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SubjectCourseTitleUTC SubjectUTC CourseUTC TitleAttribute Comments
ACCT1010Principles of Accounting IACC2010Principles of Accounting I
ACCT1020Principles of Accounting IIACC2020Principles of Accounting II
ADMN1306Medical TerminologyELEC1XXXMedical TerminologyLDV
AGRI1010Intro to Agricultural BusinessELEC1XXXIntro to Agricultural Business
AGRI1030Intro to Plant SciencesELEC1XXXIntro to Plant Sciences
AGT101Intro to Agriculture BusELEC1XXXIntro to Agriculture Bus
AGT111Intro to Animal SciencesELEC1XXXIntro to Animal Sciences
AGT121Intro to Plant ScienceELEC1XXXIntro to Plant Science
AGT141Intro to Agricultural EngrELEC1XXXIntro to Agricultural Engr
AGT202Horticulture Tech Practicum IELEC2XXXHorticulture Tech Practicum I
AGT204Horticulture Tech Practicum IIELEC2XXXHorticulture Tech Practicum II
AGT214Livestock MgmtELEC2XXXLivestock Mgmt
AGT224Intro to Ornamental HortELEC2XXXIntro to Ornamental Hort
AGT226Horticulture Pest MgmtELEC2XXXHorticulture Pest Mgmt
AGT227Grounds Equipment MgmtELEC2XXXGrounds Equipment Mgmt
AGT228Irrigation DesignELEC2XXXIrrigation Design
AGT231Intro to Soil ScienceELEC2XXXIntro to Soil Science
AGT246Intro to Turfgrass MgmtELEC2XXXIntro to Turfgrass Mgmt
AGT247Ath Field & Golf Course MgmtELEC2XXXAth Field & Golf Course Mgmt
AGT248Master GardnerELEC2XXXMaster Gardner
ANTH1200Prehistoric ArchaeologyANTH1400ArchaeologyLDV, SSCI
ANTH1300Cultural AntropologyANTH1200Cultural AnthropologyLDV, NWCC, NWCL
ART101Intro to Visual ArtsART1110Introduction to ArtARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
ART1030Intro Visual Arts ART1110Introduction to ArtARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
ART1110Basic Design I ART1010Visual Stud I: Form in 2D
ART1120Basic Design II ART1020Visual Stud II:Form in 3D
ART2010Art History Survey I ART2140Hist West Art Prehist to MedARTS, HIST, TBR, VPAR
ART2020Art History Survey II ART2150Hist of West Art Ren to PresARTS, HIST, TBR, VPAR
ART2110Drawing I ART1050Drawing I
ART2120Drawing II ART2XXXDrawing II
ART2220Art Activities Apprec ART2XXXArt Activities Apprec
ART2510Painting I ART2XXXPainting I
ART2520Painting II ART2XXXPainting II
ART2610Photography I ART2810Photography I
ART2620Photography II ART2XXXPhotography II
ART2630Intro to digital Graphic ArtsART2XXXIntro to digital Graphic Arts
ART2710Photography II ART2XXXPhotography II
ART2720Printmaking ART2XXXPrintmaking
ARTH2010Survey of Art History IART2140Hist West Art Prehist to MedARTS, HIST, TBR, VPAR
ARTH2020Survey of Art History IIART2150Hist of West Art Ren to PresARTS, HIST, TBR, VPAR
ARTP1010Drawing IART1050Drawing ILDV
ARTP1110Two Dimensional DesignART1010Visual Stud I: Form in 2D
ARTP1120Three Dimensional DesignART1XXXThree Dimensional Design
ARTP2010Painting IART2070Painting ILDV
ARTP2620Digital PhotographyART2XXXDigital Photography
ARTP2630Intro to Digital Graphic ArtsART2XXXIntro to Digital Graphic Arts
ASTR1030AstronomyASTR1010LAstr Lab-the Solar SystemLAB, LDV
ASTR1030AstronomyASTR1010Intro to Astr-Solar SystemLDV, LEC, NLAB
BIO101General Biology IBIOL1110Principles of Biology ILBSC, LDV
BIO102General Biology IIBIOL1120Principles of Biology IILBSC, LDV
BIO121Human Anat/Phy IBIOL2060Functional Human Anatomy
BIO122Human Anat/Phy IIBIOL2080Human Physiology
BIO241MicrobiologyBIOL2100Microbiology and HealthLDV, LEC
BIOL1010Biology I and LabBIOL1XXXBiology I and LabLBSC, LDV
BIOL1030Introduction to BiologyBIOL1XXXIntroduction to BiologyLBSC, LDV
BIOL1110General Biology I BIOL1110Principles of Biology ILBSC, LDV
BIOL1120General Biology II BIOL1120Principles of Biology IILBSC, LDV
BIOL2010Hum Anat And Phys I BIOL2060Functional Human AnatomyLBSC, LDV
BIOL2020Hum Anat And Phys II BIOL2080Human PhysiologyLBSC, LDV
BIOL2230Microbiology BIOL2100Microbiology and HealthLBSC, LDV
BISM2601Business Information SystemsMGT2XXXBusiness Information Systems
BIT115Fdns of Bus Information TechELEC1XXXFdns of Bus Information Tech
BIT120Career SuccessELEC1XXXCareer Success
BIT123Accounting ConceptsELEC1XXXAccounting Concepts
BIT210Event ManagementELEC2XXXEvent Management
BIT240Spreadsheet ApplicationsELEC2XXXSpreadsheet Applications
BIT291Current Topics Bus Info TechELEC2XXXCurrent Topics Bus Info Tech
BIT299Project Integration CapstoneELEC2XXXProject Integration Capstone
BIT1150Intro to Microcomputing ApplicELEC1XXXIntro to Microcomputing Applic
BOL101College Experience OnlineELEC1XXXCollege Experience Online
BUS101Intro To Business MGT1030Intro to Business&Entr
BUS110Business EthicsELEC1XXXBusiness Ethics
BUS111Bus Communication ELEC1XXXBus Communication
BUS120Career SuccessBUS1XXXCareer Success
BUS121Prin Accounting I ACC2010Principles of Accounting I
BUS122Prin Accounting II ACC2020Principles of Accounting II
BUS181Business CalculationsELEC1XXXBusiness Calculations
BUS185Marketing and E-CommerceMKT1XXXMarketing and E-Commerce
BUS205Business Statistics MGT2110Stats Methods for Business ILDV, STAT
BUS241Customer Relations MGT2XXXCustomer Relations
BUS242Prin Of Supervision MGT2XXXPrin Of Supervision
BUS243Entrepreneurship MGT2XXXEntrepreneurship
BUS250Human Resource MgmtMGT2XXXHuman Resource Mgmt
BUS251Business LawBUS2XXXBusiness Law
BUS262Office Management MGT2XXXOffice Management
BUS263Current Topics Bus Mgmt MGT2XXXCurrent Topics Bus Mgmt
BUS264Current Topics Bus Mgmt MGT2XXXCurrent Topics Bus Mgmt
BUS265Current Topics Bus Mgmt MGT2XXXCurrent Topics Bus Mgmt
BUS271Personal FinanceFIN2XXXPersonal Finance
BUS299Business Mgmt CapstoneMGT2XXXBusiness Mgmt Capstone
BUS1300Personal Money ManagementBUS1XXXPersonal Money Management
BUSN1300Personal FinanceBUS1XXXPersonal Finance
BUSN1305Introduction to BusinessMGT1030Intro to Business&EntrLDV
BUSN1310Business CommunicationBUS1XXXBusiness Communication
BUSN1320Business CalculationsBUS1XXXBusiness Calculations
BUSN1350Sales and ServiceBUS1XXXSales and ServiceUDV
BUSN1370Spreadsheet AplicationsBUS1XXXSpreadsheet Applications
BUSN1380Supervisory ManagementBUS1XXXSupervisory ManagementLDV
BUSN2370Legal Environment of BusinessBUS2XXXLegal Environment of Business
BUSN2375Career SuccessBUS2XXXCareer Success
