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B.S, University of Georgia, 1969

M.S., University of Georgia, 1972

Ph.D., University of Georgia, 1974


Health Service Provider, 1977-Current

Teaching Interests

Abnormal psychology

Biological Psychology

Contemporary Psychotherapies

Individual Practicum

Research Interests

Abnormal psychology

Biological Substrates of Behavior

External Support

Ozbek, I.N. William H. Wheeler Odor Foundation Research Award: The Human Factor in Olfaction, July 2019-June 2020.

Tumlin, J. (PI) and Ozbek, I.N. (subcontractor), Dialysis Corporation of America grant: A Randomized, Prospective, Double-Blind Trial, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Two Different Doses of Oral Melatonin Supplements in CKD Stage IV and Stage V (ESRD) Patients with Uremia-Associated Sleep Disorders, Subtitle: Melatonin in Dialysis-Associated Sleep Disorders, 2017.

Ozbek, I.N. William H. Wheeler Odor Foundation Award: Does the Reduced Ability of the End Stage Renal Disease Patients to Detect Vanilla Correlate with Plasma Levels of the 'Uremic Toxin' P-Cresol?   2012-2015.

Recent Publications

Ozbek, I.N. Reviewer for the International Journal of Criminology and Sociology and Spirituality in Clinical Practice, January 2017-2019.
Ozbek, I.N., Pendergast, K., Phelps, K., Hayes, K., Lewis, C.L. , Gagliano, S. Is the Cortisol in a Saliva Sample Related to Changes in Olfactory Sensitivity after a Stress Event? American Psychological Association, San Francisco, California, August 2018.
Ozbek, I.N., Pendergast, K., Hayes, K., Phelps, K., Lewis, C.L., and Gagliano, S. Resilience and Depression: Mirror Opposites? Resilience Conference, Nashville, Tennessee, April 2018.
Ozbek, I.N., Hayes, K., Phelps, K., Pendergast, K., Lewis, C.L., Gagliano, S. Are Changes in Cortisol Levels a Potential Biomarker for Changes in Olfactory Sensitivity?, Association for Chemoreceptive Sciences, Bonita Springs, Florida, April 2018.
Ozbek, I.N., Heaton, W.J., Pendergast, K., Gagliano, S. Relationship Between Affective Factors, Resilience, and Olfactory Sensitivity, UTC Research Day, April 2017.

Ozbek, I.N., Heaton, W. J., Gormley, R., Pendergast, K., Whitson, N., Tumlin, J. Diabetes, ESRD, and Ofactory Sensitivity, Association Chemoreceptive Sciences, Bonita Springs, Florida, April 2016.

Ozbek, I.N., Jones, J., Gormley, R., Heaton, W. J., Whitson, N., Arnold, M., Santiago, M., A Better Understanding of Olfactory Functioning and Its Applications, UTC Research Day, April 2015.