The Circle by Dave Eggers

Read2Achieve book for 2015-2016

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Imagine how your life might be different if technology left you little privacy. 

This dystopian novel follows Mae Holland as she starts her job at a large internet conglomerate.  The lines between personal and professional blur as social media networking begins to influence all of Mae's decision-making. For a full book synopsis, visit

The Circle cover

 The Circle by Dave Eggers

UTC's 2015-2016 Read2Achieve Book


  • Should one be allowed to keep anything private?
  • Will video cameras actually promote honesty?

Read along with us as we explore these questions and others surrounding current societal issues.

Check out this article about The Circle, published in our school newspaper, the UTC Echo!

About the Author: Dave Eggers is the author of a number of novels that have received significant attention, including Zeitoun (2009) and What is the What (2007).  His novel, A Hologram for the King (2013), was a finalist for the National Book Award.


Book Reviews of The Circle:


I'm interested, how can I get involved?

Read the book!  We would like to start a campus-wide dialogue.  It is available at the UTC Bookstore, online and at your local bookstores.  If you are on-campus (current students, faculty and staff), look for emails in the next month that will direct you to book clubs starting in February.  If you are not yet on campus (incoming students, #UTC19), we will have group discussions on Friday, August 14. 


How was the book selected?

Books selections were submitted through our website early in the semester.  We received over 50 submissions and some of the books were duplicates.  A subcommittee reviewed all the submissions along with goals and spirit of the program and reduced the list to 20 books.  The entire committee reviewed the list of 20 books and reduced the list again to 5 books.  The committee members read all five books the last 6 weeks of the fall semester. At a final meeting in mid-December, the committee selected The Circle.


Who selected the book?

The Read2Achieve committee is composed of students, staff, and faculty from across campus, 27 members!  There are representatives from academic departments including ENGL, CHEM, MGT, EDUC, INTS, and NURS.  Other offices include academic affairs, student development, orientation, housing, admissions, athletic training, student success, library, development, and athletics advising.


What other four books were considered?

Other books that were considered included Daytripper, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, The Complete Persepolis, and Saints at the River.


Are there other universities/colleges that have used The Circle for a common reading program?

Yes, other universities that have successfully used the book for their reading programs include Kent State University (2014), University of South Carolina (2014), Virginia Commonwealth University (2014), and Boston College (2014).


Thank you for supporting Read2Achieve!

The Read2Achieve Committee also encourages all members of the University and Chattanooga community to participate in the year's reading experience and the related activities.  Events and activities related to Read2Achieve will be scheduled throughout the year, and information will be posted regularly to this site.