCPSC2XXXAdv Internetwkg & Grid Tech
HPC2300Architecture & Sys AdminCPSC2XXXArchitecture & Sys Admin
HPC2400Intro to Parallel ProgrammingCPSC2XXXIntro to Parallel Programming
HPC2500MPI ProgrammingCPSC2XXXMPI Programming
HPC2600High perf & Distr ComputingCPSC2XXXHigh perf & Distr Computing
HPC2700HPC Data MiningCPSC2XXXHPC Data Mining
HPC2800Image Processing & AnalysisCPSC2XXXImage Processing & Analysis
HPC2900HPC Special TopicsCPSC2XXXHPC Special Topics
HPRO2100Wellness Concepts & PracticesHHP21Concepts & Application in Well
HSC190Intro to Human PathophysiologyNURS2260Pathophysiology
HSP1200Intro to HospitalityELEC1XXXIntro to Hospitality
HSP1300Facilities Operation & MaintELEC1XXXFacilities Operation & Maint
HSP1400Sanitation and Food SafetyELEC1XXXSanitation and Food Safety
HSP1420Nutrition for Culinary ArtsELEC1XXXNutrition for Culinary Arts
HSP1900Practicum IELEC1XXXPracticum I
HSP2010Lodging ManagementELEC2XXXLodging Management
HSP2050Cost ControlELEC2XXXCost Control
HSP2075Purchasing & Cost ControlELEC2XXXPurchasing & Cost Control
HSP2100Prof Beverage MgmtELEC2XXXProf Beverage Mgmt
HSP2200Intro to Hospitality IIELEC2XXXIntro to Hospitality II
HSP2210Travel/Tourism AdminELEC2XXXTravel/Tourism Admin
HSP2220Tourism and TravelELEC2XXXTourism and Travel
HSP2230Tourism and TravelELEC2XXXTourism and Travel
HSP2250Professional CateringELEC2XXXProfessional Catering
HSP2260Hotel OperationsELEC2XXXHotel Operations
HSP2300Food & Beverage OperationsELEC2XXXFood & Beverage Operations
HSP2310Quick-Service OperationELEC2XXXQuick-Service Operation
HSP2320Quantity Food ProductionELEC2XXXQuantity Food Production
HSP2500Travel GeographyELEC2XXXTravel Geography
HSP2510Travel ArrangementsELEC2XXXTravel Arrangements
HSP2900Practicum IIELEC2XXXPracticum II
HSP2950Hospitality InternshipELEC2XXXHospitality Internship
HUM1001Mythos of the GreeksHUM1XXXMythos of the GreeksLDV
HUM1010Intro to Humanities IHUM1XXXIntro to Humanities ILDV
HUM2020Spec Topics in HumanitiesHUM2XXXSpec Topics in Humanities
HUM2100Leadership DevelopmentHUM2XXXLeadership Development
HUM2500Exploring Art & MusicHUM2XXXExploring Art & MusicHUM, TBR
HUM2810Intro To Film Studies THSP2800Introduction to FilmARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
IDT1000Intro Interior Design INTD1XXXIntro Interior Design
IDT1001Intro to Interior DesignIARC1000Design Fundamentals
IDT1030History of InteriorsIARC3200History of Design ILDV
IDT1050Design Trends Tech INTD1XXXDesign Trends Tech
IDT1100Materials Process IARC2200Interior Materials
IDT1105Interior Design FundamentalsIARC1000Design Fundamentals
IDT1110Materials and FinishesIARC2200Interior Materials
IDT1115Architect Drafting: StudioIARC1100Architectural Drafting
IDT1200Textiles and InteriorsIARC2210Interior Textiles
IDT1205Sustainable DesignELEC1XXXSustainable Design
IDT1215Visual Communication:Studio IIIARC1190Sketching in Interior Dsgn
IDT1216Visual Comm: Studio IIIARC1190Sketching in Interior Dsgn
IDT1250Computer Aided 2D DesignINTD1XXXComputer Aided 2D Design
IDT1310Fund of Architectural DraftingIARC1100Architectural Drafting
IDT1360AutoCAD & CAD ApplicsINTD1XXXAutoCAD & CAD Applics
IDT1500Resident Design Const INTD1XXXResident Design Const
IDT1600Visualization Tech INTD1XXXVisualization Tech
IDT1612Architectural SketchingIARC1190Sketching in Interior Dsgn
IDT2021Professional Practice INTD2XXXProfessional Practice
IDT2022Portfolio INTD2XXXPortfolio
IDT2030Mod Interior Architect IARC3210History of Design IILDV
IDT2050Contract DesignINTD2XXXContract Design
IDT2110Hlthcare, Ofc & Adapt Use DsgnINTD2XXXHlthcare, Ofc & Adapt Use Dsgn
IDT2115Int Design Present: Studio IIIIARC2050Visual Presentation
IDT2116Interiora Des Prese:Studio IIIIARC2050Visual Presentation
IDT2210Hospitality & Retail DsgnINTD2XXXHospitality & Retail Dsgn
IDT2215Residential Design: Studio VIARC2000Space Planning
IDT2305AutoCAD Int Design:Studio IVIARC2XXXAutoCAD Int Design:Studio IV
IDT2306Computer Apps for Interior DesIARC2XXXComputer Apps for Interior Des
IDT2360Adv AutoCAD for Interior DsgnINTD2XXXAdv AutoCAD for Interior Dsgn
IDT2400Interior Design PracticumINTD2XXXInterior Design Practicum
