RCIO 2011: The Promise of Applied Psychology in a Challenging Economy

The focus of the 2011 conference was on the application and benefit of applied psychology in difficult economic times. Topics of interest included traditional areas of Industrial-Organizational Psychology such as employee selection, job analysis, training, organizational behavior, compensation, and motivation, as well as areas that have been under-represented in I-O, such as occupational health psychology, translational research, sport psychology, forensic psychology, and behavioral finance.

Keynote presentations were provided by two invited speakers: 

  • Dr. Amy D. Grubb, Applied Psychology in a Bureaucracy: There is promise there too!
  • Dr. Paul M. Muchinsky, The economy and its influence on applied psychology.

Other presenters included:

  • Dr. Daniel L. LeBreton, Difficult economic conditions: How one consulting firm is adapting.
  • Dr. Shawn Bergman, Present like a pro: Lessons learned from consulting and the classroom.
  • Mark Frame et al. (Evans, Giumetti, Wiseman, Pickett, Creek, & Watts), Getting the most out of graduate training (a panel discussion).
  • Daniel Gandara, et al. (May, Lee, & Levin), Collaborative innovation: Creating tangible value out of team concepts