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Why Submit a Paper to MPS?

You will gain an invaluable experience conducting research and preparing a paper for publication in MPS.  Many Psychology undergraduates will apply for admission to graduate programs where a premium is placed on doing research.  Publishing in MPS demonstrates that a student is capable of doing publishable quality research and is well prepared for graduate study.

Submission Guidelines

1. An undergraduate student must be the first author on the manuscript but faculty members can be co-authors.  We will publish papers submitted by graduate students if the research described in the paper was completed as an undergraduate.

2. We only publish original research.  Please do not submit papers that are being reviewed or have been published by other journals.  However, research that has been presented at a conference is acceptable for submission.

3. Manuscripts must be written in APA format according the 6th edition guidelines.

4. Please send your submission electronically in Microsoft Word format using 12 point font.  Include on the first page of the manuscript: 1) Title of paper, 2) Names of the authors, 3) Name and address of your school. 4) Name, phone, address of your advisor for this project, and 5) Name, phone, current address of primary author where he/she can be reached at all times.  PLEASE PROVIDE AN ADDRESS FOR EMAIL AND REGULAR MAIL.  We will correspond with you by email.

5. Send submissions electronically and/or questions via EMAIL TO:

Dr. David Ross is the faculty advisor to MPS.

Subscription Information

If you would like to subscribe to MPS, the cost is $30 per year.  Please mail a check for $30 made out to Modern Psychological Studies at the mailing address provided below.  Thank you.

Modern Psychological Studies (Subscriptions), Department of Psychology – 350 Holt Hall, 615 McCallie Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37403-2598

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