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To enter your schedule edits for Phase 1 or 2, visit

In Phase 2, you will see your cross-listed and double section courses notated in the ‘Shared Space’ column of the Academic Browser. This will either say ‘Parent’ or have the other course listed.

CPI Academic Browser Parent image

After setting preferences for one of the courses, you will see this message asking if you would like to apply the same preferences to the other course. Click ‘Set Preferences’ to apply the changes to the other course. This message will also show for courses that are cross-listed but not in the same department such as ENGL and WSTU.

CPI Setting Preferences


Cross-listed and double sections created/edited in Phase 2 will not have this option to apply the same preferences. This is something that Erin manually does after a phase. However, be sure to set the same preferences for each course to insure there is no mix up.

*You will receive a similar message for hybrid courses to set the same preferences on all specified meeting dates.

This message shows when there are no course dates for the course. The ‘Set Preferences’ page will not be available for these courses. Some courses, such as Music- Individual Instruction courses, prefer to assign the room of the course but work out the time with the individual student instead of showing on the public schedule. If you have a course like this, please e-mail Erin the CRN of the course and the room that needs to be assigned to this course.

Check the enrollment capacity that you have set for the course. Rooms that have capacities lower than the enrollment capacity of the course will not show in the drop-down list. You will have to change the enrollment capacity of the course to be able to select that room.

This is very useful when you are setting Feature preferences. Refer to this box to show what rooms actually have the features you are selecting.

This information is what was pulled from Banner when the schedule was copied. Therefore, if you are entering schedule edits for Spring 2018, this is the room the course was scheduled in Spring 2017. This is meant to be a guide or starting point in helping you set your preferences. You will still need to set building/room preferences if the room pulled from Banner is the room you would like to keep for the course.

CPI Banner room listed image

If your department “owns” the room you are requesting, such as laboratories, you simply will select the building and room (in Room 1 Preference) and select ‘required’ for both. You will not need to select any other room or feature preferences.

Department owned room image

If you select ‘Required’ for a room, the system is only going to attempt to put the class into that room. However, if that room has already been assigned to a different class, the system will not look for a similar room for your class. It will simply leave it as unassigned and continue on with assigning rooms.

Best practice is to give Room 1, 2 & 3 preferences and to select ‘Preferred’ for Feature preferences.

Using the ‘Views’ tab will help you select rooms in other buildings for Room preference 1, 2, & 3 rather than selecting the building and only choosing rooms in that building. Also, if you simply select the specific View, such as English View, and no rooms preferences, the system will look for available rooms in the buildings that are listed in that View. This is a customizable list so please let the Schedule Coordinator in Records know if there is a room or building on the list that doesn’t fit your department.

Please also be aware that you can use any View in the drop-down, such as the ‘Large Lecture Spaces’ view or the ‘Computer Labs’ view.

CPI Views image

'Do Not Use' simply means that the feature is not necessary for the course. The system won't be looking for a room with that particular feature when scheduling the course.

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