IDT2500Special Top Interior Des INTD2XXXSpecial Top Interior Des
IDT2500Special Top Interior Des INTD2XXXSpecial Top Interior Des
IDT2500Special Top Interior Des INTD2XXXSpecial Top Interior Des
IDT2550Prod Tech of Interior ProductsINTD2XXXProd Tech of Interior Products
IDT2605Methods of Visual PresentationIARC2150Computer App in Design
IDT2606Digital Methods Visual PresINTD2XXXDigital Methods Visual Present
IDT2611Kitchen and Bath PlanningINTD2XXXKitchen and Bath Planning
IDT2630Presentation & Visual TechIARC2050Visual Presentation
IDT2640Resident Dsgn & ConstructionINTD2XXXResident Dsgn & Construction
INFS1010Computer ApplicationsCPSC1000Intro To ComputingCSLI
JOU2000NewswritingCOMM2300Media Writing I
JOU2030News Writing Editing COMM2XXXNews Writing Editing
JOU2700Public Relations Prin COMM2710Intro to Public Relations
JOU2998Journalism Internship COMM2XXXJournalism Internship
LAS2020Spec Topics Liberal ArtsELEC2XXXSpec Topics Liberal Arts
LAW1000Professional ResponsibilitiesLAS1XXXProfessional Responsibilities
LAW1000Intro to Law and EthicsLAS1010Law and the Legal Assistant
LAW1020Law In Society LAS1XXXLaw In Society
LAW1050Legal Writing Analys LAS2100Legal Writing Analys
LAW1060Legal Research LAS2100Legal Research
LAW2020Legal Rsrch Writing II LAS2XXXLegal Rsrch Writing II
LAW2030Property Law LAS2200Property Law
LAW2040Estates Trusts LAS2300Estates Trusts
LAW2100Torts LAS2500Torts
LAW2110Family Law LAS2450Family Law
LAW2120Criminal Law Proced LAS2XXXCriminal Law Proced
LAW2210Litigation Skills I LAS2350Litigation Skills I
LAW2220Litigation Skills IILAS2350Litigation Skills II
LAW2300Contracts Ucc LAS2250Contracts Ucc
LAW2500Business Organizations LAS2400Business Organizations
LAW2600Special Topics LAS2XXXSpecial Topics
LAW2620Legal Clinic LAS2XXXLegal Clinic
LAW2800Legal Internship LAS2XXXLegal Internship
LAW2900Cla Review LAS2XXXCla Review
LEGL1300Intro Paralegal Studies EthicsLAS1XXXIntro Paralegal Studies EthicsLDV
LEGL1310Law in SocietyLAS1XXXLaw in SocietyLDV
LEGL1320Legal ResearchLAS1XXXLegal ResearchLDV
LEGL1330Legal WritingLAS1XXXLegal WritingLDV
LEGL1370Estates & TrustsLAS2300Estate and Trust LawLDV
LEGL2330Contract LawLAS2XXXContract LawLDV
LEGL2340Property LawLAS2200Real Property LawLDV
LEGL2380Civil Litigation Skills ILAS2XXXCivil Litigation Skills ILDV
LEGL2385Civil Litigation Skills IILAS2XXXCivil Litigation Skills IILDV
LEGL2390Legal InternshipLAS2XXXLegal InternshipLDV
MATH10Survey of Math Principle w/LabMATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
MATH30College Math Principles w/LabMATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
MATH530Statistics Principles and LabMATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
MATH800Learning Support MathMATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
MATH801Number Sense and OperationsMATH1004Number Sense and OperationsDEVL, REP
MATH802Algebraic ExpressionsMATH1004Algebraic ExpressionsDEVL, REP
MATH803Linear EquationsMATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
MATH804Linear GraphicsMATH1004Linear GraphicsDEVL, REP
MATH805Modeling and Critical ThinkingMATH1006Intermediate AlgebraDEVL
MATH820Learn Suppt Math:Probl SolvingMATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
MATH1010Fund Of Mathematics MATH1010Math in Our Modern WorldLDV, MATH
MATH1020Precalculus IMATH1710Precalculus IMATH
MATH1030Intro to College MathematicsMATH1006Intermediate AlgebraDEVL, REP
MATH1130College Algebra MATH1130College Algebra LDV, MATH
MATH1410Number System MATH2150Math Elem & Mid Sch Tchrs I
MATH1420Geom Stats MATH2160Math for Elem&Mid Sch Tch IILDV, MATH
MATH1530Introductory StatisticsMATH2100Introductory StatisticsLDV, STAT
MATH1610Finite MathematicsMATH1XXXFinite Mathematics
MATH1630Finite Math MATH1010Math in Our Modern WorldLDV, MATH
MATH1710Precalculus AlgebraMATH1130College AlgebraLDV, MATH
MATH1710Precalculus AlgebraMATH1710Precalculus ILDV, MATH
MATH1720Precalculus TrigonometryMATH1720Precalculus IIMATH
MATH1730PrecalculusMATH1720Precalculus IIMATH
MATH1830Bas Calculus Modeling MATH1830Calculus For Mgmt Life&Soc SciLDV, MATH