BUSN2380Principles of MarketingMKT2XXXPrinciples of Marketing
CEN101Dance Combination ELEC1XXXDance Combination
CEN102Dance Perf Prod Lab ELEC1XXXDance Perf Prod Lab
CEN107Ballet Technique ELEC1XXXBallet Technique
CEN109Tap Technique ELEC1XXXTap Technique
CEN111Jazz Technique ELEC1XXXJazz Technique
CEN125Prin Tech Dance Perf ELEC1XXXPrin Tech Dance Perf
CEN135Commercial SongwritingELEC1XXXCommercial Songwriting
CEN136Commercial Songwriting IIELEC1XXXCommercial Songwriting IILDV
CEN200Audition Techniques ELEC2XXXAudition Techniques
CEN203Choreography I ELEC2XXXChoreography I
CEN204Choreography II ELEC2XXXChoreography II
CEN205Stagecraft ELEC2XXXStagecraft
CEN207Entertainment Business ELEC2XXXEntertainment Business
CEN209Dance Pedagogy ELEC2XXXDance Pedagogy
CEN216Recital ELEC2XXXRecital
CEN217Dance Studio Practicum ELEC2XXXDance Studio Practicum
CEN230Digital Video EditingELEC2XXXDigital Video Editing
CEN1012Intro Entertainment TechELEC1XXXIntro Entertainment Tech
CEN1013State and Set EtiquetteTHSP1XXXState and Set Etiquette
CEN1014Stage and Set SafetyTHSP1XXXStage and Set Safety
CEN1210Fund Lighting TechnologyTHSP1XXXFund Lighting Technology
CEN1211Fundamentals of ElectricityELEC1XXXFundamentals of Electricity
CHEM1010Intro Chemistry ICHEM1XXXIntro to Chemistry ILBSC, LDV
CHEM1110General Chemistry I CHEM1110General Chemistry ILDV, LEC
CHEM1110General Chemistry I CHEM1110LGeneral Chemistry I LaboratoryLAB, LDV
CHEM1120General Chemistry II CHEM1120General Chemistry IILDV, LEC
CHEM1120General Chemistry II CHEM1120LGen Chemistry II LabLAB, LDV
CHEM2010Organic Chemistry I CHEM3010Organic Chemistry I
CHEM2010Organic Chemistry I CHEM3010LOrganic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM2020Organic Chemistry II CHEM3020LOrganic Chemistry II Lab
CHEM2020Organic Chemistry II CHEM3020Organic Chemistry II
CIS109Computer ApplicationsCPSC1000Intro To ComputingCSLI
CIS113Visual Basic ProgrammingCPSC1XXXVisual Basic Programming
CIS116Intro To The Internet CPSC1XXXIntro To The Internet
CIS131Commercial Sftw ApplicsCPSC1XXXCommercial Sftw Applics
CIS132Commercial Sftw ApplicsCPSC1XXXCommercial Sftw Applics
CIS140Intro Programming C/C++CPSC1XXXIntro Programming C/C++
CIS150Computer System EssentialsCPSC1XXXComputer System Essentials
CIS151Microcomputer ApplicationsCPSC1000Intro To ComputingCSLI
CIS170Programming I CPSC1XXXProgramming I
CIS175Computer Networking ICPSC1XXXComputer Networking I
CIS209Database ApplicsCPSC2XXXDatabase Applics
CIS263Web Page Dev and DesignCPSC2XXXWeb Page Dev and Design
CIS270Programming IICPSC2XXXProgramming II
CIS275Computer Networking II CPSC2XXXComputer Networking II
CIS280Database Development CPSC2XXXDatabase Development
CIS281Computer SecurityCPSC2XXXComputer Security
CIS285Computer Networking IIICPSC2XXXComputer Networking III
CIS1610Programming C++ RegencyCPSC1XXXProgramming C++ Regency
CISP1010Computer Science ICPSC1100Fund of Cmptr ScienceCSLI, LDV
CISP1020Computer Science IICPSC1110Data Structures & Prog DesignLDV
CITC1351Principles of Info AssuranceCPSC1XXXPrinciples of Info AssuranceLDV
CITC1372Android App DevelopmentCPSC1XXXAndroid App Development
CJA1100Intro Criminal Justice AdminCRMJ1100Intro to Criminal Justice SysLDV, SSCI
CJT101Intro Criminal Justice CRMJ1100Intro to Criminal Justice SysLDV, SSCI
CJT102Criminal Law LAS1700Introduction to Criminal Law
CJT103Criminal Law IICRMJ1XXXCriminal Law II
CJT105Intro to CriminologyCRMJ1XXXIntro to Criminology
CJT106Criminal LawLAS1700Introduction to Criminal Law
CJT110Investigation ProceduresCRMJ1XXXInvestigation Procedures
CJT120Superv/Mgmt in Crim JstcCRMJ1XXXSuperv/Mgmt in Crim Jstc
CJT200Criminal EvidenceLAS1700Introduction to Criminal Law
CJT201Const Rights of PrisonersCRMJ2XXXConst Rights of Prisoners
CJT202Security AdministrationCRMJ2XXXSecurity Administration
CJT203Environmental LawCRMJ2XXXEnvironmental Law
CJT204Juvenile JusticeCRMJ2XXXJuvenile Justice
CJT205Intro To Corrections CRMJ2XXXIntro To Corrections
CJT207Laws of Arrest, Srch, SeizureLAS2XXXLaws of Arrest, Srch, Seizure
CJT210Corrections CounselingCRMJ2XXXCorrections Counseling
CJT220Sp Problems: Law EnforcementCRMJ2XXXSp Problems: Law Enforcement
CJT230Spec Problems: CorrectionsCRMJ2XXXSpec Problems: Corrections
CJT241Intro to Cyber SecurityCRMJ2XXXIntro to Cyber Security
CJT1000Intro to Criminal JusticeCRMJ1100Intro to Criminal Justice SysLDV, SSCI
CJT1010Criminal LawLAS1700Intro to Criminal Law
CJT1020Criminal EvidenceCRMJ1XXXCriminal Evidence
CJT1030Intro to CriminologyCRMJ2100Criminology
CJT1040Juvenile JusticeCRMJ1XXXJuvenile Justice
CJT1100Intro to Law EnforcementCRMJ1XXXIntro to Law Enforcement
CJT1110Superv/Mgmt in Law EnforcemtCRMJ1XXXSuperv/Mgmt in Law Enforcemt
CJT1200Intro to CorrectionsCRMJ1XXXIntro to Corrections
CJT1210Superv/Mgmt in CorrectionsCRMJ1XXXSuperv/Mgmt in Corrections
CJT2000Investigation ProceduresCRMJ2XXXInvestigation Procedures
CJT2020Terrorism CounterterrorismCRMJ2XXXTerrorism Counterterrorism
CJT2999Effective Comm Skills CJ PrtnsCRMJ2XXXEffective Comm Skills CJ Prtns
CMT1010Networking & PC CommunicationsCPSC1XXXNetworking & PC Communications
COL101College Experience OnlineELEC1XXXCollege Experience Online
COLS101C-State College SuccessUSTU1250First Year Studies:UTC ExperLDV
COM1000Beginning HTMLCPSC1XXXBeginning HTML
COMM1010Intro to Mass CommunicationCOMM1010Intro to Mass Communication
COMM1020Media WritingCOMM2300Media Writing I
COMM1030Intro to Electronic MediaCOMM1XXXIntro to Electronic Media
COMM1100Interpersonal CommunicationTHSP2100Interpersonal Communication
COMM1120Intro to CommunicationTHSP1XXXIntro to Communication
COMM1210Intro to Mass CommunicationCOMM1010Intro to Mass Communication
COMM1240Intro to BroadcastingCOMM1XXXIntro to Broadcasting
COMM1250Survey of New Media CommCOMM1XXXSurvey of New Media Comm
COMM2100Argumentation and DebateTHSP2XXXArgumentation and Debate
COMM2230Media WritingCOMM2300Media Writing I
COMM2450Intro to Public RelationsCOMM2710Intro to Public Relations
COP201Cooperative EducationELEC2XXXCooperative Education
COP202Cooperative EducationCOOP2XXXCooperative Education
