Important Graduation Information

Caps and Gowns; Invitations

UTC graduation candidates wear navy blue caps and gowns.

Caps and gowns can be purchased in the Bookstore in the University Center. In addition to your height, weight, and hat size, you will also need to know the academic degree you are to receive.

Invitations can also be purchased through the Bookstore in the University Center. 

Current Address and Telephone Number

Please be sure that the Records Office has current and accurate information in the event that we must contact you prior to Commencement. Your graduation specialist will make every attempt to contact you if you have not met the requirements for graduation after grades have been posted.

Confidential Information Flag

If you previously submitted a request to the Records Office requesting that your directory information NOT be released, your name will NOT appear in the Commencement Program. To have the confidentiality flag removed, you must submit a request in writing to the Records Office. The request must be submitted prior to the printing of the Commencement program which is usually 5 weeks prior to the date of Commencement.

Name Pronouncement Cards

You will be notified by email when you can meet with commencement officials to verify the pronunciation of your name. If you have any concerns about the accurate pronunciation of your name, it is important that you stop by the Records Office during that time. No other time is scheduled for this purpose.


There is no rehearsal prior to the commencement exercise. You will receive instructions from your faculty marshal on the day of commencement. Please be sure to arrive at McKenzie Arena 45 minutes prior to start time. 

University Honors - Undergraduate Students

To be eligible for Latin honors at UTC, students must have a minimum of 60 earned hours at UTC.

  • Cum Laude: granted when the student's cumulative UTC GPA at the end of the final semester is at least 3.5.
  • Magna Cum Laude: granted when the student's cumulative UTC GPA at the end of the final semester is at least 3.7.
  • Summa Cum Laude: granted when the student's cumulative UTC GPA at the end of the final semester is at least 3.9.

University Honors - Graduate Students

Graduate students do not graduate with honors since a minimum 3.0 grade point average is required to graduate.


Diplomas will be delivered to the Records Office approximately 8 weeks after graduation. Graduates will be sent an email to their UTC account when they have arrived and students will have 2 weeks to come by the Records Office to pick up their diploma. Students must bring a photo ID with them and have no holds on their account (see below for more information on holds).

After 2 weeks all remaining diplomas will be mailed out to the address listed on their graduation application. If this address changes after the application is submitted, please notify the Records Office at

For previous UTC graduates whose diplomas have not yet been picked up or mailed, please submit the Diploma Mailing Request. The UTC diploma measures 14" x 17".


Financial Aid Exit Interview: Students who have had financial aid loans must complete an exit interview. If you have not already done so, please contact the Financial Aid Office prior to Commencement. Failure to do so means a hold place on your academic record preventing us from fulfilling any transcript requests you submit after commencement.
Holds: In compliance with Tennessee law, all financial obligations to the University such as fees, tuition, parking fines, library fines, transcript fees, or return of any rented or borrowed equipment must be cleared before your diploma can be released or any transcript request can be fulfilled.

Senior Exit Exam: Graduation requirements for all undergraduate students include completion of the Senior Exit Exam. If you have not completed this requirement, please contact the UTC Testing Center at 425-4288. Diplomas will not be released to students who have not completed the Senior Exit Exam.

Other Questions

Please contact if you have any other questions or concerns that are not addressed here.