MATH1840Technical CalculusMATH1XXXTechnical Calculus-1840
MATH1910Calculus I MATH1950Calc with Analytic Geometry ILDV, MATH
MATH1920Calculus II MATH1960Calc with Analytic Geometry II
MATH2000Matrix ComputationsMATH2XXXMatrix Computations-2000
MATH2010Matrix Algebra MATH2200Elementary Linear Algebra
MATH2110Calculus III MATH2560Calc III with Analytic Geom
MATH2120Differential EquationsMATH2450Intro to Different&Diff Equat
MDT1000Intro Media TechnologiesELEC1XXXIntro Media Technologies
MDT1600Game & Sim Dsgn & Dev IntroELEC1XXXGame & Sim Dsgn & Dev Intro
MDT1620Game & Simulation Dsgn IELEC1XXXGame & Simulation Dsgn I
MDT1670Game & Simulation Dsgn IIELEC1XXXGame & Simulation Dsgn II
MDT1950Design for Digital ScreensART1XXXDesign for Digital Screens
MDT2100Photoshop EssentialsELEC2XXXPhotoshop Essentials
MDT2670Game & Sim Design IIIELEC2XXXGame & Sim Design III
MDT2800Professional PracticesELEC2XXXProfessional Practices
MDT2998Media Tech InternshipELEC2XXXMedia Tech Internship
MDT2998Media Tech InternshipELEC2XXXMedia Tech Internship
MDT2998Media Tech InternshipELEC2XXXMedia Tech Internship
MET1012Materials & Mfg ProcessesELEC1XXXMaterials & Mfg Processes
MET1020Shop PracticesELEC1XXXShop Practices
MET1022Shop Practices w/LabELEC1XXXShop Practices w/LabLDV
MET1040Applied Statics ELEC1XXXApplied Statics
MET1050Strength of Materials w/ LabELEC1XXXStrength of materials w/ Lab
MET1051Strength of MaterialsELEC1XXXStrength of Materials
MET1100Fund Mechanical Drawing w/labELEC1XXXFund Mechanical Drawing w/lab
MET2020Fluid Mech Power Appls ELEC2XXXFluid Mech Power Appls
MET2022Fluid Mech & Power Appl w/LabELEC2XXXFluid Mech & Power Appl w/ Lab
MET2025Applied Mechanics ELEC2XXXApplied Mechanics
MET2026Applied Mechanics w/LabELEC2XXXApplied Mechanics w/Lab
MET2030Machine Elements ELEC2XXXMachine Elements
MET2040Thermo Heat Transfer ELEC2XXXThermo Heat Transfer
MET22703-D Additive ManufacturingELEC2XXX3-D Additive ManufacturingLDV
MET2310Geom Coord Meas ELEC2XXXGeom Coord Meas
MET2610Special Projects Met ELEC2XXXSpecial Projects Met
MET2610Special Projects Met ELEC2XXXSpecial Projects Met
MET2610Special Projects Met ELEC2XXXSpecial Projects Met
MET2700Computer Aided Mach I ELEC2XXXComputer Aided Mach I
MET2710Comp-Aided Machining IICPSC2XXXComp-Aided Machining IILDV
MET2720Comp Aided Machine III ELEC2XXXComp Aided Machine III
MET2740Adv CNC TurningELEC2XXXAdv CNC Turning
MET2800Fund Of Testing ELEC2XXXFund Of Testing
MET2810Destructive Non Des Test ELEC2XXXDestructive Non Des Test
MET2820Statist Process Control ELEC2XXXStatist Process Control
MET2910Plastics ProcessingELEC2XXXPlastics Processing
MET2920Part and Tool DesignELEC2XXXPart and Tool Design
MET2930Part and Tool MfgELEC2XXXPart and Tool Mfg
MGT2000Prin Of Management MGT2XXXPrin Of Management
MGT2030Team Leadership ELEC2XXXTeam Leadership
MGT2050Human Resources MGT2XXXHuman Resources
MGT2100Information Systems ELEC2XXXInformation Systems
MGT2130Conflict ManagementMGT2XXXConflict Management
MGT2160Quality ImprovementMGT2XXXQuality Improvement
MGT2170Project ManagementELEC2XXXProject Management
MGT2180Team Practicum ELEC2XXXTeam Practicum
MGT2240Entrepreneurship ELEC2XXXEntrepreneurship
MKT2200Prin Of Marketing MKT2XXXPrin Of Marketing
MKT2210Marketing TrendsMKT2XXXMarketing TrendsLDV
MKT2260Marketing Information MKT2XXXMarketing Information
MKT2270Marketing Info & ForecastingMKT2XXXMarketing Info & ForecastingLDV
MKT2350Buyer Behavior ELEC2XXXBuyer Behavior
MKT2420Customer Service ELEC2XXXCustomer Service
MKT2450E Commerce MKT2XXXE Commerce
MKT2471Marketing InternshipMKT2XXXMarketing InternshipLDV
MKT2500Services Market Qual MKT2XXXServices Market Qual
MKT2570Sales/Event MarketingMKT2XXXSales/Event Marketing
MKT2600Supply Chain/LogisticsMKT2XXXSupply Chain/LogisticsLDV
MKT22700Marketing Info & ForecastingMKT2XXXMarketing Info & ForecastingLDV
MSAF1010Air Force Today I MILS1XXXAir Force Today ILDV
MSAF1020Air Force Today II MILS1XXXAir Force Today IILDV
MSAF1030Leadership Lab I MILS1XXXLeadership Lab ILDV
MSAF1040Leadership Lab II MILS1XXXLeadership Lab IILDV
MSAF2010Dev Air Power I MILS2XXXDev Air Power ILDV
MSAF2020Dev Air Power II MILS2XXXDev Air Power IILDV
