About Chattanooga

If you are looking for information on visiting the city of Chattanooga, directions on how to get here, or help in finding an apartment in the area, you have come to the right place. This page provides information regarding the following (just scroll down for more).

  • City & Visitor Information
  • Directions to UTC and the Psychology Department
  • Apartment Search Help


City & Visitor Information

City of Chattanooga Home Page

This site gives general information about Chattanooga, as well as local government information (Mayor, City Council, etc.)

The Chattanooga Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

This is Chattanooga Tennessee's Official Web Site For Vacation, Tour And Meeting & Convention Planning. Look here to help plan your visit to the scenic city

Chattanooga Has Fun

A list of happenings in Chattanooga and surrounding areas

Chattanooga Job Search

Look here for work, internship, and volunteer opportunities in the Chattanooga area. Site hosted by the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce.



Directions to UTC and the Psychology Department

Chattanooga overview map

Here is an overview map of the city and its major thoroughfares. For more precise directions from your doorstep, you can find the address to the UTC Bookstore, Chattanooga, TN 37403 (it's in the building right next to Holt Hall, where the Psychology Department is located). 

Alternatively, once you are in the Chattanooga area, follow the directions below.

If coming from Nashville or Birmingham (or Memphis) on I-24 ...

Just after I-24 skirts a 180 degree bend in the Tennessee river when approaching Chattanooga, take 27 North (Note: 27 is a state hwy, not an interstate, yet. It is the process of being changed to an interstate designation, so on some newer maps, it may be labeled I-124).

If coming from Knoxville or Atlanta on I-75 ...

Just north of the Georgia state line, take I-24 West towards Nashville. After several miles, take 27 North (Note: 27 is a state hwy, not an interstate, yet. It is the process of being changed to an interstate designation, so on some newer maps, it may be labeled I-124).

Either way, after you get on 27 North ...

Exit 27 at exit 1C (4th St.)

Stay on 4th St. across town and through several lights (it becomes a one-way street) until you see the UTC McKenzie Arena on your right. (The arena is a large, round, "aesthetically-challenged", gray building; you'll know it when you see it.)

Turn right at the intersection just beyond the arena. (The street is called Mabel, but is not marked at that intersection.)

About 1/4 block on Mabel, the road splits; take the left-hand choice. You are now on East 5th St.

Just after the split, there is a parking garage on your left. Park there unless there is parking available on the street further up (which is unlikely if classes are in session).

Walk on up East 5th St. There is a cemetery on your left, and a series of campus buildings on your right. The last building before a very large parking lot is Holt Hall. Holt is directly across from a large stone arch entrance to the cemetery. The Psychology Department is in Holt Hall, Third Floor, Room 350.

Important note: If you are coming from the Central Time Zone, Chattanooga is (just barely) in the Eastern Time Zone. If you made an appointment, it is for an Eastern Time Zone time.



Apartment Search Help

Here are some websites may help you with your apartment search in Chattanooga. Undoubtedly there are more but here is a good start. Click on the images above the descriptions to go to the webpages.

Here are a couple of widely used resources:

www.padmapper.com is one of the newest and easiest-to-use options that some of our students have found when searching for apartments. Here's a link to the primary downtown area (other areas within an easy drive are also worth considering): View Larger Map

www.apartmentlist.com pulls from over 100 different listing sources, so it's more of a one stop shop for apartments.  You no longer have to bounce from site to site looking for an apartment. Each city on our website is broken down into neighborhoods, highlighting pricing, noise level, nearby attractions, restaurants, shopping, etc.  

MyApartmentMap.com offers a large number of listings in close proximity to the UTC campus. You can access these listings by clicking here.

Chattanooga Apartment Guide provides a helpful listing of apartment complexes in the Chattanooga area. From its webpage you can either browse the online listings or request a copy of the Guide to be sent to you.

Apartments.com is pretty much the same as rent.net but it may list apartments that the other doesn't. Therefore, it's best to check them both out to be thorough.