COP203Cooperative EducationCOOP2XXXCooperative Education
CRMJ1010Intro to Criminal JusticeCRMJ1100Intro to Criminal Justice SysLDV, SSCI
CRMJ1020Intro to the Legal ProcessLAS1700Introduction to Criminal Law
CRMJ1030Understanding TerrorismCRMJ1XXXUnderstanding Terrorism
CRMJ1040Criminal InvestigationCRMJ1XXXCriminal Investigation
CRMJ1110Criminal LawLAS1700Introduction to Criminal Law
CRMJ1330Criminal Evidence & ProceduresCRMJ1XXXCriminal Evidence & Procedures
CRMJ1355Understanding TerrorismCRMJ1XXXUnderstanding TerrorismLDV
CRMJ2010Intro to Law EnforcementCRMJ2XXXIntro to Law EnforcementLDVFor CRMJ majors: CRMJ 2010 will satisfy CRMJ 3100 requirement, but will not count for upper level credit.
CRMJ2020Intro to CorrectionsCRMJ2XXXIntro to CorrectionsLDVFor CRMJ majors: CRMJ 2010 will satisfy CRMJ 3120 requirement, but will not count for upper level credit.
CRMJ2030Drug ID and EffectsCRMJ2XXXDrug ID and Effects
CRMJ2110Juvenile JusticeCRMJ2XXXJuvenile Justice
CST209Java Programming ICPSC2XXXJava Programming
DRS75Basic MathematicsMATH1004Basic MathematicsDEVL, REP
DRS84Developmntl Study SkillsUSTU1000Principles of Effective StudyDEVL
DRS85Elementary AlgebraMATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
DRS87Developmental WritingENGL1006Developmental Writing IIDEVL
DRS88Intermediate AlgebraMATH1006Intermediate AlgebraDEVL
DSPM700Basic MathematicsMATH1004Basic MathematicsDEVL
DSPM800Elementary Algebra MATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
DSPM850Intermediate Algebra MATH1006Intermediate AlgebraDEVL
DSPR700Basic ReadingEDUC1004Basic ReadingDEVL
DSPR700Basic ReadingEDUC1004Basic ReadingDEVL
DSPR800Developmental ReadingEDUC1050Developmental ReadingDEVL
DSPR800Developmental ReadingEDUC1050Strategies for College ReadingDEVL
DSPR801Devel Reading-VocabularyELECDSPRDevel Reading-VocabularyDEVL
DSPR802Devel Reading-ComprehensionELECDSPRDevel Reading-ComprehensionDEVL
DSPR803Advanced ComprehensionELECDSPRDev Reading-Adv ComprehensnDEVL
DSPS800Learning Strategies USTU1000Principles of Effective StudyDEVL
DSPW700Basic WritingENGL1004Basic WritingDEVL
DSPW700Basic WritingENGL1004Basic WritingDEVL
DSPW700Basic WritingENGL1004Basic WritingDEVL
DSPW725Basic Reading/WritingENGL1005Developmental Writing IDEVL
DSPW800Developmental WritingENGL1006Developmental Writing IIDEVL, DEVL
DSPW800Developmental WritingENGL1006Developmental Writing IIDEVL, DEVL
DSPW801Punctuation and MechanicsENGL1004Dev Writing-Punctuation/MechDEVL
DSPW802Grammar and UsageENGL1004Dev Writing-Grammar & UsageDEVL
DSPW803Paragraph WritingENGL1004Dev Writing-Paragraph WritgDEVL
DSPW804Intro to Essay WritingENGL1004Intro to Essay WritingDEVL
ECED1010Intro to Early Chld EducEDUC2090Intro to Echd/Echd Spec Educ
ECED1310Intro to Early Childhood EducEDUC2090Intro to Echd/Echd Spec EducLDV
ECED2010Safe Hlthy Lrng EnvronmentECHD2XXXSafe, Healthy Learning EnvironLDVFor Educ majors:ECED 2010 will satisfy HHP 3020 requirement but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2015Early Chld CurriculumECHD2XXXEarly Chld CurriculumLDV
ECED2020Infant Toddler Chld Dev ECHD2430Child Dev & Observation I
ECED2030Infant Toddler Care ECHD2XXXInfant Toddler CareLDV
ECED2040Family Dynamics ECHD2XXXFamily DynamicsLDVFor Educ majors:ECED 2040 will satisfy ECHD 4450 requirement but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2050Psychomotor Development ECHD2XXXPsychomotor DevelopmentLDV
ECED2060Devel of Exceptional ChildECHD2XXXDevel of Exceptional ChildLDVFor Educ majors: ECED 2060 will satisfy either ECHD 3090 or EDUC 4000, but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2070Developmental AssessmentECHD2XXXDevelopmental AssessmentLDVFor Educ majors: ECED 2070 will satisfy either EDUC 3300 or ECHD 4460, but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2080Lang and Lit in Early ChildhdECHD2XXXLang and Lit in Early ChildhdLDVFor Educ majors:ECED 2080 will satisfy ECHD 3470 requirement but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2085Math and Sci in Early ChldhdECHD2XXXMath and Sci in Early ChldhdLDVFor Educ majors:ECED 2085 will satisfy ECHD 3500 requirement but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2090Creative DevelopmentECHD2XXXCreative DevelopmentLDVFor Educ majors:ECED 2090 will satisfy USTU 3300 requirement but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2100Mentoring Teacher ECHD2XXXThe Mentoring TeacherLDV
ECED2110Adv Lrn EnvironECHD2XXXAdv Lrn Environ
ECED2120Admin Of Child Care Cen ECHD2XXXAdmin Child Care CenterLDV
ECED2130Initial PracticumECHD2XXXInitial PracticumLDV
ECED2140Clinical Practicum II ECHD2XXXClinical Practicum IILDV
ECED2150Clinical Practicum IIIECHD2XXXClinical Practicum IIILDV
ECED2310Safe/Healthy Learning EnvirECHD2XXXSafe/Healthy Learning EnvirLDVFor Educ majors: ECED 2310 will satisfy HHP 3020 requirement but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2312Admin of Early Childhood ProgrECHD2XXXAdmin of Early Childhood ProgrLDV
ECED2315Early Childhood CurriculumECHD2XXXEarly Childhood CurriculumLDV
ECED2320Infant/Toddler DevelopmentECHD2430Child Dev & Observation ILDV
ECED2330Infant And Toddler CareECHD2XXXInfant And Toddler CareLDV
ECED2335Initial PracticumECHD2XXXInitial PracticumLDV
ECED2340Fam-Dynamics-Comm InvolveECHD2XXXFam-Dynamics-Comm InvolveLDVFor Educ majors:ECED 2340 will satisfy ECHD 4450 requirement but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2360Develop Exceptional ChildrenECHD2XXXDevelop Exceptional ChildrenLDV
ECED2365Final PracticumECHD2XXXFinal PracticumLDV
ECED2370Developmental AssessmentECHD2XXXDevelopmental AssessmentLDVFor Educ majors:ECED 2370 will satisfy either EDUC 3300 or ECHD 4460, but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2380Lang-Lit Devl in Early ChildECHD2XXXLang-Lit Devl in Early ChildLDVFor Educ majors:ECED 2380 will satisfy ECHD 3470 requirement but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2385Math Science Early ChildhoodECHD2XXXMath Science Early ChildhoodLDVFor Educ majors:ECED 2385 will satisfy ECHD 3500 requirement but will not count for upper level credit.
ECED2390Creative DevelopmentECHD2XXXCreative DevelopmentLDVFor Educ majors:ECED 2390 will satisfy USTU 3300 requirement but will not count for upper level credit.
ECO201Prin Economics I ECON1010Princ of Econ: MacroeconLDV, SSCI
ECO202Prin Economics II ECON1020Principles of Econ: MicroeconLDV, SSCI
ECON2010Economics IECON1010Princ of Econ: MacroeconLDV, SSCI
ECON2020MicroeconomicsECON1020Principles of Econ: MicroeconLDV, SSCI
EDU100Creating Coll Success USTU1XXXCreating Coll Success
EDU201Intro To Education EDUC2010Educ in the United States
EDU221Educational Psych EDUC2XXXEducational Psych
EDU222Educ of Except LearnersEDUC2XXXEduc of Except Learners
EDU225Educ Technology for TchrsEDUC2XXXEduc Technology for Tchrs
EDU1120Intro to TeachingEDUC1XXXIntro to Teaching
EET120Dc Circuit Analysis ELEC1XXXDc Circuit Analysis
EET121Electronics I ELEC1XXXElectronics I
EET122Electronics II ELEC1XXXElectronics II
EET130Ac Circuit Analysis ELEC1XXXAc Circuit Analysis
EET150National Electric Code ELEC1XXXNational Electric Code
EET180Digital Logic Fundamen ELEC1XXXDigital Logic Fundamen
EET214Prin Prog Controllers ELEC2XXXPrin Prog Controllers
EET231Microprocessors ELEC2XXXMicroprocessors
EET241Intro Telecomm Tech ELEC2XXXIntro Telecomm Tech
EET242Telecomm Sys Analysis ELEC2XXXTelecomm Sys Analysis
EET251Industrial Electronics ELEC2XXXIndustrial Electronics
EET252Intro To Robotics ELEC2XXXIntro To Robotics
EET291Adv Topics Eet ELEC2XXXAdv Topics Eet
EMT101Basic Emerg Med TechELEC1XXXBasic Emerg Med Tech
EMT102Fund for Basic EMTELEC1XXXFund for Basic EMT
EMT108Basic EMT IV TherapyELEC1XXXBasic EMT IV Therapy
EMT116Basic EMT IV Clinical PractELEC1XXXBasic EMT IV Clinical Pract
EMT118Basic EMT IV TherapyELEC1XXXBasic EMT IV Therapy
EMT201Intro to Pramedic Theories IELEC2XXXIntro to Pramedic Theories I
EMT202Intro to Fund Paramedic PractELEC2XXXIntro to Fund Paramedic Pract
EMT210Paramedic Theories IELEC2XXXParamedic Theories I
EMT211Fund Paramedic Practice IELEC2XXXFund Paramedic Practice I
EMT212Pre-Hosp Emergency PharmELEC2XXXPre-hosp Emergency Pharm
EMT213Adv Cardiac CareELEC2XXXAdv Cardiac Care
EMT214Clinical Practice IELEC2XXXClinical practice I
EMT215Paramedic Theories IIELEC2XXXParamedic Theories II
EMT216Fund Paramedic Practice IIELEC2XXXFund Paramedic Practice II
EMT217Pediatric and OB EmergenciesELEC2XXXPediatric and OB Emergencies
EMT218Adv Trauma Life SupportELEC2XXXAdv Trauma Life Support
EMT219Clinical Practice IIELEC2XXXClinical Practice II
EMT220Field InternshipELEC2XXXField Internship
EMT221Fund Paramedic Pract IIIELEC2XXXFund Paramedic Pract III
EMT1010Basic EMT Intravenous TherapyELEC1XXXBasic EMT Intravenous Therapy
EMT1050Basic EMT Clinical PracticeELEC1XXXBasic EMT Clinical Practice
ENG101Composition IENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition ICMP1, LDV
ENG102Composition IIENGL1020Rhetoric and Composition IICMP2, LDV
ENG120Humanities Seminar IIENGL1XXXHumanities Seminar II
ENGL230Creative WritingENGL2700Creative WritingLDV, LITR, VPAR
ENGL800Learning Support Writing IENGL1004Learning Support Writing IDEVL, REP
ENGL802Learning Support Writing IIENGL1004Learning Support Writing IIDEVL
ENGL804Intro to Essay WritingENGL1004Intro to Essay WritingDEVL, REP
ENGL810Writing Learning SupportENGL1004Writing Learning SupportDEVL
ENGL1010English Composition IENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition ICMP1, LDV
ENGL1020English Composition IIENGL1020Rhetoric and Composition IICMP2, LDV
ENGL1070Technical Writing ENGL1XXXTechnical Writing
ENGL2010Intro To Literature I ENGL1330Introduction to LiteratureHUM, LDV, LITR, TBR
ENGL2015Introduction to Film StudiesTHSP2800Introduction to FilmARTS, LDV, TBR, VPARbefore 201340 was HUM 2210
ENGL2020Intro Literature II ENGL1330Introduction to LiteratureHUM, LDV, LITR, TBR
ENGL2030Experience of LiteratureENGL2XXXExperience of LiteratureHUM, TBR
ENGL2110American Masterpieces IENGL2110American Literature to 1855HUM, TBR
ENGL2116Writing for the WebENGL2XXXWriting for the Web
ENGL2120American Literature IIENGL2120American Literature from 1855HUM
ENGL2130Survey of American LiteratureENGL2130Survey of American LiteratureHUM, LDV, TBR
ENGL2210English Literature IENGL2210Survey of Engl Lit to 1800HUM, LDV, LITR, TBR
ENGL2230Survey of British LiteratureENGL2230Survey of British LiteratureHUM, LDV, TBR
ENGL2300Creative WritingENGL2700Creative WritingLDV, LITR, VPAR
ENGL2310Survey of Worl LitENGL2410Western World LiteratureLDV, LITR, THVB
ENGL2330Survey of World LiteratureENGL2410Western World Literature ILDV, LITR, TBR, WHUM
ENGL2410Western World Literature IENGL2410Western World Literature ILDV, LITR, TBR, THVB, WHUM
ENGL2420Western World Literature IIENGL2420Western World Literature IILDV, LITR, TBR, WHUM
ENGL2630Literature for ChildrenENGL2280Children's Literature
ENGL2910Creative Writing ENGL2700Creative WritingLDV, LITR, VPAR
ENGL2920Survey of African Amer LitENGL2520African-American LiteratureHUM, LDV, LITR, TBR
ENGR2110StaticsENCE1040Vector Statics
ERG101Engineering Graphics ENGR1XXXEngineering Graphics
ERG103Fundamentals Of Cad ENGR1XXXFundamentals Of Cad
ERG127Geometric Dim Toleranc ENGR1XXXGeometric Dim Toleranc
ERG151Comp Assist Des Drft ENGR1XXXComp Assist Des Drft