MSAF2030Leadership Lab III MILS2XXXLeadership Lab IIILDV
MSAF2040Leadership Lab IV MILS2XXXLeadership Lab IVLDV
MSCI1100Bas Military Sc I MILS1040Foundations of OfficershipLDV
MSCI1200Bas Military Sc II MILS1060Basic LeadershipLDV
MSCI1300Army Conditioning ProgramMILS1080Army ROTC Fitness ProgramLDV, REP
MSCI2100Individual Leadership StudiesMILS2040Innovative Team LeadershipLDV
MSCI2200Leadership and TeamworkMILS2060Foundations of Tactical LdrshpLDV
MTH1020PreCalculus IMATH1710PreCalculusMATH
MTH1100Fundamentals of MathematicsMATH1010Math in Our Modern WorldLDV, MATH
MTH1230Finite MathematicsMATH1XXXFinite MathematicsLDV
MTH1410Calculus IMATH1950Calc with Analytic Geometry ILDV, MATH
MTH2210Discrete Mathematics IMATH2XXXDiscrete Mathematics ILDV
MTH2220Discrete Mathematics IIMATH2XXXDiscrete Mathematics IILDV
MUS1000Fundamentals of MusicMUS1050Fundamentals of Music
MUS1020History Of Rock MUS2130History Of Rock
MUS1030Music Appreciation MUS1110Introduction to MusicARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
MUS1110Music Theory I MUS1070Music Theory I
MUS1120Music Theory II MUS1080Music Theory II
MUS1300Ear Training I MUS1030Ear Training I
MUS1400Ear Training II MUS1040Ear Training II
MUS1511Concert ChoraleMUS20Chattanooga SingersREP
MUS1521Variations MUS22Chamber SingersREP
MUS1540Jazz Band MUS36Jazz BandREP
MUS1545Small Ensemble-BluegrassMUS2010EnsembleREP
MUS1555Small Ensemble-GuitarMUS2010EnsembleREP
MUS1565Small Ensemble-BrassMUS2010EnsembleREP
MUS1575Small Ensemble-InstrumentalMUS2010EnsembleREP
MUS1585Small Ensemble-HarpMUS2010EnsembleREP
MUS1595Percussion EnsembleMUS61Percussion EnsembleREP
MUS1610Class Piano I MUS1310Class Piano I
MUS1620Class Piano II MUS1320Class Piano II
MUS1710Piano Instruction MUS1511Piano InstructionREP
MUS1711Piano Instruction II MUS1511Piano InstructionREP
MUS1712Piano Instruction Maj MUSP2511Piano InstructionREP
MUS1720Voice Instruction MUS1550Voice Instruction REP
MUS1721Voice Instruction II MUS1550Voice Instruction REP
MUS1722Voice Instruction Maj MUSP2550Voice InstructionREP
MUS1730Guitar Instruction MUS1535Guitar InstructionREP
MUS1731Guitar Instruction II MUS1535Guitar InstructionREP
MUS1732Guitar Instruction Maj MUSP2535Guitar InstructionREP
MUS1740Woodwind Instr MUS1570Woodwind Instruction REP
MUS1741Woodwind Instruction MUS1570Woodwind Instruction REP
MUS1742Woodwind Instr Maj MUS2570Woodwind Instruction REP
MUS1750Brass Instruction MUS1590Brass Instruction REP
MUS1751Brass Instruction MUS1590Brass Instruction REP
MUS1752Brass Instruction Maj MUS2590Brass Instruction REP
MUS1760String Instruction MUS1530String Instruction REP
MUS1761String Instruction MUS1530String Instruction REP
MUS1762String Instruction Maj MUS1530String Instruction REP
MUS1770Percussion Instruction MUS1610Percussion Instruction REP
MUS1771Percussion Instruction MUS1610Percussion Instruction REP
MUS1772Percussion Instruc Maj MUSP2610Percussion InstructionREP
MUS1780Contemp Piano Styles-NonMajMUS1XXXContemp Piano Styles-NonMaj
MUS1781Contemp Piano Styles-NonMajMUS1XXXContemp Piano Styles-NonMaj
MUS1782Contemp Piano Styles-MajorMUS1XXXContemp Piano Styles-Major
MUS2000Intro To Music Lit MUS2XXXIntro To Music Lit
MUS2110Music Theory III MUS2070Music Theory III
MUS2120Music Theory IV MUS2080Music Theory IV
MUS2300Ear Training III MUS2030Ear Training III
MUS2400Ear Training IV MUS2040Ear Training IV
MUS2500Special Topics MUS2XXXSpecial Topics
NETW1010PC HardwareCPSC1XXXPC Hardware
NETW1020PC Op Systems SoftwareCPSC1XXXPC Op Systems Software
NETW1100Networking FundamentalsCPSC1XXXNetworking Fundamentals
NETW1200Windows ProfessionalCPSC1XXXWindows Professional
NETW1210Windows ServerCPSC1XXXWindows Server
NETW1220Amin Network Infrast-LANCPSC1XXXAmin Network Infrast-LAN
NETW2020MS Windows SecurityCPSC2XXXMS Windows Security
NETW2040Mng Windows Network EnvironCPSC2XXXMng Windows Network Environ
NETW2120Instal/Upgrade Op SystemsCPSC2XXXInstal/Upgrade Op Systems
NETW2800Spec Topics in NetworkingCPSC2XXXSpec Topics in Networking
NETW2800Spec Topics in NetworkingCPSC2XXXSpec Topics in Networking
