UTC-ALERT Emergency Communication System

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The UTC-ALERT system is designed to enhance and improve communication so that all members of The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga campus community can stay informed in the event of an emergency. The system will add another immediate mechanism to the existing methods that the University has in place to alert the community to an emergency situation. The system will be used only for emergency contact purposes. UTC has contracted with Rave Wireless Inc. to provide the service, which will allow students, faculty and staff to "opt in" to be notified via text message in the event of an emergency. As well as text messages, the system allows students to receive messages to a designated e-mail address, PDA or pager.

UTC-ALERT messages will contain critical instructions in the event of an emergency on campus. Follow the directions in the UTC-Alert messages immediately and await further instructions.

UTC-ALERT will be used on a very limited basis—only when an immediate threat exists. These might include a shooting on campus, a severe weather threat, or a chemical spill. UTC-ALERT will not be used to announce delayed openings due to inclement weather when the decision is made prior to the beginning of the school day.

Signing up for UTC-ALERT is simple! Just click on the button at the top to start the process. All you will need is to have with you the mobile phone/PDA/pager that you want to receive messages from UTC-ALERT. 

Privacy Information

UTC-ALERT will not be used to distribute advertising or other unsolicited content.

Please note that subscribers to UTC-ALERT will pay no fees for the service, other than any regular fees associated with text messaging services.

Questions or Problems? Check the Frequently Asked Questions, or contact  helpdesk@utc.edu.