RCIO 2016:  Leadership: Theory, research, and...practice

October 21-22, 2016


The 12th Annual River Cities I-O (RCIO) Psychology Conference was a huge success, drawing our largest group of attendees ever (final count was more than 150 registrants!). The 2016 RCIO conference was focused on the arena of leadership, and presentations and discussions revolved around new theories, research, and applications of leadership-related topics. Participants from 15 universities and 5 non-academic organizations came together in Chattanooga for this excellent event. The conference presentations covered a wide range of topics associated with the theme and the more general practice of I-O psychology. A large poster session also showcased 31 studies, primarily with students as the lead researchers. An inspiring and well-received keynote address was provided by Dr. Bill Gentry of the Center for Creative Leadership on the topic of transitioning to leadership from an individual-contributor role.


As in previous RCIO Conferences, all posters were evaluated for the poster competition in terms of the overall quality of presentation, method, implications, and the general knowledge demonstrated by the poster presenter. Three independent judges evaluated the posters this year and the winners of the 2016 RCIO poster competition were:

1st place (tie):

  • Adriane M. F. Sanders, A. Courtney Keim, and David R. Earnest: Organizational justice as a mediator between job insecurity and its predictors
  • Erin E. Leuschke and Patrick McCarthy: School culture and teacher change fatigue: Examining the mediating effects of person-organization fit

Honorable mention:

  • Hung Loan Nguyen, Michael Hein, & Mark Frame: Tired of survey fatigue?
  • Elizabeth D. McNamara, Natalia Ramirez Campos, & Alexander T. Jackson: Examining the effects of unethical behavior on an organization
  • Julia Kentner: Can interviews predict an employee's length of employment to a company? [Special Note: Julia was an undergraduate student]


If you are interested in reviewing the slides used by our RCIO 2016 presenters, please click on the hyperlinks below -- we have archived pdf copies of the presentation slides where these are available: