When you apply to professional health schools, you usually are asked to submit academic evaluations from your college professors.  UTC has pre-professional advisors who handle faculty evaluations.  When you preparing to apply to a professional school make and appointment and meet with one of the appropriate faculty advisors.  The advisor will help you put together a faculty evaluation packet that will be sent to professional schools to which you are applying.  

It is your responsibility to ask three to five professors if they are willing to complete an evaluation form on your behalf.  Make requests for evaluations in person. Ask professors who know you well from courses where you excelled.  Most professors will indicate if they do not feel that they can give a good recommendation.  It is highly recommended that you supply professors with a summary of your activities including the course(s) you took from that professor and the semester you took the course, work experience, volunteer activities, honors, campus activities, and any other information that will allow the professor to write a thorough recommendation.  While it is important to ask professors from the sciences, it is a good idea to include a professor from a non-science field, such as business, the humanities or social sciences.  These evaluations will give insight into the breadth of your academic performance.  If you must have a character or employment reference, contact those individuals and request that they send a letter of recommendation directly to the professional school.  

Follow the steps below to initiate the recommendation process.


  1. Meet with the pre-professional advisor assigned to your chosen field.

  2. The pre-professional advisor will give you four different forms: 

    Request Form for Pre-professional Evaluation
    - complete all information:  your name, social security number, local phone number and full names and departments of all references.

    Address Forms  - list the full address of each school to which you are applying.  Indicate when the recommendations are due.  The information on this form will help your advisor keep track of your recommendations. 

    Pre-professional Evaluation Form - complete the top of each form and sign the waiver of confidentiality.  Give this Pre-professional Evaluation Form to each professor who will write a recommendation for you.  Ask the professor to return it to your pre-professional advisor.  All evaluations are handled in strict confidence.

    Applicant’s Waiver of the Right of Access to Confidential Information - sign and date the waiver of right of access to confidential information statement. 

  3. Once your pre-professional advisor has received all your evaluations, they will be compiled on a composite Pre-professional Evaluation Form and will be sent to the professional school(s).  The pre-professional committee handles only academic recommendations.  Have other recommendations sent directly to the professional school admissions office.


The pre-professional evaluation form is not to be used by students applying to Graduate schools.  Students applying to graduate schools should contact their professors directly and request personal letters of recommendation for each specific graduate school program.

Refer to the pages referring to the specific health program to which you are applying for detailed help in the application process.