NETW2800Spec Topics in NetworkingCPSC2XXXSpec Topics in Networking
NETW2800Spec Topics in NetworkingCPSC2XXXSpec Topics in Networking
NETW2900Spec Topics in NetworkingCPSC2XXXSpec Topics in Networking
NURS1150Fundamentals of NursingNURS1XXXFundamentals of Nursing
NURS1160Lifespan Nursing INURS1XXXLifespan Nursing I
NURS1170Bridge to RN PracticeNURS1XXXBridge to RN PracticeLDV
NURS2150Lifespan Nursing IINURS2XXXLifespan Nursing II
NURS2160Lifespan Nursing IIINURS2XXXLifespan Nursing III
NURS2170Transitions Nursing PracticeNURS2XXXTransitions Nursing Practice
OST1006PowerPoint CBTELEC1XXXPowerPoint CBT
OST1010Microsoft Outlook CBTELEC1XXXMicrosoft Outlook CBT
OST1105Keyboard II Speed Accur ELEC1XXXKeyboard II Speed Accur
OST1211Intro Software ApplicationsMGT1000Intro Software ApplicationsCSLI
OST2006Advanced WordELEC2XXXAdvanced Word
OST2010Ofc Proficiency Assess & CertELEC2XXXOfc Proficiency Assess & Cert
OST2015Office IntegrationELEC2XXXOffice Integration
OST2120Document Dsgn and EditELEC2XXXDocument Dsgn and Edit
OST2302OST InternshipELEC2XXXOST Internship
OST2340Records Management ELEC2XXXRecords Management
OST2360Business CommunicationsELEC2XXXBusiness Communications
OST2621Excel Spreadsheet ELEC2XXXExcel Spreadsheet
OST2700Legal Terminol & TranscriptnELEC2XXXLegal Terminol & Transcriptn
OST2801Web Design I HTML CodingCPSC2XXXWeb DesignI HTML CodingLDV
OST2802Web Design II - GraphicsCPSC2XXXWeb Design II - GraphicsLDV
OST2803Web design III - Site BuildingCPSC2XXXWeb Design III - Site BuildingLDV
OST2910Medical Terminology IELEC2XXXMedical Terminology I
PED1020Beginning BowlingHHP29Beginning BowlingACTV
PED1070Introduction to SkiingHHP22Recreational ActivitiesACTV, LDV, REP
PED2110Beginning GolfHHP30Beginning GolfACTV
PED2160Beginning KarateHHP22Recreational ActivitiesACTV, REP
PED2310Fitness WalkingHHP55Walking for Fitness
PED2340SoccerHHP22Recreational ActivitiesACTV, REP
PED2660Wilderness OrinteeringHHP22Wilderness OrienteeringACTV, LDV, REP
PHED1000Orient To Phys Educ HHP1XXXOrient To Phys Educ
PHED1001Orient To Sport Mgmt HHP1XXXOrient To Sport Mgmt
PHED1005Intro to KinesiologyHHP1XXXIntro to KinesiologyLDV
PHED1010Lifetime Fitness HHP21Con/App in Wellness/PE
PHED1020Beginning Bowling HHP29Beginning Bowling
PHED1030Beginning Softball HHP22Recreational ActivityACTV, LDV, REP
PHED1060Wilderness Camping HHP2020Camping & Outdoor Educ
PHED1070Intro To Skiing HHP22Recreational ActivityACTV, LDV, REP
PHED1080Intro to SnowboardingHHP22Recreational ActivitiesACTV, LDV, REP
PHED1110Elementary Ballet HHP48Beginning Ballet
PHED1120Elem Modern Dance HHP1XXXElem Modern Dance
PHED1130Elem Jazz Dance HHP22Recreational ActivityACTV, LDV, REP
PHED1140Walking For FitnessHHP22Recreational ActivityREP
PHED2000Special Topics HHP2XXXSpecial Topics
PHED2000Special Topics HHP2XXXSpecial Topics
PHED2000Special Topics HHP2XXXSpecial Topics
PHED2010Archery HHP22Recreational ActivityREP
PHED2020Badminton HHP38Beginning Badminton
PHED2050Basketball HHP22Recreational Activity
PHED2110Beginning Golf HHP30Beginning Golf
PHED2130Ice Skating HHP22Recreational Activity
PHED2140HockeyHHP22Recreational Activity
PHED2160Beginning Karate HHP22Recreational Activity
PHED2250Exercise To Music HHP45Beginning Aerobic Dance/Step
PHED2310Fitness Walking HHP55Walking for Fitness
PHED2330Beginning RacquetballHHP31Beginning Racquetball
PHED2335Prev & Care Athletic InjuriesHHP2XXXPrev & Care Athletic Injuries
PHED2340Soccer HHP22Recreational ActivityACTV, LDV, REP
PHED2390Beginning Swimming HHP51Beginning Swimming
PHED2430First Aid, Safety and CPRHHP1540Safety and First Aid
PHED2435First Aid, Safety, CPRHHP2XXXFirst Aid, Safety, CPR
PHED2440Beginning Tennis HHP37Beginning Tennis
PHED2450Intermediate Tennis HHP69Intermediate Tennis
PHED2510Volleyball HHP22Recreational ActivityACTV, LDV, REP
PHED2520Weight Training HHP40Beginning Cond & Wt Training
PHED2660Wilderness Orienteering HHP22Recreational ActivityACTV, LDV, REP
PHED2900Human Motor Behavior HHP2XXXHuman Motor Behavior
PHED2910Sport In Amer Society HHP2XXXSport In Amer Society
PHIL201Intro to World ReligionsREL2110Religions of the EastLDV, NWCC, NWCL, TBR, THVB
