What is a Requisition?

A requisition is the first part of the procurement process. It is the document that the requestor prepares in the IRIS system that describes the needed goods or services.

What is a Purchase Order?

A purchase order is a buyer generated document that authorizes a purchase transaction. When accepted by the seller, it becomes a contract binding on both parties.

What is a Change Order?

Changes to a released Purchase Order (PO) must be made by the university purchasing department. There are occasions when Purchase Order (PO) requirements should be canceled or modified to insure accurate funds balance and to maintain accurate purchasing records. To make changes to a released PO, email ( to request the PO be changed. The e-mail to Purchasing requesting the change must be sent by (or forwarded by) the Approver for the Applicable Account and must contain the following:

Note: Receipt of the e-mail from the Approver constitutes approval of the requested change.

Purchase Order Number

Requisition Number

Details of Requested Change

Detailed Reason for the Requested Change

What is a Sole Source?

A sole source exists when there is a need for a specific item or service that is only available from one source.

When can the vendor expect to receive the Purchase Order?

Vendors will usually receive their copy of the Purchase Order the same day it is entered in IRIS via a fax transmission once the purchase order has been completed and the department will receive their copy via email at the same time.


What is a Confirming Order?

A purchase, letter of intent to purchase, or request for scheduling in advance of an order that is made by an individual, without having a valid purchase order number, p-card or approved payment request form.

How do I find a requisition once it’s been routed?

There are several ways to find a requisition once it has been routed. First and the easiest is if the requisition number is known, you can simply enter that number in the Display Requisition field and view the information. If you do not know the requisition number you can view all the requisitions that have been created by you by clicking on the my purchase requisitions in IRIS to find the one you are looking for.

How do I know where my requisition is?

You can use the services for object to find out where your requisition is and if it has been approved or not. Click on workflow, then workflow overview to see if it’s been approved.