ESC1110Intro Environmental Studies IESC1500Intro to Environ Science ILBSC, LDV
FCT1010Set Equipment & MachineryELEC1XXXSet Equipment & Machinery
FCT1012Intro Entertainment TechnologyELEC1XXXIntro Entertainment Technology
FCT1013Motion Picture Safety/EtiquettELEC1XXXMotion Picture Safety/Etiquett
FCT1020Basic GripELEC1XXXBasic Grip
FCT1210Fundamentals Lighting TechnELEC1XXXFundamentals Lighting Techn
FCT1211Fundamentals of ElectricityELEC1XXXFundamentals of Electricity
FCT2020Advanced GripELEC2XXXAdvanced Grip
FCT2025Motion Picture Sound RecordingELEC2XXXMotion Picture Sound Recording
FCT2030Film and Video LightingELEC2XXXFilm and Video Lighting
FCT2040Advanced ElectricELEC2XXXAdvanced Electric
FCT2050Film Production LaboratoryELEC2XXXFilm Production Laboratory
FREN1010Beginning French I FREN1010Elementary French I
FREN1020Beginning French II FREN1020Elementary French II
FREN2010Intermed French I FREN2110Interm French for Convers I
FREN2020Intermed French II FREN2120Interm French for Convers II
GENT291General Technology CapstoneELEC2XXXGeneral Technology Capstone
GEOG105World Regional GeographyGEOG1030World GeographyLDV, NWCC, NWCL, TBR
GEOG1010Physical Geog I GEOG1010Physical GeographySSCI
GEOG1020Physical Geog II GEOG1XXXPhysical Geog IISSCI
GEOG1030Intro to Cultural GeographyGEOG1040Cultural GeographyLDV, SSCI
GEOG1101Intro to Human GeographyGEOG1040Cultural GeographyLDV, SSCI
GEOG1210Survey Of World Regions GEOG1030World GeographyLDV, NWCC, NWCL, TBR
GEOG1220World Regional Geography IIGEOG1XXXWorld Reg Geog IIdecertified as Gen Ed 201340.
GEOG1220World Reg Geog II GEOG1XXXWorld Reg Geog IISSCIDecertified as Gen Ed 201340.
GEOG2010World Regional GeographyGEOG1030World GeographyLDV, NWCC, NWCL, SSCI, TBRBSCI/SSCI at Columbia State
GERM1010Elementary German IGER1010Elementary German I
GERM1020Elementary German IIGER1020Elementary German II
GGY1021Physical Geog IIGEOG1XXXPhysical Goeg IILDV
GGY1031Physical Geog IIIGEOG1XXXPhysical Geog IIILDV
HED221Personal HealthHHP1000Personal Health
HED221Personal HealthHHP1000Personal Health
HED231Safety First Aid HHP1540Safety & First Aid
HED241Prin of NutritionNUTR1350Nutrition
HIS201Survey American History IHIST2010U S History to 1865HIST, HUM, TBR
HIS202Survey American History IIHIST2020U S History Since 1865HIST, HUM, LDV, TBR
HIST1110Surv World Civil I HIST1110World History Origins to 1400HIST, TBR
HIST1120Survey World Civil II HIST1120World History 1400-PresentHIST, NWCL, TBR, WCIV
HIST2010Survey Amer Hist I HIST2010U.S. History to 1865HIST, HUM, TBR
HIST2020Survey Amer Hist II HIST2020U.S. History since 1865HIST, HUM, LDV, TBR
HIST2030Tennessee History HIST2XXXTennessee HistoryHUM, TBR
HIST2991Special Topics History-EgyptHIST1999Special ProjectsLDV, REP
HIT1010Medical TerminologyELEC1XXXMedical Terminology
HIT1120Fund of Disease ProcessesELEC1XXXFund of Disease ProcessesLDV
HMGT1130Supvsn in Hospitality IndustryELEC1XXXSupvsn in Hospitality Industry
HMGT1170Hospitality Sales & MarketingELEC1XXXHospitality Sales & Marketing
HMGT1300The Guest ExperienceELEC1XXXThe Guest Experience
HMGT1400Sanitation & Food SafetyELEC1XXXSanitation & Food Safety
HMGT1800Intro to Event ManagementELEC1XXXIntro to Event Management
HMGT1931Co-op Education/InternshipELEC1XXXCo-op Education/Internship
HPRO2100Wellness Concepts & PracticesHHP21Conc & App in Wellness/PE
HTL110Intro Hospitality IndELEC1XXXIntro Hospitality Ind
HUM1010Introduction to Humanities IENGL1130Western Humanities ILDV, LITR, TBR, THVB, WHUM
HUM1020Intro to Humanities IIENGL1150Western Humanities IILDV, LITR, THVB, WHUM
HUM1110Humanities Seminar IHUM1XXXHumanities Seminar I
HUM1120Humanities Seminar IIHUM1XXXHumanities Seminar II
HUM1130Arts and Culture ENGL1330Introduction to LiteratureHUM, LDV, LITR, TBR
HUM1131Arts and Culture IIHUM1XXXArts and Culture IIHUM, TBR
HUM2210Intro Film Studies THSP2800Introduction to FilmARTS, LDV, TBR, VPARchanged to ENGL 2015 in 201340
INFS1010Computer ApplicationsCPSC1000Intro To ComputingCSLI
INT122Fundamentals Work TeamsELEC1XXXFundamentals Work Teams
INT124Hydraulic & Pneum SystsELEC1XXXHydraulic & Pneum Systs
INT126Numerical Control ConceptsELEC1XXXNumerical Control Concepts
INT127Vibration Anal & Predict MaintELEC1XXXVibration Anal & Predict Maint
INT128Adv Hydraulics/PneumaticsELEC1XXXAdv Hydraulics/Pneumatics
INT134Machinery HandbookELEC1XXXMachinery Handbook
INT135Tool and Die DesignELEC1XXXTool and Die Design
INT136Tool and Die TechnologyELEC1XXXTool and Die Technology
INT137Mech Power TransmissionELEC1XXXMech Power Transmission
INT141Blueprint ReadingELEC1XXXBlueprint Reading
INT152Process ControlELEC1XXXProcess Control
INT210Engineering EconomyELEC2XXXEngineering Economy
INT212Plant Layout & Matls HandlingELEC2XXXPlant Layout & Matls Handling
INT213Operations MgmtELEC2XXXOperations Mgmt
INT226Numerical Ctrl Concepts IIELEC2XXXNumerical Ctrl Concepts II
INT231Time and Motion StudyELEC2XXXTime and Motion Study
INT251Statistical Quality ControlELEC2XXXStatistical Quality Control
INTC1050Computer GraphicsART1XXXComputer Graphics
IST1500Computer System EssentialsCPSC1000Intro to ComputingCSLI, LDV
IST1750Networking ICPSC1XXXNetworking I
IST2090Database ApplicationsCPSC2XXXDatabase Applications
IST2400Spreadsheet ApplicationsELEC1XXXSpreadsheet Applications
IST2750Computer Networking IICPSC2XXXComputer Networking II
MAS101Intro Mass Communication COMM1010Intro to Mass Communication
MAS102Intro To Journalism ELEC1XXXIntro To Journalism
MAS103Media Writing ELEC1XXXMedia Writing
MAS104Intro Broadcasting ELEC1XXXIntro Broadcasting
MAT111College AlgebraMATH1130College AlgebraLDV, MATH
MAT113College TrigonometryMATH1720Precalculus IIMATH
MATH10Learning Support for MATH 1010MATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
MATH130Learning Support for Math 1130MATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
MATH530Learning Support for Math 1530MATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
MATH800Learning Support Math IMATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
MATH802Learning Support Math IIMATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
MATH810Learning Support AMATH1004Learning Support ADEVL
MATH1000Essentials of AlgebraMATH1007Intermediate AlgebraDEVLServes as a prequesite to MATH 1130 or 1710 Cannot be used for general education
MATH1005Algebra EssentialsMATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
MATH1010Math for the Liberal ArtsMATH1010Math in Our Modern WorldLDV, MATH
MATH1130College AlgebraMATH1130College AlgebraLDV, MATH
MATH1410College Math I MATH2150Math for Elem&Mid Sch Tch I
MATH1420Concepts Of Geometry MATH2160Math for Elem&Mid Sch Tch IILDV, MATH
MATH1530Elementary Stats MATH2100Introductory StatisticsLDV, STAT
MATH1630Finite MathematicsMATH1XXXFinite MathematicsMATH
MATH1710Precalculus AlgebraMATH1710Precalculus IMATH
MATH1720Precal Algebra/TrigonometryMATH1720Precalculus IIMATH
MATH1730Pre CalculusMATH1730Combined PrecalculusLDV, MATH
MATH1830Applied Calculus MATH1830Calculus For Mgmt Life&Soc SciLDV, MATH
MATH1910Calculus Anal Geom I MATH1950Calc with Analytic Geometry ILDV, MATH
MATH1920Calculus Analy Geom II MATH1960Calc with Analytic Geometry II
MATH2010Linear AlgebraMATH2200Elementary Linear Algebra
MATH2110Calc Analy Geom III MATH2560Calc with Analytic Geom III
MATH2120Differential EquationsMATH2450Intro to Different&Diff Equat
MATH2120Differential Equations MATH2450Intro to Different&Diff Equat
MKT101Prin Of Marketing MKT1XXXPrin Of Marketing
MKT103Salesmanship MKT1XXXSalesmanship
MKT111Advertising Principles MKT1XXXAdvertising Principles
MKT120Principles ManagementMKT1XXXPrinciples Management
MKT204Prin Retail Management MKT2XXXPrin Retail Management
MUS241Music AppreciationMUS1110Introduction to MusicARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
MUS1030Music Appreciation MUS1110Introduction to MusicARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
MUS1110Beginning Theory I MUS1070Theory I
MUS1120Beginning Theory II MUS1080Theory I
MUS1130Performance Ensemble MUS2010EnsembleREP
MUS1410College Chorus MUS20Chattanooga SingersREP
MUS1510Class Voice I MUS1330Voice Class
MUS1520Class Voice II MUS1340Voice Class
MUS1610Class Piano I MUS1310Piano Class
MUS1620Class Piano II MUS1320Piano Class
MUS1710Class Guitar I MUS1350Guitar Class
MUS1720Class Guitar II MUS1360Guitar Class
MUS1800Choral Lab MUS1XXXChoral Lab
MUS1810Fund Of Music I MUS1050Elements Notat Dict&Sight Sing
MUS1820Fund Of Music II MUS1060Concept Overview of Music Thry
MUS1850Musical Keyboarding I MUS1410Piano Class
MUS1860Musical Keyboarding II MUS1420Piano Class
MUS1910Individual Piano I MUS1510Keyboard InstructionREP
MUS1920Individual Piano II MUS1510Keyboard InstructionREP
MUS1930Individual Voice IMUS1550Voice InstructionREP, REP
MUS1930Individual Voice IMUS1550Voice InstructionREP, REP
MUS1940Individual Voice IIMUS1550Voice InstructionREP, REP
MUS1940Individual Voice IIMUS1550Voice InstructionREP, REP
MUS1950Individual Guitar I MUS1530String InstructionREP
MUS1960Individual Guitar II MUS1530String InstructionREP
MUS2110Advanced Theory I MUS2070Theory II
MUS2120Advanced Theory II MUS2080Theory II
MUS2200Hist of Music Theatre MUS2XXXHist Of Music Theatre
MUS2210Survey Music Literature MUS2XXXSurvey Music Literature
MUS2300Basic Arranging I MUS2XXXBasic Arranging I
MUS2310Basic Arranging II MUS2XXXBasic Arranging II
MUS2330Introduction To Midi MUS2XXXIntroduction To Midi
MUS2350Midi Projects MUS2XXXMidi Projects
MUS2360Digital Music ProductionMUS2XXXDigital Music Production
MUS2370Hist Anal Comm Music MUS2XXXHist Anal Comm Music
MUS2910Individual Piano III MUS2510Keyboard InstructionREP
MUS2920Individual Piano IV MUS2510Keyboard InstructionREP
MUS2930Individual Voice III MUS2550Voice InstructionREP
MUS2940Individual Voice IV MUS2550Voice InstructionREP
MUS2950Individual Guitar III MUS2530String InstructionREP
MUS2960Individual Guitar IV MUS2530String InstructionREP
NUR101ADN Role TransitionNURS1XXXADN Role Transition
NUR111Nursing INURS1XXXNursing I
NUR112Nursing IINURS1XXXNursing II
NUR121Math Applications for NursingNURS1XXXMath Applications for Nursing
NUR211Nursing IIINURS2XXXNursing III
NUR212Nursing IVNURS2XXXNursing IV
NUR291Nursing IssuesNURS2XXXNursing Issues
NUR294Coop Student ExternshipNURS2XXXCoop Student Externship
NUR1115Nursing Fdns PracticeNURS1XXXNursing Fdns practice
NUR1118Nurs I Clinical & Skills LabNURS1XXXNurs I Clinical & Skills Lab
NUR1125Nursing IINURS1XXXNursing II
NUR1126Basic Med-Surg NursingNURS1XXXBasic Med-Surg Nursing
