RCIO 2013: Trends in Training

October 25-26, 2013

The 2013 RCIO conference was focused on current and projected future trends in training and development of employees. Participants from 10 universities and 4 non-academic organizations came together in Chattanooga for this excellent event. Conference presentations (there were 14 to choose from) covered a wide range of topics related to the theme and to the practice of Industrial and Organizational psychology more generally. Another highlight was the set of 33 excellent posters presented by graduate students and their collaborators. The keynote presentation was delivered by Dr. Kelley Slack, regarding her experiences working with NASA astronauts. Wise insights were also shared with our students and young professionals by Dr. Paul Muchinsky, Dr. Mike Biderman, and our full panel of presenters.

The winners of our 2nd annual poster competition were as follows:

1st place:

  • Buford, C., O'Leary, B., Cunningham, C. J. L., & Dumas, J, Cognitive Ability and Advanced Simulation. 


  • Pearn, M., Machus, B. R., Culbertson, S. S., & Frame, M. C. I Don’t Want To Do Your Dirty Work: The effect of perceived taint on hiring decisions.
  • Ball, A. S. The Effect of Appalachian Regional Dialect on Performance Appraisal and Leadership Perceptions.
  • Perel, C. D., & McCarthy, P. M. Examining the Relationship between Organizational Culture and Change Fatigue.


Below, and when possible, we have archived copies of the slides shared by our presenters:

  • Dr. Kelley Slack: Training the 8-balls: Psychological readiness preparation for the newest astronaut class.
  • Brad Minor: eLearning in a nutshell.
  • Dr. Shawn Bergman, Dr. Jacqui Bergman and colleagues: Trends in leadership training: I-O leads the way (panel discussion).
  • Dr. Bart L. Weathington: Behavioral finance: A tutorial for psychologists and human resource professionals.
  • Dr. Mark C. Frame: Is “not hired” written all over your face? The perception of visible tattoos in employment settings.
  • Dr. C. Allen Gorman: Selection for training: The forgotten employment decision?
  • Dr. Preston Foerder: Comparative organizational psychology
  • Dr. Brian J. O’Leary: Massive Open Online Courses: The future of training or MOOC ado about nothing?
  • Bruce W. Blohm: Executing strategic change in healthcare with greater speed and tangible results