Purchasing Through IRIS

In the new IRIS system, individual departments are responsible for creating Requisitions and, when applicable, Asset Numbers. This page contains some of the key elements and definitions associated with each of these activities. Refer to IRIS Training Documentation for step-by-step instructions. Page content is based on frequently asked questions and on problem areas discovered by Purchasing while working with IRIS.

Asset Numbers

  1. Requirements
    • Asset numbers are required for movable equipment with a value greater than $5000 and sensitive minor equipment (computers, cameras, printers, etc.) whose value is between $1500 and $4999.
  2. Create Asset: Initial Screen

    create asset
    • The proper classification for sensitive minor equipment is 80,000.
    • The proper classification for movable equipment with a value > $5000 should be chosen from the “drop-down” list in the Asset Class data block of the Create Asset: Initial Screen
  3. Time-dependent Tab

    time dependent
    • The Cost Center on the TD tab is M040000001 for our campus
    • The Resp. cost center is the E account that will be responsible for the asset
    • The Fund Field is the E account or R account that is paying for the asset.
    • Building No. is the building where the asset will be located (use the drop-down list to locate the number)
    • Room No. is the room number of the asset location
    • The Source of Funds on the Allocations Tab should be chosen using the drop-down list
    • The Distribution Code on the Allocations Tab should be 007

Requisitions (pdf)