Committees and Members


Develop assessment guidelines, assess success of First Class from volunteers and students, evaluate data, and suggest changes to program

Cynthia Williamson - Chair

Nikita O'Connor

Joseph Jordan

Libby Byers


Book Club

Organize campus-wide book clubs, recruit leaders, set schedule, set guidelines, and recruit members

Jennifer Lubke - Chair

Gail Dawson

Caleb Whitted



Book Selection

Write the guidelines for book selection, make a call for book submission, review books submitted, reduce to manageable number for full committee review, and handle final selection process.

Dee Dee Anderson - Co-Chair

Karen McGuffee - Co-Chair

Laura Cagle

Andrew McCarthy




Work with book club to develop curriculum ideas for common reading book to be used across campus, help develop curriculum materials for book selection, and post to website

Andrew McCarthy - Chair

Valerie Rutledge

Jordan Amirkhani

Britt Cusack

Cecelia Wigal

James Arnett

Lauren Ingraham


Social Media

Regularly share R2A information via @UTCRead2Achieve, develop social media campaigns for book selection announcement, orientation, convocation, First Class and other related university events. Answer any R2A questions asked via Twitter and help to maintain awareness and engagement.

Mary Marr - Chair

Madonna Kemp


Summer Workshop

Set dates for First Class Workshops, recruit volunteers, plan content for First Class (including critical thinking book discussion with ice breaker activity), train volunteers for First Class

Jenny Holcombe - Chair

Maggie Herb