NUR1127Health of Women and InfantsNURS1XXXHealth of Women and Infants
NUR1128Nursing II ClinicalNURS1XXXNursing II Clinical
NUR2115Nursing IIINURS2XXXNursing III
NUR2116Intermed Med-Surg NursingNURS2XXXIntermed Med-Surg Nursing
NUR2117Psychiatric/Mental Hlth NursNURS2XXXPsychiatric/Mental Hlth Nurs
NUR2118Nursing III ClinicalNURS2XXXNursing III Clinical
NUR2125Adv Med-Surg NursingNURS2XXXAdv Med-Surg Nursing
NUR2128Nursing IV ClinicalNURS2XXXNursing IV Clinical
NUR2187Mgt Care IssuesNURS2XXXMgt Care Issues
NUR2188Applying Surg ConceptsNURS2XXXApplying Surg Concepts
NUR2189Applying Psych ConceptsNURS2XXXApplying Psych Concepts
NUR2197Mgt. Care Issues IINURS2XXXMgt. Care Issues II
NUR2198Applying Pediatric ConceptsNURS2XXXApplying Pediatric Concepts
NUR2199Applying Medical ConceptsNURS2XXXApplying medical Concepts
OFA101Intro to Word ProcessingELEC1XXXIntro to Word Processing
OFA103Keyboard Info Process ELEC1XXXKeyboard Info Process
OFA132Records Management ELEC1XXXRecords Management
OFA205Intro Desktop Publish ELEC2XXXIntro Desktop Publish
OFA210Event ManagementELEC2XXXEvent Management
OFA240Medical Terminology ELEC2XXXMedical Terminology
OFFA101Beginning Typewriting ELEC1XXXBeginning Typewriting
PED121Physical ConditioningHHP40Begin Condition/Wght Trng
PED2410Life Svg & Wtr SafetyHHP59SCUBA Lifesaving and Acc MgmtACTV, LDV
PED2710BasketballHHP22Recreational ActivitiesACTV, LDV
PHED1010Golf HHP30Beginning Golf
PHED1020Bowling HHP29Beginning Bowling
PHED1110Tennis I HHP37Beginning Tennis
PHED1120Tennis II HHP69Interm Tennis
PHED1140Walking For FitnessHHP55Walking for Fitness
PHED1210Physical Conditioning HHP40Beginning Cond & Weight Trnng
PHED1214Intro Martial Arts/Self DefensHHP61Self DefenseACTV, LDV
PHED1310Racquetball HHP31Beginning Racquetball
PHED1410Swimming I HHP51Beginning Swimming
PHED1420Swimming II HHP71Interm Swimming
PHED1510Softball HHP22Recreational ActivityACTV, LDV, REP
PHED1610Volleyball HHP22Recreational ActivityACTV, LDV, REP
PHED1710Badminton HHP38Beginning Badminton
PHED1810Soccer HHP22Recreational ActivityACTV, LDV, REP
PHED1910Touch Football HHP22Reactional ActivityACTV, LDV, REP
PHED2010Weight Training HHP40Beginning Cond & Weight Trnng
PHED2020Intro Phys Ed, Rec, Sport MgmtHHP2010Intro to Ehls & Sport
PHED2120Essential Lifetime WellnessHHP1000Personal HealthSSCI
PHED2220Intro to Exercise ScienceHHP2010Introduction to Health and Hum
PHED2320Care Prvntn Athletic InjuriesHHP2XXXCare Prvntn Athletic Injuries
PHED2430Water Safety Instructor HHP59Lifeguarding/WSI
PHED2440Lifeguard Training HHP2XXXLifeguard Training
PHED2450Lifeguard Trng Instruct HHP2XXXLifeguard Trng Instruct
PHED2510Folk Square Dance HHP52Beginning Modern Dance
PHED2520Contemporary Dance HHP52Beginning Modern Dance
PHED2610Archery HHP22Recreational ActivityACTV, LDV, REP
PHED2710Basketball HHP22Recreational ActivityACTV, LDV, REP
PHIL1030Intro To Philosophy PHIL2010Introduction to PhilosophyHUM, LDV, TBR, THVB
PHIL1033Intro Logic Critical PHIL2110Logic Language and Evidence
PHIL2030Intro To Ethics PHIL2210Introduction to EthicsHUM, LDV, TBR, THVB
PHIL2033Major Wrld Religions REL1030Intro to the Study of ReligionHUM, LDV, TBR, THVB
PHYS2010Elements Physics I PHYS1030LGen Phys:Mechanics & Heat LabLAB, LDV
PHYS2010Elements Physics I PHYS1030General Phys: Mechanics&HeatLDV, LEC
PHYS2020Elements Physics II PHYS1040Gen Phys: Electrmgntsm&OpticsLDV, LEC
PHYS2020Elements Physics II PHYS1040LGen Phys :Electrmgntsm&Opt LabLAB, LDV
PHYS2110Physics I PHYS2300Princ of Phys:Mech&Heat LabLDV, LEC
PHYS2110Physics I PHYS2300LPrinc of Phys :Mech&Heat LabLAB, LDV
PHYS2120Physics II PHYS2310Princ of Phys:Electr & MagntsmLDV, LEC
PHYS2120Physics II PHYS2310LPrinc of Phys:Elect&Mgntsm LabLAB, LDV
PHYS2550Engineering StaticsPHYS2XXXEngineering Statics
PHYS2560Engineering Dynamics PHYS2XXXEngineering Dynamics
POL111Essen Am Govt Politics POLS1010American GovernmentLDV, SSCI
POL113State Local Govt POLS2330State and Local GovernmentSSCI
POL201Intro Politics Govt POLS2XXXIntro Politics GovtSSCI
POL202Intro To Comp Govt POLS2XXXIntro To Comp Govt
POLS201Intro to Politics&GovernmentPOLS2XXXIntro to Politics&GovernmentSSCI
POLS1030American GovernmentPOLS1010American GovernmentLDV, SSCI
POLS1501Intro International RelationsPOLS2420International Relations
POLS2010State and Local GovernmentPOLS2330State and Local GovernmentSSCI
PSCI1010Survey of Physical Science IGNSC1110Physical Envir:Atoms to GalaxLDV, LEC
PSCI1010Survey of Physical Science IGNSC1110LGeneral Science LaboratoryLAB, LDV
PSCI1030Physical Science I GNSC1110LGeneral Science LaboratoryLAB, LDV
PSCI1030Physical Science I GNSC1110Physical Envir:Atoms to GalaxLDV, LEC
PSY101General Psychology I PSY1010Introduction to PsychologyLDV, SSCI
PSY102General Psychology II PSY1XXXGeneral Psychology II
PSY203Introduction to PsychologyPSY1010Introduction to PsychologyLDV, SSCI
PSY204Social PsychologyPSY2XXXSocial Psychology
PSY205Psychology Of AdjustmentPSY2XXXPsychology Of Adjustment
PSY206Developmt Psychology:LifespanPSY2XXXDevelopmt Psychology:LifespanSSCI
PSY231Abnormal PsychologyPSY2XXXAbnormal PsychologyLDV
PSY241Develop Psyc-ChildPSY2210The Psychology of Child Develo
PSY242Develop Psyc-AdolescentPSY2220The Psychology of Adolescence
PSY1030General PsychologyPSY1010Introduction to PsychologyLDV, SSCI
PSY1031Gen Psychology IIIPSY1XXXGen Psychology IIILDV
PSYC215Child Growth and DevelopmentPSY2210Psychology of Child DevLDV
PSYC1030General PsychologyPSY1010Introduction to PsychologyLDV, SSCI
PSYC2110Psychology of AdjustmentPSY2XXXPsychology of Adjustment
PSYC2111Psychology Human Growth DvlpPSY2XXXPsychology Human Growth Dvlp
PSYC2120Social PsychologyPSY2XXXSocial Psychology
PSYC2130Life Span PsychologyPSY2200Psychology of Life Span DeveloSSCISSCI at Columbia State
RAD101Intro to RadiographyELEC1XXXIntro to Radiography
RAD106Radiation PhysicsELEC1XXXRadiation Physics
RAD112Image Production IELEC1XXXImage Production I
RAD113Image Production IIELEC1XXXImage production II
RAD121Radiographic Pos IELEC1XXXRadiographic Pos I
RAD122Radiographic Pos IIELEC1XXXRadiographic Pos II
RAD123Contras Media ProceduresELEC1XXXContras Media Procedures
RAD190Radiologic Practicum IELEC1XXXRadiologic Practicum I
RAD241Radiographic Sp ProceduresELEC2XXXRadiographic Sp Procedures
RAD251Survey Med-Surg DiseasesELEC2XXXSurvey Med-Surg Diseases
RAD281Radiation Protection SeminarELEC2XXXRadiation Protection Seminar
RAD291Radiologic Practicum IIELEC2XXXRadiologic Practicum II
RAD292Adv Radiation Physics/BiolELEC2XXXAdv Radiation Physics/Biol
RAD294Radiologic Practicum IIIELEC2XXXRadiologic Practicum III
RAD295Radiologic Practicum IVELEC2XXXRadiologic Practicum IV
RCT101Fund Resp Care IELEC1XXXFund Resp Care I
RCT102Fund Resp Care IIELEC1XXXFund Resp Care II
RCT120Resp Care PharmacologyELEC1XXXResp Care Pharmacology
RCT130Intensive Care MonitoringELEC1XXXIntensive Care Monitoring
RCT150Arterial Blood GassesELEC1XXXArterial Blood Gasses
RCT191Clinical Practice IELEC1XXXClinical Practice I
RCT192Clinical Practice IIELEC1XXXClinical Practice II
RCT212Pulmonary Functions/SemELEC2XXXPulmonary Functions/Sem
RCT221Mechanical VentilationELEC2XXXMechanical Ventilation
RCT242Resp PathophysiologyELEC2XXXResp Pathophysiology
RCT252Neonatal/Ped Resp CareELEC2XXXNeonatal/Ped Resp Care
RCT292Clinical Practice IIIELEC2XXXClinical Practice III
RCT294Clinical Practice IVELEC2XXXClinical Practice IV
READ800Learning Support Reading IEDUC1004Learning Support Reading 1DEVL, REP
READ802Learning Support Reading IIEDUC1050Strategies for College ReadingDEVL, DEVL
READ802Learning Support Reading IIEDUC1050Strategies for College ReadingDEVL, DEVL
RSCH1203Research Strategies/TechnologyELEC1XXXResearch Strategies/Technology
SCT1010Rigging & Flying SystemsTHSP1XXXRigging & Flying Systems
SCT1030Sound for Stage ProdTHSP1XXXSound for Stage Prod
SCT2010Adv Stagecraft LabTHSP2XXXAdv Stagecraft Lab
SCT2020Scenic Techniques LabTHSP2XXXScenic Techniques Lab
SCT2030Stage LightingTHSP2XXXStage Lighting
SCT2040Stage Production LabTHSP1000Performance and Production
SOC201Intro To Sociology SOC1510Introduction to SociologyLDV, SSCI
SOC203Social Problems SOC1250Sociology of Social ProblemsLDV, SSCI
SOC208Intro to Social WorkSOCW1100Intro to Soc Wrk Experience
SOC210Cultural AnthropologyANTH1200Cultural AnthropologyLDV, NWCC, NWCL
SOC212Marriage and Family SOC2150The Sociology of the FamilyLDV, SSCI
SOC231General Anthropology ANTH1000Mysteries of the Hum JourneyLDV, SSCI
SOC1010Introduction to SociologySOC1510Introduction to SociologyLDV, SSCI
SOC1020Social ProblemsSOC1250Sociology of Social ProblemsLDV, SSCI
SOCI1010Intro to SociologySOC1510Introduction to SociologyLDV, SSCI
SOCI1020Social ProblemsSOC1250Sociology of Social ProblemsLDV, SSCI
SOCI2000Marriage and FamilySOC2150The Sociology of the FamilyLDV, SSCI
SOCI2010Marriage and FamilySOC2150The Sociology of the FamilyLDV, SSCI
SP110Fnd of Public SpeakingTHSP1090Public SpeakingORAL
SPA101Beginning Spanish ISPAN1010Elementary Spanish I
SPAN1010Beginning Spanish I SPAN1010Elementary Spanish I
SPAN1020Beginning Spanish II SPAN1020Elementary Spanish II
SPAN2010Intermed Spanish I SPAN2130Intermed Spanish for Reading I
SPAN2020Intermed Spanish II SPAN2140Intermed Spanish Reading II
SPCH1010Fund Speech CommunicationTHSP1090Public SpeakingORAL
SPCH1020Interpersonal CommunicationTHSP2100Interpersonal Communication
SPCH1030Argumentation and DebateTHSP1XXXArgumentation and Debate
SPT200Interpersonal Comm THSP2XXXInterpersonal Comm
SPT241Speech Communication THSP2XXXSpeech Communication
SPT280Argumentation and DebateTHSP2XXXArgumentation & Debate
THEA1020Acting THSP1XXXActing
THEA1030Intro Theater Perform THSP1110Introduction to TheatreARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
THEA1420Acting II THSP1XXXActing II
THEA1430Acting IITHSP1XXXActing II
THEA2430Musical Drama Speech THSP2XXXMusical Drama Speech
VET102Animal AnatomyELEC1XXXAnimal Anatomy
VET112Vet Technology Orientation IELEC1XXXVet Technology Orientation I
VET113Vet Tech Orientation IIELEC1XXXVet Tech Orientation II
VET191Clinical Practicum IELEC1XXXClinical Practicum I
VET192Clinical Practicum IIELEC1XXXClinical Practicum II
VET193Clinical Practicum IIIELEC1XXXClinical Practicum III
VET201Vet Lab Procedures IELEC2XXXVet Lab procedures I
VET202Vet Lab Procedures IIELEC2XXXVet Lab Procedures II
VET203Vet Lab Procedures IIIELEC2XXXVet Lab Procedures III
WMST2010Intro Women's StudiesWSTU2000Intro to Women's StudiesLDV, SSCI