UTC I-O Research Highlights


Media Attention and Public Impact

The UTC I-O psychology faculty and students are actively engaged in research at all times. This work is constantly being presented at national and international conferences, and published in top journal outlets, books, and other outlets. Every now and then, however, some of this work gets some extra special attention from the media and/or other professional organizations. This is a section where we'd like to feature that work:

  • Thesis projects are not just isolated studies with limited impact. A portion of the thesis research conducted by Pooja B. Vijayakumar and Dr. C recently skyrocketed to public attention when the Trump Administration began discussing changes to existing Visa rules and policies that would affect immigrants and expatriates. Given the focus of Pooja's master's thesis on Indian expatriates in the American IT industry, this was a natural opportunity to tackle a timely and pressing concern. Major kudos are owed to Pooja for sharing this work with the media in late June 2018; since that time, this work has been covered in close to 100 different news outlets (including Bloomberg, BloombergQuint, The Economist, and Press Trust of India), and Pooja has provided countless interviews to interested reporters. You can read a copy of the working paper associated with this study here, through the UTC I-O working papers series: https://scholar.utc.edu/iopsy/1/ 
  • Sometimes our research passions can impact others. Our very own Dr. Zelin had one of these moments at the end of September 2018 when a resource written by her for SIOP's Visibility Committee hit the front page of the siop.org website. You can read her full posting on "How we can prevent #MeToo in the workplace". Way to go Dr. Z!
  • But wait – there’s more! Alex was also interviewed in late September 2018 by Channel 12 News regarding the controversial comments about women made by Soddy Daisy High School Assistant Principle, Jared Hensley (http://www.clipsyndicate.com/video/play/7418351/people_are_reacting_to_viral_video_of_soddy_daisy_high_vice_principal). This incident, along with the Kavanaugh hearings and Bill Cosby’s conviction for sexual predation, underscore the timeliness and importance of Alex’s research and activism

Master's Thesis Projects

Many student-faculty thesis research teams have also successfully published work from thesis projects. If you are interested in seeing what recent students and faculty have been doing as thesis research, check out the following collection of theses archived through the UTC Scholar system

Industrial and Organizational Psychology Translational Research and Working Papers Series

In our efforts to translate and apply more I-O psychology science to the challenges faced in organizations every day, we started this working papers series over the summer of 2018. Please check back periodically as new papers are added and please consider sharing this work with others who may also be interested. You can access our full working papers series by clicking here.