Overview: Bachelor of Science
in Psychology

 The Department of Psychology has developed a curriculum that accomplishes its undergraduate mission while meeting the needs of a wide spectrum of students.  The undergraduate mission of the department is to help students establish a strong foundation in the theoretical, scientific, and applied study of psychology.  Degree options allow students to move toward the more advanced educational opportunities that are necessary for a professional career in psychology or to choose pre-professional or direct work entry, both within the context of a strong liberal arts background.  The curriculum is also designed to provide a broad but intensive educational experience for students in other fields who have an interest in particular areas of psychology which may bear upon other career plans or goals.  Coursework in the department promotes the accomplishment of learning objectives that include reading, public speaking, writing, computer data analysis, critical thinking, formal scientific thinking, and service.

There is one undergraduate degree offered by the Psychology Department:  A Bachelor of Science degree provides our students with a strong foundation in psychology.  The B.S. degree provides an excellent education and forms a solid basis for career development or graduate education.  


Overview: Psychology Minor

 To receive a Minor in Psychology, you must complete 18 hours of psychology coursework including:

PSY 1010-Introduction to Psychology

PSY 4120-Advanced Seminar for Psychological Processes or

PSY 4600-Systems of Psychology or

PSY 4610-Philosophical Psychology

9 hours must be upper level.

Minimum 2.0 average in the minor.


TA and RA Applications for 2020-21

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