PHIL1030Intro To Philosophy PHIL2010Introduction to PhilosophyHUM, LDV, TBR, THVB
PHIL1040Introduction to EthicsPHIL2210Introduction to EthicsHUM, LDV, TBR, THVB
PHIL1300Critical Thinking PHIL2110Logic Language and Evidence
PHIL1500Philosophy and FilmPHIL1XXXPhilosophy and FilmHUM, TBR, THVB
PHIL2010Survey Of World Religion REL2110Religions of the EastLDV, NWCC, NWCL, TBR, THVB
PHIL2200Introduction World ReligionsREL2110Religions of the EastLDV, NWCC, NWCL, TBR, THVB
PHIL2400Intro To Ethics PHIL2210Introduction to EthicsHUM, LDV, TBR, THVB
PHIL2420Eth Th Bus Appls PHIL2XXXEth Th Bus Appls
PHIL2450Medical Ethics PHIL2XXXMedical Ethics
PHL1010Intro to PhilosophyPHIL2010Introduction to PhilosophyHUM, LDV, TBR, THVB
PHL2010Surv of World ReligionsREL2110Religions of the EastLDV, NWCC, NWCL, TBR, THVB
PHL2450Medical EthicsPHIL2XXXMedical Ethics
PHO1000Intro To Photography ART1XXXIntro To PhotographyLDV
PHO1100Adv Photo TechniquesART1XXXAdvanced Photo TechniquesLDV
PHO1200Art of PhotographyELEC1XXXArt of PhotographyARTS, TBR, VPAR
PHO1500Blk & Wht Darkroom TechELEC1XXXBlk & Wht Darkroom Tech
PHO1600Color Printing TechniquesELEC1XXXColor Printing Techniques
PHO1700Intro to Studio PhotographyART1XXXIntro to Studio Photography
PHO2010Digital Imaging & WorkflowCPSC2XXXDigital Imaging & WorkflowLDV
PHO2060Adv Digital Imag TechELEC2XXXAdv Digital Imag Tech
PHO2100Nature and Travel PhotogELEC2XXXNature and Travel Photog
PHO2200Commercial PhotographyELEC2XXXCommercial Photography
PHO2300Portrait PhotographyELEC2XXXPortrait Photography
PHO2500Wedding and Retail PhotogELEC2XXXWedding and Retail Photog
PHO2700Spec Topics in PhotographyELEC2XXXSpec Topics in Photography
PHO2700Spec Topics in PhotographyELEC2XXXSpec Topics in Photography
PHO2700Spec Topics in PhotographyELEC2XXXSpec Topics in Photography
PHO2800Photography PortfolioELEC2XXXPhotography Portfolio
PHO2850Photography PortfolioELEC2XXXPhotography Portfolio
PHO2900Photography InternshipELEC2XXXPhotography Internship
PHO2950Independent Photo ProjectsELEC2XXXIndependent Photo Projects
PHYS1070Concepts of PhysicsPHYS1XXXConcepts of PhysicsLBSC, LDV
PHYS1300Concepts of PhysicsPHYS1XXXConcepts of PhysicsLBSC, LDV
PHYS1310Mechanics Heat I W L PHYS2300Princ of Phys:Mechanics & HeatLDV, LEC
PHYS1310Mechanics Heat I W L PHYS2300LPrinc of Phys :Mech&Heat LabLAB, LDV
PHYS1320Mechanics Heat II PHYS2300Princ of Phys:Mechanics & HeatLDV, LEC
PHYS1320Mechanics Heat II PHYS2300LPrinc of Phys: Mech&Heat LabLAB, LDV
PHYS2010Non-Calculus Physics IPHYS1030General Phys: Mechanics&HeatLDV, LEC
PHYS2010Non-Calculus Physics IPHYS1030LGen Phys:Mechanics & Heat LabLAB, LDV
PHYS2020Non-Calculus Physics IIPHYS1040Gen Phys: Electrmgntsm&OpticsLDV, LEC
PHYS2020Non-Calculus Physics IIPHYS1040LGen Phys :Electrmgntsm&Opt LabLAB, LDV
PHYS2110Calculus-Based Physics IPHYS2310Princ of Phys:Electr & MagntsmLDV, LEC
PHYS2110Calculus-Based Physics IPHYS2310LPrinc of Phys:Elect&Mgntsm LabLAB, LDV
PHYS2120Calculus-Based Physics IIPHYS2320LPrinc Phys:Opt&Modern Phys LabLAB, LDV
PHYS2120Calculus-Based Physics IIPHYS2320Princ of Phys: Opt&Modern PhysLDV, LEC
POL1010US Govt and PoliticsPSPS1010American PoliticsLDV, SSCI
POL1020Intro To Political SciencePSPS1XXXIntro To Political ScienceLDV, SSCI
POLS1010Intro to Political SciencePSPS1XXXIntro to Political ScienceLDV, SSCI
POLS1020Intro to Political SciencePSPS1XXXIntro to Political ScienceLDV, SSCI
POLS1030American GovernmentPSPS1010American PoliticsLDV, SSCI
PSY101General PsychologyPSY1010Introduction to PsychologyLDV, SSCI
PSY1010General Psychology PSY1010Introduction to PsychologyLDV, SSCI
PSY1030General PsychologyPSY1010Introduction to PsychologyLDV, SSCI
PSY1170Honors Gen Psychology PSY1010Introduction to PsychologyLDV, SSCI
PSY2010Biological Basis of BehaviorPSY2XXXBiological Basis of Behavior
PSY2100Psych Of Human Develop PSY2210Psychology of Child DevSSCI
PSY2200Behavior and ExperiencePSY2XXXBehavior and Experience
PSY2400Human Dev The Lifespan PSY2XXXHuman Dev The LifespanSSCI
PSYC1030Introduction to PsychologyPSY1010Introduction to PsychologyLDV, SSCI
PSYC2100Psych of Human DevelopmentPSY2200Psychology of Lifespan DevLDV, SSCI
