The Postmortal by Drew Magary Read2Achieve book for 2014-2015

The Postmortal book cover

The Postmortal
by Drew Magary

UTC's 2014-2015 Read2Achieve Book

This dystopian novel follows John Farrell in a future when a “cure" for aging has been found. 

Imagine how your life might be different if you didn't age (biologically) beyond 29. 

  • Should such a cure be legalized?
  • Who would be eligible, and how would it be funded? 
  • Should everyone receive the cure?
  • If not, how do we decide eligibility?
  • How would standardized health care cope with the prospect?
  • How would our other social infrastructures respond?


Hear an Interview with the Author Drew Magary on UTC's own WUTC!

The Read2Achieve Committee also encourages all members of the University and Chattanooga community to participate in the year's reading experience and the related activities.  Events and activities related to Read2Achieve will be scheduled throughout the year, and information will be posted regularly to this site.