About the Speech

How do we measure the success of an American president? We all want the new president to succeed (most especially the liberal media). Nearly a year after the election of the country’s first African-American president, has the new president brought the kind of hope and change that will serve our nation’s best interests? Conservative principles of small government and strong national defense have historically been the best foundation for the good of this country, economically and politically. Conservatives have warned that pushing through big-government and terrorist-appeasing policies does not a successful president make. Have the current administration’s policies served the nation well on these fronts? Is the current administration living up to its promises to fix the economy? The convenient truth about the promise of “change” is that it stirs the hearts of all liberals – in whichever direction they most desire to be stirred.  But fulfilling the implied promise that each of your dreams to re-create society will come true unfortunately requires that conservatives conveniently disappear. If only conservatives would just go away, we could alter human nature the way we want to, remaking all humanity in our own image and likeness.  Hardly a worthy example of “tolerance”.