PSYC2110Psych of Personal AdjustmentPSY2XXXPsych of Personal Adjustment
PSYC2130Lifespan Develpmnt PsychologyPSY2200Psychology of Lifespan DevLDV, SSCI
PSYC2200Behavior and ExperiencePSY2XXXBehavior and Experience
RCS1200Textiles For Interiors IARC2210Interior Textiles
REA1200Real Estate Law ELEC1XXXReal Estate Law
REA1300Real Estate Finance ELEC1XXXReal Estate Finance
REA1500Real Estate Off Mgmt ELEC1XXXReal Estate Off Mgmt
REA1600Real Estate Appraising ELEC1XXXReal Estate Appraising
REA1850Real Estate AppraisingELEC1XXXReal Estate Appraising
REA1950Incom Property ValuationELEC1XXXIncom Property Valuation
READ800Learning Support reading AEDUC1004Learning Support Reading ADEVL
READ801Reading Strategies: Short StorEDUC1004Reading Strategies: Short StorDEVL, REP
READ802Reading Strat: Ext DiscourseEDUC1004Reading Strat: Ext DiscourseDEVL, REP
READ803Literary AnalysisENGL1004Literary AnalysisDEVL, REP
READ804Reading Strat: EssaysEDUC1004Reading Strat: EssaysDEVL, REP
READ805Vocab & Textbook ReadingEDUC1050Strategies for College ReadingDEVL
READ810Learning Support Reading BEDUC1050Strategies for College ReadingDEVL
READ820Expository ReadingEDUC1004Expository ReadingDEVL
READ900Academic and Personal ReadingEDUC1005Basic/DevDEVL
RSE720Basic WritingENGL1004Basic WritingDEVL
RSM730Remedial MathMATH1004Remedial MathDEVL
RSR710Basic Reading w/LabEDUC1004Basic Reading w/LabDEVL, REP
SEAT1000Intro Security Engin & AdminELEC1XXXIntro Security Engin & Admin
SEAT1010Computer ForensicsCPSC1XXXComputer Forensics
SEAT1300Emergency PlanningELEC1XXXEmergency Planning
SEAT1500Security Management IELEC1XXXSecurity Management I
SEAT1700Physical & Personnel SecurityELEC1XXXPhysical & Personnel Security
SEAT1900Legal Aspects of Security AdmnELEC1XXXLegal Aspects of Security Admn
SEAT2010Networks for Security SpecCPSC2XXXNetworks for Security Spec
SEAT2200Security Intelligence OperELEC2XXXSecurity Intelligence Oper
SEAT2500Security Management IIELEC2XXXSecurity Management II
SERV2410Service Learning Experience IELEC2XXXService Learning Experience I
SOC1010General Sociology SOC1510Introduction to SociologyLDV, SSCI
SOC1020Soc ProblemsSOC1250Sociology of Social ProblemsLDV
SOC1020Soc Problems Change SOC1250Sociology of Social ProblemsLDV, SSCI
SOC1100Intro Criminal Justice CRMJ1100Intro to Criminal Justice SysLDV, SSCI
SOCI1010Intro to SociologySOC1510Introduction to SociologyLDV, SSCI
SOCI1020Social ProblemsSOC1250Sociology of Social ProblemsLDV, SSCI
SOCI1040Social ProblemsSOC1250Sociology of Social ProblemsLDV, SSCI
SOCI2000Marriage & FamilySOC2150The Sociology of the FamilyLDV, SSCI
SOCI2010Marriage & FamilySOC2150The Sociology of the FamilyLDV, SSCI
SPA10101-Beginning Spanish ISPAN1010Elementary Spanish ILDV
SPA1020Beginning Spanish IISPAN1020Elementary Spanish IILDV
SPA2010Intermediate Spanish ISPAN2130Interm Spanish for Reading ILDV
SPA2020Intermediate Spanish IISPAN2140Interm Spanish for Read IILDV
SPAN1000Technical SpanishSPAN1XXXTechnical SpanishLDV
SPAN1010Beginning Spanish ISPAN1010Elementary Spanish ILDV
SPAN1010Beginning Spanish I SPAN1010Elementary Spanish ILDV
SPAN1020Beginning Spanish II SPAN1020Elementary Spanish IILDV
SPAN2010Intermed Spanish ISPAN2110Interm Spanish for Reading ILDV
SPAN2020Intermed Spanish IISPAN2120Interm Spanish for Read IILDV
SPAN2510Spanish Conversation SPAN1999Special ProjectsLDV, REP
SPCH1010Fundamentals of Speech CommTHSP1090Public SpeakingLDV, ORAL
SPCH2000Developing Speech ConfidenceTHSP2XXXDeveloping Speech ConfidenceLDV
SPCH2100Public SpeakingTHSP1090Public SpeakingLDV, ORAL
SPH1000Intro To Speech Comm ELEC1XXXIntro To Speech CommLDV
SPH2000Dev Speech Confidence ELEC2XXXDev Speech ConfidenceLDV
SPH2100Basic Public Speaking THSP1090Public SpeakingLDV, ORAL
SPH2200Interpersonal Commun THSP2100Interpersonal CommunicationLDV
SPH2400Business/Professional SpeakingTHSP2090Bus&Prof Speech CommunicationLDV, ORAL
SPH2800Oral Interpretation THSP1080Oral InterpretationLDV
SURV1550Surveying Principles W/LabELEC1XXXSurveying Principles W/Lab
SWEB2010Web Design II: Web FundELEC2XXXWeb Design II: Web Fund
