How to Request Cancellation or Modification of Purchase Orders

There are occasions when Purchase Order (PO) requirements should be canceled or modified to insure accurate funds balances and to maintain accurate purchasing records. There is a joint responsibility between the Department and the Purchasing Department in making PO modifications. The Department will make the request for PO modification and the Purchasing Department will take the appropriate action(s) to make the modification.

Procedural Steps

STEP 1: Department Action: Contact Purchasing via e-mail ( to request the PO be changed. If the change involves reducing the net cost of the purchase order the e-mail procedure that follows will apply. If the purchase order is to be increased in value or options to renew are to be exercised, contact Purchasing for instructions.

Email Procedure: The e-mail to Purchasing requesting the change must be sent by (or forwarded by) the Approver for the Applicable Account and must contain the following:

Note: Receipt of the e-mail from the Approver constitutes approval of the requested change.

  • Purchase Order Number
  • Requisition Number
  • Details of Requested Change
  • Detailed Reason for the Requested Change

STEP 2: Purchasing Department: Take appropriate IRIS action to change the purchase order and requisition then send a copy of the modified purchase order to the IRIS user who initiated the original requisition.