Curriculum Resources for The Circle


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Classroom Icebreakers Based on The Circle

  1. Two Truths and One Lie: This activity might work best in a small class or if you were to group a larger class into smaller groups. 
  2. Forced Social Group: This activity would work most sizes of classes, but does require some instructor grouping.
  3. Digital Image Discussion: This activity could be used for online discussion groups or in-class.  It is taken from J. Ana Donaldson, Walden University.


Some Discipline-Specific Curriculum Ideas

  1. BUS/MGT: What type of leadership skills would you need to lead people into this life?
  2. CPSC: Is this a technology environment to come; have these come to fruition?
  3. CRMJ: Should cameras be everywhere to control crime? How might cameras be used in CRMJ? If all that is known is true, would CRMJ be needed?
  4. EDUC: How would someone research a book like this? Perhaps analyze friendship, privacy, honesty.
  5. HIST: Does our past/ancestors actions define us and our future? ("Those who don’t learn history are destined to repeat it.")
  6. NURS: How does Mae manipulate the system to get insurance for her family (issues of ethics and insurance, influence of insurance on desperate people, universal healthcare)?
  7. POLS: Starting a new election year, how would you envision SeeChange in reality?
  8. PSY: How did the company convert such a mass of people (the employees and then the world) into their thinking?
  9. SOC: Consider the number of “likes” for posts and bullying into social interaction for obvious personal moments. What does this mean?


Who is the author, Dave Eggers?

  1. "Writing is only his day job: Dave Eggers moonlights as a publisher, philanthropist, and advocate for students and teachers." Watch his TED Talk here:
  2. "Once Upon a School is an initiative that Dave Eggers, the TED team, and 826 National developed after Dave received the 2008 TED Prize and was given one wish to change the world." Learn more about Once Upon a School here:
  3. "Eggers is the founder and editor of McSweeney's, an independent publishing house based in San Francisco that produces a quarterly journal, a monthly magazine (The Believer), and Wholphin, a quarterly DVD of short films and documentaries." Here's the website for McSweeney's:


What did others think about The Circle?

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  2. Ellen Ullman of The New York Times:
  3. Jessica Winter of The Slate:
  4. Lauren Christensen of Vanity Fair:
  5. Jane Ciabattari of the Boston Globe:
  6. Seth Stevenson of Bloomberg:
  7. Graeme McMillan of
  8. Kashmir Hill of Forbes:
  9. Margaret Atwood of New York Review of Books:


Additional Resources



Useful Videos

  • The Machine in Us/ing Us: This short video was produced by an anthropologist and "digital ethnographer" from Kansas State. It presents a brief history of the Web and the rise of digital media and asks some interesting questions about the impact of digital media on the human experience -- a mostly hopeful take on the subject. The length is 4:33 min, and it requires the viewer to focus when watching.  There is not a narrator.




  • Epic 2015: This is a dark send-up of social media that combines real events with hypothetical ones, culminating in world domination by Google and Amazon ("Googlezon").  It is 8:56 and has a narrator.