SWK2000Introduction to Social WorkSOCW2XXXIntroduction to Social WorkLDV
SWK2050Social WelfareSOCW2XXXSocial WelfareLDV
SWRK2010Intro to Social WorkSOCW1100Intro to Soc Wrk ExperienceLDV
SWRK2030Social WelfareSOCW2XXXSocial WelfareLDV
THE1000Intro to TheatreTHSP1110Introduction to TheatreARTS, LDV, VPAR
THEA1030Introduction to TheatreTHSP1110Introduction to TheatreARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
THEA1311Play Production THSP1XXXPlay ProductionLDV
THEA2200Acting I THSP2XXXActing ILDV
THEA2222Special Topics in TheatreTHSP1999Special ProjectsLDV, REP
THEA2250Creative Drama THSP2XXXCreative DramaLDV
THEA2260Voice Diction THSP2XXXVoice DictionLDV
THEA2280Movement For The Stage THSP2XXXMovement For The StageLDV
THEA2311Play Production II THSP2XXXPlay Production IILDV
THEA2520Stage Craft ITHSP2XXXStage Craft ILDV
THEA2998Theatre Prod Internship THSP2XXXTheatre Prod InternshipLDV
VPT1010Sound Production ELEC1XXXSound Production
VPT1015Sound ProductionELEC1XXXSound Production
VPT1020Spec Topice In Video ELEC1XXXSpec Topice In Video
VPT1021Adobe After EffectsELEC1XXXAdobe After Effects
VPT1022Guerrilla FilmmakingELEC1XXXGuerrilla Filmmaking
VPT1023Guerrilla SoundELEC1XXXGuerrilla Sound
VPT1030Intro Desktop Video Audi ELEC1XXXIntro Desktop Video Audi
VPT1040Tech Video ProductionELEC1XXXTech Video Production
VPT1045Tech Video ProductionELEC1XXXTech Video Production
VPT1050Electro Cinematography ELEC1XXXElectro Cinematography
VPT1090Campus Broadcast IELEC1XXXCampus Broadcast I
VPT1210Video Editing ELEC1XXXVideo Editing
VPT1220Final Cut ProELEC1XXXFinal Cut Pro
VPT1400Writing For Tv ELEC1XXXWriting For Tv
VPT1500Campus Broadcast I ELEC1XXXCampus Broadcast I
VPT2010Adv Sound Production ELEC2XXXAdv Sound Production
VPT2210Advanced Editing ELEC2XXXAdvanced Editing
VPT2215Advanced Editing ELEC2XXXAdvanced Editing
VPT2220Advanced Final Cut ProELEC2XXXAdvanced Final Cut pro-2220
VPT2330Budgeted ProductionELEC2XXXBudgeted Production
VPT2400Adv Scriptwriting ELEC2XXXAdv Scriptwriting
VPT2500Campus Broadcast II ELEC2XXXCampus Broadcast II
VPT2660Independent Video ProjectsELEC2XXXIndependent Video Projects
VPT2770Documentary ProductionELEC2XXXDocumentary Production
VPT2910Campus Broadcast IV ELEC2XXXCampus Broadcast IV
VPT2960Remote Field ProductionELEC2XXXRemote Field Production
VPT2998Video Prod Tech Intern ELEC2XXXVideo Prod Tech Intern
WEB1600Web Design I: Intro Web TechELEC1XXXWeb Design I: Intro Web Tech
WEB2001Web Dsgn I-HTML CodingELEC2XXXWeb Dsgn I-HTML Coding
WEB2002Web Dsgn II-GraphicsELEC2XXXWeb Dsgn II-Graphics
WEB2003Web Dsgn III-Site BuildingELEC2XXXWeb Dsgn III-Site Building
WEB2010Web Design II: Web FundELEC2XXXWeb Design II:Web Fund
WEB2100Photoshop EssentialsELEC2XXXPhotoshop Essentials
WEB2120Audio/Video for WebELEC2XXXAudio/Video for Web
WEB2150HTML5 MultimediaCPSC2XXXHtML5 MultimediaLDV
WEB2200Internet TechnologiesELEC2XXXInternet Technologies
WEB2210CIW Site DesignerELEC2XXXCIW Site Designer
WEB2220CIW E-CommerceELEC2XXXCIW E-Commerce
WEB2291CIW Fdns CertificationELEC2XXXCIW Fdns Certification
WEB2292CIW Site Dsgn CertificationELEC2XXXCIW Site Dsgn Certification
WEB2293CIW E-Commerce CertELEC2XXXCIW E-Commerce Cert
WEB2300CIW JavaScript FundELEC2XXXCIW JavaScript Fund
WEB2391CIW JavaScript Fund CertELEC2XXXCIW JavaScript Fund Cert
WEB2400Web Project MgmtELEC2XXXWeb Project Mgmt
WEB2401Accessible Web Dsgn & CompELEC2XXXAccessible Web Dsgn & Comp
WEB2500Prob Solving Web EcommerceELEC2XXXProb Solving Web Ecommerce
WEB2501Web Special TopicsELEC2XXXWeb Special Topics
WEB2501Web Special TopicsELEC2XXXWeb Special Topics
WEB2501Web Special TopicsELEC2XXXWeb Special Topics
WEB2601CIW Server AdminELEC2XXXCIW Server Admin
WEB2603Server-side Web DevELEC2XXXServer-side Web Dev
WEB2691CIW Server Admin CertELEC2XXXCIW Server Admin Cert
WEB2703Adobe AcrobatELEC2XXXAdobe Acrobat
WEB2811Adv Computer GraphicsELEC2XXXAdv Computer Graphics
WEB2812Adv Web Page Site DsgnELEC2XXXAdv Web Page Site Dsgn
WEB2902Web Team PracticumELEC2XXXWeb Team Practicum
WGST2050Intro to Women/Gender StudiesWSTU2000Intro to Women's StudiesLDV, SSCI
WMN2200Women In Society WSTU2000Intro to Women's StudiesLDV, SSCI