RCIO 2012: Selecting for High Performance

The 2012 conference was focused on identifying, developing, and selecting high performing employees. Topics of interest, therefore, included traditional areas of I-O Psychology such as employee selection, job analysis, training, organizational behavior, compensation, and motivation, but also may include areas that have been under-represented in I-O, such as occupational health psychology, translational research, sport psychology, forensic psychology, and behavioral finance.

Two internationally known Industrial-Organizational Psychologists were featured presenters:

  • Dr. Frank Schmidt, a leading authority on employee selection, delivered the keynote address, presenting an update of the seminal article, “The validity and utility of selection methods in personnel psychology: Practical and theoretical implications of 85 years of research findings” published originally in 1998 with Dr. John Hunter in the journal Psychological Bulletin.
  • Dr. Paul Muchinsky held a round-table discussion on issues of selection and the history and development of I-O as a social science. Dr. Muchinsky is a noted scholar and the author of “The High Society” commentary which appears in each issue of The Industrial Organizational Psychologist (TIP). He is also the author of Psychology Applied to Work, a popular introductory I-O text currently in its 10th edition.

Other presenters included: