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Through its Center for Economic Education, the Probasco Chair offers programs for teachers and students to provide a better understanding of the theory and practice of capitalism, and the positive relationship between private enterprise and economic prosperity. Dr. J.R. Clark holds the Probasco Chair and directs the Center for Economic Education.

Upcoming Programs

 Check back soon for more programs from the Center for Economic Education.  In the mean time, please take a look at some of our Previous Programs that you may have missed.

Previous Programs

Chattanooga Teacher Study Free Market Environmentalism in Costa Rica

In June 2001, 2003 and 2011, teachers from across the United States attended summer teachers’ institutes on the “Scientific and Economic Analysis of Environmental Issues.” Each seminar was an eight-day module on free-market environmentalism in Costa Rica, co-sponsored by the Probasco Chair of Free Enterprise, The Walker Foundation, and the Political Economy Research Center (PERC).

Economics of Environmental Moral Imperatives lecture featuring J.R. Clark

J. R. Clark addresses teachers on the "Economics of Environmental Moral Imperatives" at Tortuguero.

Zip lining in the Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest

Participant Beverly Kastetter photographs canopy wildlife while zip lining in the Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest.

The purpose of the seminars was to unite science and economics teachers in the classroom and in the field, sharpening awareness of the contribution each makes to environmental issues. Costa Rica proved an ideal laboratory for this experience, allowing the participants to compare public and private environmental efforts through site visits to rain forest, coastal, and marine habitats. The teachers experienced lectures from internationally recognized experts in environmental issues and learned the "vital link between science and economics." For more information on the "Scientific and Economic Analysis of Environmental Issues" seminar, please click here for the brochure.

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