2013 First Year Reading Experience Book This I Believe

This I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women was the Read2Achieve book for 2013-2014.

Based on the National Public Radio series, This I Believe is a collection of short essays by eighty Americans—the famous to the not-so-widely known—on highly divergent personal beliefs. Essayists range from Bill Gates, Colin Powell, Newt Gringrich, Gloria Steinem, John Updike, and Isabel Allende to a freelance attorney, a civil engineer, and a professor of psychiatry.

The essays present interestingly diverse opinions on topics ranging from beliefs about such expected topics as God, country, and empathy to more unusual ones focusing on eating barbecue and feeding monkeys. Collectively and individually, the essays encourage readers to examine how they have arrived at their own beliefs and the degree to which their beliefs are shared by or differ from others.