How do I get my PIN for registration?

Upon declaring Political Science as your major, you will be assigned an advisor. This advisor will help guide you in your degree program and also assist in registering for classes. You will not be able to obtain your registration PIN until you have spoken with your advisor. All faculty contact information can be found here.

If you don't know who your advisor is, log-in to MyMocsNet and click on the academics tab. At the bottom left you will see your major, concentration, and advisor.

If you've recently changed your major and need to be assigned an advisor, email Tenai Harden


How do I receive an override?

Sometimes an override to register for a course is necessary. If you think your situation needs consideration and you would like to request an override, send an email to the instructor of that course or Dr. Deardorff. Important information to include in this request are (but not limited to): graduation status, interest in course, and intent to complete pre-requisites.