What's Happening in Pre-Health at UTC

If you are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare submit this form to be added to the Pre-Health Advising database. You will receive content, events, and resources based on your area of interest. Consider signing up for a Pre-Health Advising appointment if you have further questions. We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals. 

Pre-Health Interests Inquiry Form

Pre-Health Advising

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Shadowing, Internships, and Direct Patient patient Care Experience

Browse opportunities in the area to gain experience in healthcare as you prepare your application for professional program.

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Review admission requirements, prerequisites and decision process for specific healthcare programs.

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Explore discussion series, program visits, and workshops offered by Pre-Health Advising


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Personal Statement and Resume Resources

Get help on personal statements and essays, resume and interview tips, plus much more.

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Test Prep

Resources and information for the MCAT, GRE, DAT and other entrance exams for healthcare professions.

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COVID-19 and Other FAQ

Review frequently asked questions regarding healthcare professions.

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Application Resources

Review the process of applying to various healthcare professions as well as helpful links to more information on applications and tests required.

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Study Abroad Opportunities

Explore opportunities abroad while gaining valuable experience in healthcare around the globe.

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Research Resources

Review ways you can get involved in research both at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and outside the university.

Missed an event you were hoping to attend? Check out past Periodic Ponderings and Mocs Move Forward events on the UTC Pre-Health Advising YouTube Channel.
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Theresa Blackman

Theresa Blackman serves as the Pre-Health Professions Advisor at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Housed in The Center for Academic Support and Advisement on the 3rd floor of the UTC Library, Theresa works with students across all disciplines of all years who wish to pursue a career in healthcare with supplemental advising. 

Check out resources for regional programs with Guidemaps, review test preparation and application information, learn about virtual and face to face experiences, and the wide range events for the fall below. To schedule a Pre-Health Advising meeting:

· Log in: MyMocsNet

· Click: Academics

· Select: Advising/Tutoring (Navigate)

· Click: Schedule an Appointment

· Type of Appointment: Advising

· Service Category : Academic Advising Appointment

· Specific Service: Pre-Health Advising

· Location: Center for Academic Support and Advisement Library 335

· Staff Member: Theresa Blackman

Choose your preferred time and confirm your appointment. Please email theresa-blackman@utc.edu with any questions you may have concerning Pre-Health Advising at UTC.


Additional Contacts

UTC houses many accomplished faculty and staff that are happy to discuss healthcare careers with UTC students. In addition to the Pre-Health Advisor current students can reach out to these faculty.


Dr. Han J. Park, Phd, Department of Chemistry and Physics 

Contact: hanjung-park@utc.edu

Pre-Medicine and Pre-Physician Assistant

Dr. Gretchen Potts, PhD, Department of Chemistry and Physics

Contact: gretchen-potts@utc.edu

Joseph McCauley, Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Science

Contact: joseph-mccauley@utc.edu


Dr. Steven Symes, PhD Department of Chemistry and Physics

Contact: steven-symes@utc.edu

Graduate Contacts

UTC is proud to offer graduate programs in healthcare. To explore graduate programs offered at UTC utilize the links below. Students interested in these programs can reach out to the program coordinators or the Pre-Health Professions Advisor with additional questions.

Master of Public Health

MPH Program Manager: Shannon Colvin, MPH

Contact: mph@utc.edu

Physical Therapy, DPT Program 

Program Coordinator: Rebecca Littleton, MPA

Contact: rebecca-littleton@utc.edu

Occupational Therapy, OTD Program

Program Coordinator: Rebecca Littleton, MPA

Contact: rebecca-littleton@utc.edu

Master of Science in Athletic Training

Program Director: Dr. Shellie Acocello, PhD, ATC

Contact: gatp@utc.edu



Learn more about programs located in the:

Don't see your program of interest listed?


Learn more about programs located in the:

Don't see your program of interest listed?

  • MSAR – Review all AAMC eligible MD programs

  • Choose DO – Review all AACOMAS eligible DO programs  

Occupational/Physical Therapy

Learn more about programs located in the:

Don't see your program of interest listed?

  • PTCAS Programs – Review all PTCAS eligible Physical Therapy Programs

  • ACOTE – Review all OTCAS eligible programs 


Learn more about programs located in the:

Don't see your program of interest listed?

Physician Assistant

Learn more about programs located in the:

Don't see your program of interest listed?


Learn more about programs located in the:

Don't see your program of interest listed?

  • VMSAR – Review all eligible AAVMC eligible programs  


Speech Pathology

Learn more about how to prepare for eligibility to apply for speech pathology programs in the state of Tennessee: