Investigative Services

policelineOur Investigative Services staff are tasked with following leads developed during the initial reporting of criminal activity to The University of  Tennessee at Chattanooga Police Department. Our Investigators are ready to respond anytime, day or night, to the needs of crime victims, or to the scene of criminal activity.

Investigators work to follow up on reports of criminal activity on campus which are initially reported to our Patrol Service Team. The Investigators then establish that a crime was indeed committed, and work to identify and apprehend the person responsible for the crime. Investigators are also responsible for examination of crime scenes along with the evaluation, collection, and maintenance of evidence. Our Investigators assists the victim or District Attorney’s Office in prosecuting the suspect(s). At the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Investigators may also utilize the services of the Office of Student Affairs in lieu of proceeding with criminal charges.

hatandglovesInvestigators' responsibilities include:

  • investigation of criminal offenses that occur on campus, interviewing involved parties (i.e. victims, suspects and witnesses)
  • procurement and service of warrants
  • conducting back ground investigations on new Police Department employees
  • Internal Affairs investigations
  • evidence control for the entire department

Our Investigators work closely with The UTC Transformation Project, which provides leadership working with campus and community partners to reduce violence against women, including relationship violence, sexual assault, and stalking. The Project, campus members, and community partners have created a multidisciplinary coordinating council to ensure that UTC offers a comprehensive approach to preventing and addressingfingerprint violence against women on campus.

The Project also works with our campus and community partners to create policies and protocols that ensure that the campus is responsive to victim needs. It provides training and educational programs as well as information and referral services.

The Project offers direct services such as crisis intervention and advocacy. Referrals to community agencies also are available.  The Project works with male and female victims as well as friends of victims who may need support.  All services are confidential and free. For more information, visit their website or contact Ms. Sara Peters, Program Director 423-425-5605.