The Interview


  • Present a professional appearance.
  • Recommended Clothing
    Men – pressed slacks ( no jeans), shirt and tie, jacket/blazer, shoes (no sneakers)
    Women – dress, suit, skirt or dress slacks, blouse or sweater and blazer, modest shoes, no flashy jewelry or nails

 Interview Preparation  

  • Become knowledgeable about pertinent topics. Your topic preparation will vary depending upon the profession for which are applying.  Topics to consider include: Health Maintenance Organizations, medical ethics, alternative medicines, abortion issues, physician’s role in a patient’s religion, increasing role of physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners in the health field, changes in pharmacy training and increasing insurance costs for those in the medical fields.
  • Work on your personal presentation.  Body language is important.  Good posture with your head held erect and direct eye contact are very important in making a good first impression. Work on you sitting posture and hand placement and movement.  Work on speaking, particularly if grammar is a program.  Use of poor grammar will adversely affect the interview.
  • Speak in a confident positive manner.  Think before you answer a question.  Avoid giving an answer that is what you think the interviewer wants to hear if it is contrary to your own beliefs.  If you disagree on a delicate issue, it is wise to indicate that you do not have a closed mind on the issue.  Know the content of your personal essay. 
  • Avoid getting yourself trapped.  Be consistent in your answers and convictions.  Do not be afraid to say that you do not know an answer to a question.  You can readily indicate your willingness to learn.