Building Codes

Are you confused by the four-digit code on your schedule? Here's an explanation so that you show up to the right classroom.

Building Code   Building Name
ARC   Aquatic and Recreation Center
AREN   Arena
BRET   Bretske
BROK   Brock
CADK   Cadek
CANX   Collins Street Lab Annex
CHAL   Challenger Center
DAVP   Davenport
DRTH   Derthick Lecture
FACT   Fine Arts Center
FLET   Fletcher
FRST   Frist
GROT   Grote
HOLT   Holt
HNTR   Hunter
MAPP   MAPP Building
MGYM   Maclellan Gym
METR   Metro
NLIBR   New Library
PATC   Patten Chapel
PFRH   Pfeiffer 
SIMC   Sim Center
UNCT   University Center
540MC   540 McCallie Building- formerly State Office Building (CSOB)
801MC   801 McCallie Building