RCIO 2015:  Performance (good, bad, and ugly)

October 23-24, 2015


The 11th Annual River Cities I-O (RCIO) Psychology Conference was a huge success, drawing our largest group of attendees ever (final count was 144). The 2015 RCIO conference was focused on the challenges associated with performance evaluation and management, challenges that are particularly salient given current trends away from formal performance management practices in many large organizations. Participants from 12 universities and close to 10 non-academic organizations came together in Chattanooga for this memorable event. The conference presentations covered a wide range of topics associated with the theme and the more general practice of I-O psychology. We also had our largest poster session ever, showcasing 46 studies, primarily with students as the lead researchers. A truly excellent keynote address was provided by Dr. C. Allen Gorman on the topic of myths associated with performance management (slides from this talk are available below). Another memorable feature of this conference was the lunchtime "Hail to the Chief" tribute to Dr. Paul Muchinsky, a long-time supporter of RCIO and education in I-O more generally -- Paul will be missed, but his legacy will remain strong at RCIO.

The winners of the 2015 RCIO poster competition were as follows:

1st place:

  • Garrenton, M. Trait aggression and customer-directed counterproductive work behaviors

Honorable mention:

  • Sanders, A. M. F., & Earnest, D. R. The effects of corporate social performance on recruitment
  • Locklear, L. & Clark, M. A. The effect of gender identification and division of labor on the work and family experiences of same sex couples
  • Sentell, B., Weathington, B. L., Biderman, M. D., & O'Leary, B. The use of criminal background checks: Does type of offense influence matter?


If you are interested in reviewing the slides used by our RCIO 2015 presenters, please click on the hyperlinks below -- we have archived these presentations here where possible: