The RCIO Conference Series

The UTC I-O Psychology program has coordinated and hosted the River Cities Industrial and Organizational (RCIO) Psychology Conference Series in Chattanooga since 2008. Through the links at the right, you can access a summary of our presenters and themes from these previous years. Where available, we have also archived copies of the presentations and additional materials from our presenters, as well as brief summaries of award winners and other unique features of each conference. Enjoy this trip down memory lane!

Beginning with the 2016 RCIO Conference, we moved our archiving platform to the UTC Scholar database. This system makes it possible for us to e-publish a what is essentially a RCIO Conference proceedings that is more easily accessible by interested researchers and practitioners worldwide. The interest in past RCIO presentations is strong, as you can see from this past 90 day readership snapshot (view by clicking here).

You can access the RCIO Conference Series collection for 2016 and beyond via this link: